WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
LOUISE, JennieGendered difference in music : feminist and feminine aesthetics in the music of Mary Mageau, Sarah Hopkins and Betty Beath MMusGriffith University1997165
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POIRRIER, FionaAre they ready? : an exploration of the preparedness of Queensland Senior Music students for tertiary music studyM.EdGriffith University2010165
QUINN, Loretta AnneThe accumulative effects of music therapy on dementia-related speech deficits in a sub-acute hospital settingPhDUniversity of Melbourne2011165
VINDRIIS, RichardStrumBot : A Strumming Robotic GuitarMEngVictoria University of Wellington2015165
WEBSTER, Margaret LouisePortfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Auckland2011165 + Disc
Portfolio of original compositions and exegesis : an investigation of metrical contradiction, irregularity and ambiguity in music for senior secondary students and community purposes.LAKEMAN, Virginia KayeM.MusUniversity of Adelaide2012165p + 2CD
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GARTH, AlanA study of an Australian rural music festival MADeakin University2000166
O'BRIEN, SallyThe symphonic thought of Gustav Mahler: a further perspectiveMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970166
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COSTELLO, ChristopherThe timpaniMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990167
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CAMM, Suzie-MayFolio of compositions [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2009167 + 1 CD
SULLIVAN, KathrynFrench Baroque vocal music: a performer's guideMCAUniversity of Newcastle2007167 + 3 CDs
GEORGE,Christina Anne MareeAnthem for the year 2000 and beyond : Australian rock music and cultural identity MAQueensland University of Technology2002168
HUTCHINSON, Lindsay W.An investigation of the reasons why students participate in on-going instrumental music instruction in selected secondary schools in Victoria D.EdUniversity of Melbourne2007168
LANCASTER, Coral J.The forms and development of the bass violin in seventeenth-century ItalyMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1999168
SHADE, Fiona C.The representation of the female musicians in the art of the Italian RenaissanceMALaTrobe University1998168
BLANCH, Faye RosasNunga rappin [manuscript] : talkin the talk, walkin the walk ; young Nunga males and educationMAFlinders University2008168
PALAJE, Jane MarieThe distinctive features of musical drones [manuscript] MAMacquarie University2009168
MA, Ronald Win-SeinMusically-driven mental health promotion : to increase mental well-being of the Burmese communityPhDUniversity of Auckland2011168
ANDREEVA, Natalia VladimirovnaAnalysis and interpretation of the piano sonatas of Galina Ustvolskaya in three volumesPhDUniversity of Sydney2012168p +2CD
FOGERTY, BethGroup music therapy with urban Koorie elders who have a probable diagnosis of dementia : a descriptive approachMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999169
OGEIL, Jacqueline EstherDomenico Scarlatti: a contribution to our understanding of his sonatas through performance and researchPhDUniversity of Newcastle2006169
PEARCE, RowenaRediscovering Mirrie Hill (1889-1986) : 'composer in her own right'MMusUniversity of Melbourne2002169
GORDON, David HuntlyAn investigation into the results of the North Shore Music Project a scheme to foster the musical development of a group of musically talented children MMusUniversity of Auckland1982169
JACOBS, Bryson JAlone again [music] : (for BKJ 12-string electric guitar) ; an original compositionMMusUniversity of Sydney200817
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GETHING, DavidA comparative analysis of grand motet settings of Psalm 129 by Jean-Baptiste Lully (LWV 73) and Marc-Antoine Charpentier (H. 189) MAUniversity of Western Aust.2003171
CHUA, Bee YongAutomatic extraction of perceptual features and categorization of music emotional expressions from polyphonic music audio signals PhDMonash University2007171
VIGGIANI, MarkFolio of compositions, 2007- 2008 [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2008171 + 1 CD
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McPHERSON, JohnCo-ordinating knowledge to improve optical music recognitionPhDUniversity of Waikato2006172
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AYREY, Craig LeslieRameau and the Pastorale heroique a dramatic and structural analysis of ZaisMMusUniversity of Auckland1978172
HOSKING, John SSamuel Sebastian Wesley, reformer in church musicMAUniversity of Auckland1959172
ONG, John Chun-kuoResonance : a music director's theomusicological study of 'praise' and 'glory' in a selection of four liturgical music excerptsMAQueensland University of Technology2011172
CHATWOOD, AstraParental engagement in stringed instrument learning [electronic resource] : a case study investigation of the familial factors that shape children's stringed instrument learningMPhilUniversity of Queensland2011172
CHATSWOOD, AstraParental Engagement in Stringed Instrument Learning: A Case Study Investigation of the Familial Factors that Shape Children's Stringed Instrument Learning.MPhilUniversity of Queensland2011172
DILLON, HowardVolker Heyn's tem : an analysis MALaTrobe University1999172 + 1 audio CD
MEERE, Clare KuolgaAnalysing the music of the Palga people of Highlands Papua New Guinea via the process of recording MAMacquarie University2005172 + 1 CD
GREGORY, MarkSixty years of Australian Union Songs: the Australian folk revival and the Australian Labour Movement since the Second World WarMAMacquarie University2007172 + 1 CD + 1 bookl
DUNCAN, AlisonComposition folioMMusUniversity of Sydney2004172+cd
FONG, Francis Kam-YuenA musical analysis of the Cantonese language and some implications in the classroom MMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1990173
LANGTREE, JoanneDiscourses that impinge on student numbers in senior music in one Far North Queensland girls' school M.Ed (Hons)James Cook University2001173
UITDENBOGERD, Alexandra LouiseMusic information retrieval technologyPhDRMIT University2002173
VAN RIJ, IngeUnity and continuity in Brahm's German requiem.MMusVictoria University of Wellington1997173
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HOBB, Hamish, James, AlexanderOrganicism, motivic parallelism, and performance in Beethoven's piano sonata op. 2 no. 3MMusVictoria University of Wellington2008173
WELLS, Sarah EllenWomen as musical leaders : experiences and perceptions of female conductors and concertmasters in Perth, Western AustraliaMAUniversity of Western Aust.2011173
HALL, Karen A.Soothing sounds: an investigation into the value of music in palliative careMAVictoria University of Wellington2003173 + 1 CD
JURD, PatrickEncountering the justice of God's reign through music: the use of contemporary music in the Christian religious education of young adults MTheolMelbourne College of Divinity2009173 +CDRom
ANDERSON, ElizabethA study of fingering in selected sources of English virginal music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984174
NAPIER, John J.The introduction and use of the harmonium in North Indian classical music MMusUniversity of NSW1994174
PETTENGELL, Gillian L.Secondary school string players: self-perception, individual achievement and the influences of family, society and teachersMMus (MusEd)University of Sydney1997174
WARREN, BradReassessing subculture: Heavy Metal and subculture theoryMAMonash University1995174
WILLIAMS, Megan JaneMaking both ends meet : a critical perspective on becoming an artist in the new cultural economyM.Ed (Mus)University of Auckland2005174
VALLIS, Owen SkipperContemporary approaches to live computer music: the evolution of the performer composerPhDVictoria University of Wellington2013174
WATER, BolkeMaking music: discourses of cultural negotiation in New ZealandMAVictoria University of Wellington2001175
BINNEY, Mary HelenHarrison Birtwistle’s Nine settings of Celan : an analysis MMusUniversity of Auckland2006175
HOWELL, GillianBeyond words : newly-arrived children's perceptions of music learning and music makingM.Ed.University of Melbourne2009175
ARNOLD, GregWriting songs and writing a record: Inside the composition of an Acoustic Pop AlbumPhDUniversity of Tasmania2013175
LA TROBE, JoanneRed earth: music-culture of Rār̥h, India MA (Anthrop)University of Auckland1998175 + disc
DUNCAN, MelanieVibrato frequency and phase lock in three versions of Delibe's Lakme duet and its effect on the preference of voice experts MAMonash University2000176
NARUSHIMA, TerumiMusic in the work of Compagnie Maguy Marin: choreo-musical collaborative processes + Portfolio of original compositionsMMus (Comp)Australian Catholic University2003176
HEXTALL, PietaAn examination of the chance elements in Witold Lutosławski's music, with particular attention to its function as a model for compositional practiceMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2012176 + 2 Sound Discs
BASTIAN, DudleyThe chorale prelude in English organ musicMAUniversity of Western Aust.1980177
DE SOUZA, Marian DorothyThe design and evaluation of a music course for year 7 students in Victoria M.EdMonash University1988177
GORDON, ChristopherWhich way the wind blows? The influence of non-musical factors in the reception of the music of Dmitri Shostakovich in the WestMAMonash University1997177
KORNHAUSER, BroniaTranscribers and transcription in ethnomusicology: a study of the pertinent theories, methods and problems involved MAMonash University1972?177
ROWE, John PhillipComputer applications in an electronic music studioM.Eng.Sc.University of Melbourne1980177
NEWTON, Neil EdwardFunctional harmony and its relationship to Schoenberg's early post-tonal musicPhDUniversity of Auckland2012177
CLARKE, BrendanAn investigation of the background, influences and performance practices of five Sydney based jazz double bassistsMMusUniversity of Sydney2014177
MAUVAN, JohnShoe box : an analysis of the concert hall and its adaption to small-scale music performance spaceMArchNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2011177 + Plans
ELLIOTT, Douglas JamesA comparison of music and muscle relaxation as nursing interventions in reducing the anxiety of patients admitted to a coronary care unit MApScUniversity of Sydney1991178
HUNTER, Cynthia LThe folkies: an ethnography of folkies and their songsMAUniversity of Western Aust.1983178
RYAN, MareeEffects of premenstrual symptoms on young female singers MMusUniversity of Sydney2006178
HEWITT, DonnaCompositions for voice and technology [+ Dissertation]PhDUniversity of Western Sydney2006178
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