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MARETT, Allan1976 Hakuga’s flute score:an examination of the sources, notation and historical significance of the oldest surviving source in flute notation for the Togaku repertory of Japanese music, the Hakuga noPhDOverseas1976
MARETT, AllanAn examination of the Jati melodies and their characteristics as described in the fourteenth century Indian treatise, SamgitaratnakaraMAOverseas1972
BARNES, Jennifer JoanBeyond the act of singing MMusUniversity of Newcastle1998
Di RENZO, MarkThe dark side of music and the light side of law? [Law]University of Western Aust.2000
ELLSMORE, CarolineThe siren subverted : the role of Violetta Valery in Giuseppe Verdi's 'La traviata' (1853)MMus (Hons)University of New England2010
GAME-LOPATA, JennyGillian Karawe Whitehead: her life and workMAMonash University1999
GRETTON, HaroldHistorically-informed interpretation : a process in relation to the Deuxième grande sonate op.25 for solo guitar by Fernando SorPhDAustralian National University2010
McMAHON, PaulBaroque performance practice pedogogy and the twenty-first century practitioner: the tenor repertoire of George Frideric HandelPhDGriffith University2012
MERCER, ChristineHenry Tate (1873 - 1926) and the creation of Australian Musical IdentityPhDUniversity of Melbourne2010 nyic
O'BRIEN, IanThe Nature of Orchestral Noise and Viable SolutionsMPhilUniversity of Queensland2008
PURCELL, Kevin JohnThe exposition of drama in Puccini's La Boheme : an analysis of the opera's musical and dramatic congruence as evident through its structural proportionality MMusUniversity of Melbourne1992
BRUER, TimA study of pianist Keith Jarrett's approach to the structuring of an improvised performance, based upon the standard song, from the years 1985 to 1989 MMus (Jazz)University of Sydney2003
WHITEOAK, Ralph AndrewA SEARING SOUND - A preliminary investigation into the legend of Australian saxophonist, Frank Smith.MMus (Perf)University of Melbourne2004 (NiC)
BROWNLEE, PhilipPhD in composition [Part 1. Folio of compositions -- Part 2. Structural functions of timbre in selected works of Philip Brownlee]PhDVictoria University of Wellington2007
MORGAN, RachaelComposition portfolio for the completion of a Masters of MusicMMusVictoria University of Wellington2006
MANN, MatthewMMus (composition) portfolioMMusVictoria University of Wellington2005
HALL, ClareVoices of distinction: choirboys' narratives of music, masculinity and the middle-classPhDMonash University2012
KENNEDY, AnneKicking round home : atonality in The Bone PeopleMAVictoria University of Wellington2007
Cammell, ShaneWhat can I understand about children with special needs from the musical offerings that emerge in the music therapy process?MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2008
WANG, Anna Ping-AnMusic analysis of clinical improvisations with an adolescent who has communication difficultiesMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010
BRENNAN, Carolyn WFrom Alam Melayu to Melayu Baru : understanding Dikir Barat in Singapore = From Malay world to New Malay : From Malay world to New MalayPhDUniversity of Melbourne2009
FAY, PoppySounds of industry : reactions to music and noise in nineteenth-century Manchester : ...on the lips, in the halls , on the streetsM.Mus.University of Melbourne2009
HOLLAND, Michael EdwardProduction, Identity and Inherited Aesthetics: Digital Technology, Authenticity and Location in Independent Music PracticeMAUniversity of Otago2011
GILLETT, Rachel AnneCrossing the pond: Jazz, race and gender in interwar ParisPhDUniversity of Otago2010
CRESSWELL, IanCritical commentary [electronic resource]MPhilUniversity of Queensland2009
CARAH, Nicholas‘Empowerment' within the brandscapes of popular music culture [electronic resource]PhDUniversity of Queensland2008
LIVINGSTONE, Steven RChanging musical emotion through score and performance with a computational rule system [electronic resource]PhDUniversity of Queensland2008
SHEPHARD, Leah DawnThe relationship between the music audiation capacities and language comprehension capacities of children age 5 years [electronic resource]MPhilUniversity of Queensland2008
POMPILI, ClaudioBetween two worlds [electronic resource] : Claudio Pompili, Italian-Australian composerPhDUniversity of Queensland2008
SALECICH, DanielFolio of compositions and critical commentary [electronic resource]PhDUniversity of Queensland2007
CADELL, Adam BroughtonThe final violin sonatas of Beethoven and Brahms [electronic resource] : a consideration of the influence of Pierre Rode and Joseph JoachimMPhilUniversity of Queensland2007
ROBINSON, Angela NicoleClarinet music by Australian women composers [electronic resource] : an examination of its under-representation in repertoire and performanceMPhilUniversity of Queensland2007
MCLENNAN, Ross Donald JamesMusicalvisual relationships a folio of compositions and critical commentary [electronic resource]PhDUniversity of Queensland2007
SHIN, HyukjinCritical commentary on a folio of compositions [electronic resource]MPhilUniversity of Queensland2007
EVANS, Lely DaiImplications of compound dynamic accent markings in Beethoven's early chamber works with the fortepianoMMusUniversity of Western Aust.2008
COLE, Malcolm ATropical Sounds: A Music Education History of Cairns and Yarrabah: 1930 to 1970PhDJames Cook University2014
MOORCROFT, LyndaPre-performance practices [electronic resource] : breathing imagery and warm-up for singersPhDUniversity of Sydney2011
MCNAMARA, PeterThe role of timbre and microtones in the music of Peter McNamaraPhDUniversity of Sydney2011
FOSTER, DuncanMusic and community development [electronic resource] : :perspectives on relationships, roles and structures in music in communityM.EdVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2010
NOWAK, RaphaelThe digital age of the sound environment: an investigation of everyday interactions between listeners and music PhDGriffith University2013
VAN GEENEN, Jurgen LippoldFormal methods for the design of imitative polyphonic structuresPhDUniversity of Sydney2013
BASTANINEZHAD, Arya/​AliA critical study of the music pedagogy in post-revolutionary Iran (1979-2010): breaking down the boundaries between two musical methodsPhD Monash University2013
Dominik Karski dissertationKARSKI, DominikPhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
McKERN, Brett M.The evening canticles : A creative responsePhDUniversity of Sydney2011
O'HALLORAN, TomSustained aspects and precursors : towards a stylistic synthesisMMus (Comp)University of Sydney2011
NETHSINGHE, Nishantha RohanAttaining proximal simulation in multicultural music educationPhDMonash University2012
TAKRU, Radhika"I prefer their early stuff" : the effects of online music journalism on the authority of the popular music criticMAMonash University2013
LEWIS, AnthonyBecoming a garamut drummer in Baluan Island, Manus Province, Papua New GuineaPhDUniversity of Sydney2012
HUBMAYER, Antony PeterThe secondary school music curriculum: an investigation of designed learning experiences that promote musical understanding.D.Ed.University of Adelaide2013
MOORE, KateThe point of origin : six essays on six piecesPhDUniversity of Sydney2012
TERZER, ArminTranscribing symphonic repertoire for eight horns principles and process leading from sources of inspiration and final productDMAGriffith University2011
WALLACE, BrendaReconstructing clients self-narrative: the role of metaphor and imagery in guided imagery and musicM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2013
CHIN, Tan ChyuanTo muse beyond formal music training: the development and use of a measure of music engagement in everyday lifePhDMonash University2014
POLLARD, Mark ClementSilent Spring: eight original music compositions by Mark Clement PollardPhDUniversity of Melbourne2012
BALLICO, ChristinaBury me deep in isolation: A cultural examination of a peripheral music industry and scenePhDEdith Cowan University2013
CHEONG-CLINCH, CarmenMusical diaries: an investigation of preferred music listening by young people with mental illness in various contexts and conditionsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2013
LI, SicongOlder Chinese-Australian and Chinese community music engagementPhDMonash University2013
SUTHERLAND, Andrew ThomasPrinciples for designing an effective, post-compulsory music curriculum suitable for Western AustraliaM.EdEdith Cowan University2012
BARRETT, B. E.An errorless versus a traditional procedure for teaching reading of music notationM.Ed.James Cook University1990
GAO, ZhiwenThe psychological role of music listening in emotion regulation for stress coping amongst university studentsPhDMonash University2014
PEMBERTON, MarkAbsolute Music: Its relevance to the articulation of meaning in contemporary artistic practiceMFAUniversity of Sydney2014
O’BRIEN, ChristianComposition folioM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2010
BURSLEM, MeganArticulating Armenian folk music characteristics in Tigran Mansurian's Havik for viola and percussion (1998), as mediated by the work of Komitas VardapetM.AMonash University2014
BURREL, Robert W. B.A Process of Becoming: A Musical Enquiry into Process-Relational Philosophy Through Autoethnographical and Zoomusicological MeansPhDGriffith University2013
VAN DER WERFF, LaurenMusic performance and the chronically ill body: an autoethnographic approach to Body Mapping through illness narratives, Bonneau's Caprice en forme de valse and Leonard's Recitative and AbracadabraM.MusMonash University2014
CHARLES, Simon BernardIdeokinesis as a practice strategy in musical performanceM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2013
SHEEHY, Kerri-Anne R.Home in the making: place, body and music in migratory practices of movementPhDUniversity of South Queensland2012
TOMLINSON, Michelle M.Transformational and Transmodal Redesign in Children's Music Invention: An Exploration Using the Space of Music DialoguePhDGriffith University2013
KIM, Jeong-HaKorean Primary School Music Education during Japanese Colonial Rule (1910-1945)PhDGriffith University2013
HONEYBUN, Katherine AnneA complex of tendencies: the evolution of the use of the tritone in the music of Wagner, Debussy, and BartókM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2014
JAYASINGHE, RohanThe application of serial technique to tonal music: the emancipation of consonancePhDUniversity of Queensland2011
WOOLF, HaydenAnalysis of two works : Red liquid triangular conditon and Next minute paints Kate's collapseM.MusUniversity of Sydney2010
STANKE, StevenEssential and inevitable ideas: a musico-dramatic analysis of Fritz Hart's 1919 opera "The Fantasticks" op. 35PhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
BUTLER, Ronald KennethThe Influence of Theosophy on the Tradition of Speculative and Esoteric Theories of MusicPhDGriffith University2013
HODDER, Amanda LouiseThe influence of Igor Stravinsky on the compositional style of Aaron Copland's Piano VariationsM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2010
LETIZI, Roberto Galliano EdwardThe void of experience: moments of musical rupture in cinemaPhDMonash University2014
HENRY, Thomas RobertFolio of compositionsM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2012
CURRAN, Michelle LouiseEffects of synchronous music in sport and exercise: a meta-analytic review and field studies of ultra-distance athletesPhDUniversity of South Queensland2012
SHORT, AlexanderEmotional Sensitivity to Music in Adults in a Community Sample and in Adults with Substance DependencePhDUniversity of Queensland2013
MOSWA, Melisa RumbidzaiThe construction of femininity through the lyrical and visual portrayal of women in Afro-American and African mainstream hip-hop musicM.AMonash University2014
RICKARD-FORD, PaulPortfolio of recorded performances and exegesis: the late piano works of Robert Schumann.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2010
NILAND, AmandaThe lives of songs an exploration of how new songs become part of young children's musical culturesPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2011
PINTO D'AGUIAR MONTT, FelipeFolio of CompositionsM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2011
MACINNES, CharlesFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
MCPHEE, Eleanor A.Shared concerns : investigating ways instrumental teachers learn to teachPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2013
CARBONELLI, Guendalina MariaFabrizio de André: a popular intellectualPhDMonash University2013
NOACK, Phillip J.Folio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
VAN KONKELENBERG, Joshua MarcPortfolio of compositions and exegesis: an investigation of the expressive quality of six aspects of form.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2013
FEWSTER, Russell DavidAn examination of the relationship between the live performer and projected media in stage performancePhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
HOLLINGSWORTH, ClaireFrom seed to song: a case study exploring collaborative songwritingM.Ed.Monash University2014
STARR, Adam DanielIssues of indeterminacy, metric modulation and “interference” in an individual compositional practicePhDUniversity of Melbourne2011
TOPPI, AntonioAn investigation into narrative as a compositional approachMMusMonash University2013
BROOKE, VivienneThe use of studies to conform to the ideals of deliberate practice and overcome its inherent constraints with particular reference to Georges Gillet's Studies for the Advanced teaching of the Oboe and Antonino Pasculli's 15 Capricci a guisa di StudiMMusMonash University2013
GASSER, MarkRonald Stevenson, composer-pianist : an exegetical critique from a pianistic perspectivePhDEdith Cowan University2013
BLACK, Jessica CatherineThe New York Philharmonic behind the Iron Curtain: goodwill tour or Cold War propaganda?MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
FARNAN, PeterDistilling an essence: the structuring of the recorded pop/​rock song formMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
RAMPANT, DavidGaining an understanding of Hindemith's compositional techniques in order to present an informed performance of his Sonata for Four Horns (1952)MMusMonash University2014
FREW, Rebecca ElizabethBridging the training divide between studio preparation and characterisation in operatic performance using Michael Chekhov’s theory of Psychological GestureMMusUniversity of Melbourne2010
MARCO, David John-TomFamiliarity and the perception of dissonance in musical intervals and chordsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
VIGGERS, ElisabethConnections: nothing exists in isolationMSD (Sound Design)University of Melbourne2011
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