WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
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VERHAGEN, DarrinIndeterminacy in 20th century western musicMARMIT University200112 + CD
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SNELL, DaveWhat's it like to be a heretic? Heavy metal communities in practise.MSocScUniversity of Waikato2006120
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SCOTT, AshleyModes for listeningMAUniversity of Technology Sydney1996120 + 2 sound casset
LEROY-DALE, Mette"Flute 21" : 21st century New Zealand flute music and its contemporary performance practice DMAUniversity of Auckland2007120 + CD
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MILNER, Luke’All shook up’ : Elvis encounters Orpheus--constructions of a pop culture mythology in Salman Rushdie’s The ground beneath her feet MAUniversity of Otago2004121
BEECHE, Jack TrewhellaImprovised counterpoint: a study of contrapuntal strategies and interchangeable roles between two soloists in jazz improvisationMMusMonash University2015121
HARRISON, ScottMusic teacher attributes, identity and experiences : informing teacher education practices M.Higher Ed.Griffith University2006121 + 1 CD-ROM
SUTHERLAND, BridgetFar off town : Dunedin to NashvillePhDUniversity of Auckland2007121 + 1CD
LYALL, MarkHatred and history : an exploration through voice, music and sound designPhDLaTrobe University2008121 + CD (49 min)
DILLON, TeressaCanons, airs sérieux and airs à boire : a study of the contribution of the eighteenth century French composer and copyist C. de La SerreMMusVictoria University of Wellington2010121; 99
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RONALDS, Joanna SarahMusic performance skill development: student perspectivesM.EdUniversity of Melbourne2003122
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ROSSITER, Alexis Charles HughHildegard of Bingen’s Ordo virtutum : a new perspective on performance practiceM.Mus.University of Auckland2007122
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LIPPIETT, JohnnyAn investigation into the improvisational vocabulary of jazz saxophonist Eddie HarrisMMus PerfNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2006122 + 2CDs
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseKeyboard instruction in early eighteenth century Italy : editions of keyboard treatises by Alessandro Scarlatti and Bernardo Pasquini MMusUniversity of New England1998123
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STRAVIDIS, KatherineCharles E. Ives: an American composer: a study of his musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1981123
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NIKOLSKY, Timothy Peter The development of the Australian jazz real bookPhDRMIT University2012124
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JOHNSON, Chloe HopeSonic intersections : subjectivity within punk aestheticsM.A.University of Melbourne2007124 + 1 CD
DAVENPORT, Andrew RussellThe development of alternate picking and plectrum technique for the electric guitarMAUniversity of Waikato1998124 + 1 comp laser o
MCFADDEN, TomMusic in the science classroom : the impact of content-based songs on learning and engagementMSciCommUniversity of Otago2012124 + DVD
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GRANT, Philip MalcomA comparative analysis of the copyright protection provided to sound recordings and music videos (cinematograph films) under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) in light of the development of music videos as independently marketable products LLMUniversity of Melbourne1988125
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KNIGHT, Peter Harold JohnThe intersection of improvisation and composition: a music practice in flux DMAGriffith University2011125
KNIGHT, Peter Harold JohnThe intersection of improvisation and composition: a music practice in fluxDMAGriffith University2011125
KHO, Hong ChingPromoting communication and socialisation in music therapy for children with cerebral palsyMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2011125
MAYS, Lawrence JohnAn investigation of the creation of drama in recitative through comparative analysis : La Serva Padrona set by Pergolesi (1733) and Paisiello (1781)MPhilAustralian National University2012125
BEARDMORE, MeredithInterpretation and perception in the era of historically informed performance : a case study of J. S. Bach's Partita in A minor BWV 1013 for solo fluteMMusUniversity of Sydney2011125
STRAZZULLO, GuyAn inquiry into improvisation: reconciling the differences between performance and compositionPhDMacquarie University2014125
MATTHEWS, Stephen RalphPortfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Auckland2005125 + CD
MORGAN, Rodney L.Music composition portfolio for MMus, February 2001 - January 2002 MMusVictoria University of Wellington2002125 + CD
ROCKE, Stephanie“The Armed Man: A Mass for a Secular Age?”MAMonash University2010125+107
ARNOLD, MartinWhy play jazz? : an investigation into meaning of participation in a primary school music ensemble M.EdUniversity of Melbourne2000126
BRAUN, Deniz LucienEcstatic consonance: a third aesthetic in Scriabin's late piano works MAMonash University2002126
CAMPBELL, Glenn D.The use of the piano as an accompanying instrument in the songs of Debussy, Ravel and Poulenc MMusUniversity of Melbourne1974126
FARBACH, KentGrotesquerie in selected works by Béla BartókMMusGriffith University1995126
MICIC, PeterPop stars as unofficial role models and their influence on pop urban culture in China in the 80sMAMonash University1992126
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PITMAN, DavidA speculative synthesis of the musically relevant attitudes of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji as they present in the 'Collected published writings, volume I (book chapters, articles, essays and notes)' compiled and printed (1995) by the Sorabji Archive MMusGriffith University1999126
MABEY, Nicholas WilliamOn the New Zealand music industry: a qualitative value chain analysisMScUniversity of Auckland2006126
RUSSELL, Peter HughLight in battle with darkness: Mahler's KinderttenliederPhDVictoria University of Wellington1990126
BOUNDS, Carolyn ZPerforming flute music of the French Baroque : an approach for modern flautists [manuscript]MAUniversity of Newcastle2010126
de JONG, HollyContinuity and change : some aspects of Ethiopian music in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Melbourne2011126
GILMOUR, Luke KennethJob satisfaction among freelance school conductors in New South WalesDMAUniversity of Sydney2012126
GRANGER-BROWN, LorraineActing out of the depression : J.C. Williamson, 1893M.MusUniversity of Melbourne2011126
YANG, MengThe occupational identity development of early-career music teachers: a two-case study of Chinese music teachersMPhilUniversity of Queensland2015126
HSIEH, AnnieFolio of compositions : [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2008126 + 1 CD
ADAMS, Christopher PattenComposition portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2006126 + 2 CDs
ROXBURGH, John DavidApproaches to the Performance of Musical and Extra-musical References in Shostakovich's Viola SonataM.M.ANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2013126+1CD+1DVD
CRNCEC, RudiExamination of the Mozart effect in childrenD PsychUniversity of Melbourne2004127
HAMMOND, Jason CliffordAn Australian perspective on third stream musicMMusGriffith University1998127
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