Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
DOLLMAN, Emily KateOrchestral education programmes : a study of Australian and British modelsPHDUniversity of Adelaide2016388
Dominik Karski dissertationKARSKI, DominikPhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
DONAGHY, GlynnA case study of attempting to modify Board Music to be more inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Cairns State High School M.EdJames Cook University199741
DONAGHY, Joseph KeolaThe language is the music : perceptions of authority and authenticity in Hawaiian language composition and vocal performancePhDUniversity of Otago2011443
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
DONALDSON, TonyThe Shaping of a Sundanese music and dance tradition: an ethnomusicological study of Pa Enoch Atmadibrata, Pa Atik Supandi, and Pa Endo SuandaMMusVictoria University of Wellington1994132
DONALDSON, TonyThe Kavikāra Maḍuva : ritual singers in the Daḷadā Māḷigāva (Temple of the Tooth), Kandy PhDMonash University2001378
DONOHOE, Patricia MaryBreath of Dirima: a research project [Papua New Guinea]MMusUniversity of NSW1987340
DORAZARIO, Rebecca-Anne CharlotteDisney animated and theatrical musicals : interpreting the magic from The little mermaid to The little mermaidPhDMonash University2003372
DOUGAL, Josephine KathleenNation, culture and family : identity in a Scottish/Australian popular song tradition PhDCurtin University of Technology2010352
DOUGLAS, CliveSymphonyDMusUniversity of Melbourne19571 score
DOWDALL, PeterThe impact of technology on the role and function of the bass in jazzPhDUniversity of Adelaide2012293
DOWER, DavidSelf-accompaniment and improvisation in solo jazz piano: Practice-led investigations of assimilation, ostinatos and ‘hand splitting’MArtsEdith Cowan University2015147
DOWLING, Katrina LouiseStylistic correspondence in the music for solo recorder and piano or harpsichord composed 1939-1989 by Gordon Jacob, Edmund Rubbra, Lennox Berkeley, Arnold Cooke, Malcolm Arnold and Alan Ridout.MAMonash University20111 v
DOWNER, Caroline IsobelMusic in the museum : an examination of the collection of musical instruments in the Powerhouse, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney MAUniversity of Melbourne1997149
DOWNES, GraemeAn axiam system of tonality applied to progressive tonaility in the works of Gustav Mahler and nineteenth-century antecedentsPhDUniversity of Otago19941994
DOWNIE, EllaineWhy a cappella? Why women? Why now? The a cappella movement in popular music in Australia from 1987-1995MAMonash University1996151
DOWNIE, Mary RMusic education in day care and pre-schoolD.EdUniversity of Melbourne20022002
DOWSE, NoraReminiscences with elderly individuals with and without musicPhDUniversity of Otago2002136
DOWSE, NoraAn evaluation of music as therapy for Alzheimer's dementia sufferers.MAUniversity of Otago1995147
DOYLE, PeterRace with the devil: space, place and motion in popular music recording, 1900-1960 PhDMacquarie University2001268 + 3 copies of 1
DR?PPEL, Birgit R.Music, tradition, and mission: a musical ethnography of the Kaulong of West New Britain, Papua New GuineaPhDUniversity of Auckland1998293
DRAKE, George Warren JamesDramatic irony in WagnerMAUniversity of Auckland196295
DRAPE, RohanRule-following, pre-compositional environmentsMALaTrobe University199988 + 1 audio CD
DRAPER, DianeGroup keyboard instruction in the classroomM.EdUniversity of Melbourne19891 vol
DREYFUS [LUCAS], KayHector Berlioz and the dramatic symphony DMusUniversity of Melbourne1966258
DREYFUS, KayBeethoven's last five piano sonatas : a study in analytical method DMusUniversity of Melbourne1971385
DRIES, Daniel MichaelMarcel Dupre: the culmination of the French symphonic organ tradition DCAUniversity of Wollongong2005195 + 2 CDs
DRIMATIS, JoannaA hidden treasure : Symphony no. 1 by Robert HughesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2008628 +1 CD
DRON, CarsonLiszt's sonata in B minor : an examination of existing analyses and a proposed new approach via graphic analysis ; Composition folio : Concerto for piano and orchestra, Fantasy for solo piano, Fantasy suite for piano and marimba MMusUniversity of Queensland19961 vol
DRUMMOND, Jon RobertIntegrated development environment for computer music composition MSc (Hons)Macquarie University1998106 + 1 CD-ROM
DRUMMOND, Philip JohnComputer applications to music: a survey and review of the literature, 1949-1979MEngScUniversity of NSW1984441
DRYBROUGH, Katharine F.A comparative study of Handel's musical expression in five operas and the Opus 6 concerti grossi.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19971 vol
DU PLESSIS, HeleenCello for AfricaPhDUniversity of Otago2015
DUANCE, KarynCompositional and performance techniques of women rock musiciansMMusUniversity of Sydney1999NiC
DUFFY, MichelleMusic of Place: The Performance of Identity in Contemporary Australian Community Music FestivalsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2001220 + 210
DUGDALE, John HaroldThe place of music in the national and public schools of New South Wales, 1848-1880 M.EdUniversity of Sydney1969135
DUGGAN, Helen MaryWild Card: the Dorothy Hewett song cycle by Moya Henderson: a musical reading of an autobiographical text. MAMonash University2005120
DUIGNAN, MatthewComputer mediated music production : a study of abstraction and activityPhDVictoria University of Wellington2008346
DUKE, Patricia BerylFoundations of Early Music in Melbourne: Leonard Fullard and Other PioneersPhDUniversity of Melbourne2005454
DUNBAR, Mark'All take, take, take ....' migrant musicians, the Australia Council, multiculturalism and music-making in Australia MAMonash University1989123
DUNBAR-HALL, PeterStyle and meaning : signification in contemporary Aboriginal popular music, 1963-1993 PhDUniversity of NSW1994387
DUNBAR-HALL, PeterHarmonic style as a dramaturgical device : a study of Zandonai's Francesca da RiminiMMusUniversity of NSW1989137
DUNCAN, AlisonComposition folioMMusUniversity of Sydney2004172+cd
DUNCAN, Andrew OliphantNoah Greenberg's presentation of Medieval liturgical music-drama : a study in expediency over scholarship MAMonash University2010116
DUNCAN, JaneLeader or follower? : an examination of selected works for flute and electronics, with particular reference to performance practice issues in Kaija Saariaho's NoaNoa MMusUniversity of Sydney200879
DUNCAN, MelanieVibrato frequency and phase lock in three versions of Delibe's Lakme duet and its effect on the preference of voice experts MAMonash University2000176
DUNCAN, WaynePortfolio of Original Compositions PhDUniversity of Adelaide2007322
DUNLOP, James David MacKenzieComposition portfolioMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200747 + 3CDs + DVD
DUNLOP, Roslyn AnnThe indigenous music of East Timor and its relationship to the social and cultural mores and lulik worldview of its autochthonous peoplePhDUniversity of Newcastle2016278
DUNMILL, MerrynSecondary music teachers' content knowledge and skill bases: implications for teacher educationM.EdUniversity of Canterbury1999145
DUNSCOMBE, Samuel EkkehardtRuptured causality : laptop performance and the concert audienceMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201172
DUNSTAN, Anthony LeighWords and music : Approaches to text-settingMMus(Comp)University of Sydney2011130
DUNSTAN, Kaylie JanePercussion and Theatrical Techniques: An Investigation into Percussion Theatre Repertoire and its Presence in Australian Classical Music CultureMMusUniversity of Sydney2016101
DUNSTONE, PrudencePerformance Practices in Italian Music for Female Voice 1800-1850PhDUniversity of Newcastle2003796
DUTHOITE, AndreThe interpretation process in relation to four works by J.S. Bach, Boccherini and BrahmsMMusUniversity of Queensland200065
DUXBURY, Patricia DThe Orpehus legend in operaMAUniversity of Western Aust.1981206
DWYER, Rachael MareeMusic teachers' values and beliefs: narrative case studies of music educationPhDUniversity of Queensland2012264
DYSON, FrancesThe silencing of sound: metaphysics, technology, mediaPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney1993153
EAKINS, RexStructure and function in the mid-15th-century MassPhDUniversity of Western Aust.19822 vol
EAMES, Philip Approaches to the Hawthorne Movement of the Concord Sonata by Charles IvesM.MusGriffith University201071+1DVD
EAMSA-ARD, LamnaoThai popular music: the representation of national identities and ideologies within a culture in transition PhDEdith Cowan University20064 microfiche
EARL, Cameron PhillipPublic health management at outdoor festivalsPhDQueensland University of Technology2006281
EAST, Simone MichelleScience: a model and a metaphor in the work of four British composersMMusUniversity of Sydney201453
EASTHAM, SohyunThe role of the violin in expressing the musical ideas of the romantic period and the development of violin techniques in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries PhDUniversity of Newcastle2007332 + 184 + 5 CDs
EASTWOOD, Anthony CharlesStylistic development and melodic transmission in some secular song books published in Paris (1695-1740)PhDUniversity of Western Aust.19875 vol
ECKERSLEY, Peter DanielDigital copyright & the alternatives : an interdisciplinary inquiryPhDUniversity of Melbourne2012321
EDEN, DanielleA Gesamtkunstwerk for kindergarten : improving musical confidence in an early stage 1 classroomM.EdUniversity of Sydney201184 + CD + DVD
EDGAR, Tracey A.The history and development of the English catchPhDMonash University19971 vol
EDMEADES, LynleyAs I exemplify : an examination of the musical-literary relationship in the work of John CageMAUniversity of Otago2013105
EDMOND, MauraPostmodern attractions : music videos 2000-2010PhDUniversity of Melbourne2012299
EDWARDS, Jane M.Developing a platform for research to inform music therapy practice with hospitalised children PhDUniversity of Queensland2000250
EDWARDS, RossFour musical compositionsDMusUniversity of Sydney19894 scores
EDWARDS, RossPortfolio of symphonic works [music]DMusUniversity of Adelaide2011306 + 3 CDs
EDWARDS, Sharon Rosalie GwennethVisual perception in music reading : a discussion of related research and theoriesMAUniversity of Auckland1977112
EDWARDS, SimonThe struggle for contentment in music : an investigation of self-authored attitudes in practice and performanceMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201264
EE, Carol Boon PengThe development and evaluation of the nursery action rhymes and songs (NARS) English as a foreign language (EFL) programme with Chinese preschool childrenEdDUniversity of Western Aust.2006225 + 1 disk
EGENES, John R. The Record Producer's Evolving Role: A Study of Three Recording ProjectsDMAUniversity of Otago2016
EKKEL, GaryOckeghem's Alma Redemptoris Mater and the Renaissance duo: towards a structuralist method of analysing Renaissance polyphonyMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988147
EKKEL, GaryTonal balance in polyphony of the Josquin generationDMusUniversity of Melbourne19972 vol
ELIOTT, MarkWater, music, glass, life : improvisation in and around my arts practiceMVAUniversity of Sydney201197
ELKINGTON, JeremyA studio investigation : approaching the sublime through the musical, the exotic and "the perfect"MAMonash University2002179
ELLINGWORTH, SusanAn investigation into the early music written for the harpsichord in Italy up to the time of Frescobaldi : with special consideration for the Venetian school of harpsichord composers, 1550-1650.MMusUniversity of Sydney19653 vol
ELLIOTT, Douglas JamesA comparison of music and muscle relaxation as nursing interventions in reducing the anxiety of patients admitted to a coronary care unit MApScUniversity of Sydney1991178
ELLIS, Angelina M.The Classical guitar in Australia: FoundationsMAQueensland University of Technology2000112
ELLIS, Bronwyn IreneThese sad, distracted tymes : the impact of the Civil War and Interregnum on English music, c.1640 to c.1660 PhDUniversity of Tasmania2004324
ELLIS, ChristopherPan-stylism in the music of Dave DouglasMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney201375
ELLSMORE, CarolineThe siren subverted : the role of Violetta Valery in Giuseppe Verdi's 'La traviata' (1853)MMus (Hons)University of New England2010
ELMER, ColinReplacing patterns: towards a revision of guitar fretboard pedagogyMMusUniversity of Adelaide200959 + CD + DVD
ELTON, JaneMusic in secondary education in girls' schools in Victoria MMusUniversity of Melbourne19672 vol
ELTON, Kim CecileTango, from Perception to Creation: A Pianist’s Quest to Capture and Embody Tango in Performance and CompositionDMAGriffith University2014
ELVERY, Warwick DavidThe flute and its music in the court of Frederick the Great GDip MusGriffith University19851 vol
EMELEUS, JohnCooperative learning in the keyboard laboratory: a study of adult learners in a cooperative learning programmeMMusUniversity of Canterbury1993303
EMERSON, Helen KatrineA voice of her own: Ethel Smyth and early feminist musicology.MAUniversity of Otago1999115
ENCARNACAO, JohnPunk aesthetics in independent "new folk", 1990-2008MAUniversity of Technology Sydney2009129
ENG, Melinda Wah YoundAlternative approaches to music learning and instruction in pre-school teacher training programs in SingaporeEdDMonash University2006309
ENGLISH, HelenMusic as a Resource for World-Building in Newcastle, NSW and its Townships, 1869–1879PhDUniversity of Newcastle2016239
ENGLISH, Helen JaneGerald English [Tenor]MAUniversity of Newcastle2005216
ENGLISH, Kemp TheodoreThe début recording of Leopold Koželuch’s 50 Solo Keyboard Sonatas: portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014163
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