Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
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SANDARS, DianaWhat a feeling!: The evolution of the Hollywood musical 1983-2000 PhDUniversity of Melbourne2006ns
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ROSENBERG, R. M.The motets of Pierre de la Rue (c.1460-1518)MAUniversity of Sydney19652 vol
ROSEMAN, HilarieGenerating forgiveness and constructing peace through truthful dialogue : Abrahamic perspectivesPhDMacquarie University2014
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ROONEY, DavidPlaying second fiddle : a history of the relationship between technology and organisation in the Australian music economy 1901-1990 PhDGriffith University1996334
RONALDS, Joanna SarahMusic performance skill development: student perspectivesM.EdUniversity of Melbourne2003122
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ROLLO, Te Manaaroha PirihiraTito Waiata-Tito Pūoro: extending the Kīngitanga music tradition.PhDUniversity of Waikato2014
ROJAS, Daniel OmarPortfolio of compositionsMMus(comp)University of Sydney2006291
ROJAS, DanielRecontextualising rhythms and rituals : a portfolio of compositions inspired by Latin American music and esoteric traditionsPhDUniversity of Sydney2011131p+2CD
ROHAN, TracyMusic education in NewZealand primary schools: issues in implementing the music component of the arts curriculumMAEdUniversity of Otago2004144
ROHAN, TracyTeaching music, learning culture : the challenge of culturally responsive music educationPhDUniversity of Otago2011490
ROGERS, Victoria C.The musical language of Peggy Glanville-Hicks: a critical study of her compositional style with special reference to the melody-rhythm concept of her later worksPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2000311
ROGERS, Ian KeithMusicians and aspiration [electronic resource] : exploring the rock dream in independent musicPhDUniversity of Queensland2012162
ROGERS, GlennGraduate Diploma in Jazz Arranging and Composition [Analysis + compositions]GradDipMusAustralian National University19962 vol + 2 cass
ROGER, MargaretanneFilling in the gaps : melody recognition and lateralizationMAUniversity of Auckland199339
ROENNFELDT, PeterA history of the first hundred years of Lutheran church music in South AustraliaMMusUniversity of Adelaide1981165
RODRIGUEZ, Mariana"We ARE America!" cultural politics and Chicano movement legacies in the work of Los Tigres del Norte and El VezMScUniversity of Technology Sydney2007181
RODLEY, Paul JamesSound and cinema: the music of the MatrixMAUniversity of Otago2005208
RODGERS, Robert MarkThe "Hill-songs" of Percy Aldridge Grainger: An historical and analytic study with a new performance edition (Volumes I and II)DMAOverseas1987306
RODGER, DavidMotion tracking and the use of non-tactile controllers in real-time music performance MALaTrobe University1997188 + 1 videocassett
ROCKELL, Kim Forrester'Fiesta’, Affirming Cultural Identity in a Changing Society: A Study of Filipino Music in Christchurch, 2008MAUniversity of Canterbury2009344 + DVD
ROCKELL, Kim ForresterThe Philippine Rondalla: Reconstructing Musical Heritage in Contemporary AustralasiaPhDUniversity of Canterbury2012535
ROCKELL, KimThe Philippine rondalla [videorecording] : recreating musical heritage in contemporary AustralasiaPhDUniversity of Canterbury2012
ROCKE, Stephanie“The Armed Man: A Mass for a Secular Age?”MAMonash University2010125+107
ROCKE, StephanieFrom mass to politicised concert mass: A study of the transition of the mass from music for the Eucharist to ideological concert musicPhDMonash University2015315
ROCHA, Esmeralda Monique AntoniaImperial opera : the nexus between opera and imperialism in Victorian Calcutta and Melbourne, 1833-1901PhDUniversity of Western Aust.2012391
ROBSON, Andrew John HunterAustral Jazz: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Local Remaking of a Global Music FormPhDUniversity of Sydney2016505
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ROBINSON, Philippa HazelMethods of band instrument selection and their validity as indicators of successful learning outcomesPhDGriffith University2011190
ROBINSON, Jennider AnneA Study of Inspiring Australian Music TeachersMMusUniversity of Sydney2015131
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