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McINTYRE, BrentCustomer expectations and perceptions of music reference service quality in public libraries: a quantitative analysisMLISVictoria University of Wellington200387
NG, Siong NgorMusic and culture : the information seeking behaviour and needs of academic ethnomusicologists in New Zealand MLISVictoria University of Wellington200376
BARTUP, Marie PatriciaAn annotated bibliography on expressions of popular culture: the music and dance of hip hop in New Zealand MLISVictoria University of Wellington200286
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HARDIE, Richard LawrenceJenny McLeod: The emergence of a New Zealand voiceMMOverseas199468
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RABINOVICI, AlisonA history of horned strings : organology and early sound recording 1899-1945 MMUniversity of Melbourne2010187
HOPKINS, Timothy JohnThe bass-less trioMMANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201227
CRAWFORD, Michael VictorCritical analysis of the compositional techniques and devices used in Troy Roberts' album the Xenden suiteMMANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)20121 v. + Music + DVD
LEE, JoannaThe influences of performers and composers on selected violin works of Johannes BrahmsMMANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201160
JENKINS, BradTensional processes and perception of form in three selected compositions by Kaija SaariahoMMAVictoria University of Wellington2014
MANN, AmosParticipatory music notation: composition for mixed experience performance contextsMMA(Comp)Victoria University of Wellington20131 vol (268p) + 1 CD
NIKOROWITSCH, JohannesThe influence of music sharing at work on social relationships between colleaguesMMCMMassey University2009131
SCHAEFER, RThe theology and spirituality of the Free Church tradition as expressed in their hymns : a reflection on how Evangelicals have sung their liturgy MMinMelbourne College of Divinity1994143
LOWERY, OliverGoal-oriented processes: Exploring the use of goals in music therapy to support young people with autism spectrum disorderMMTVictoria University of Wellington2016
ABBOTT, KatrinaFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20011 vol + cd
DAVIES, Timothy AndrewFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1997152 + CD + cass
CHAPLIN, PeterFolio of compositions and analysesMMusUniversity of Melbourne19867 vol + tape
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MADDEN, Wayne WilliamFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne19763 scores
TWEEDIE, ShannonHandel opera presentation, past and presentMMusMassey University200476
MEEHAN, NormanAfter the melody : Paul Bley and jazz piano after Ornette Coleman MMusMassey University2002101
KIPNIS, BorisLudwig van Beethoven quartets, op. 18MMusMassey University200266
ABECASIS REQUENA, Silvana BeatrizA study of the Argentine composer's style through analysis of selected instrumental pieces with piano. [Guastavino Carlos] MMusUniversity of Newcastle2005102
ACKER, YolandaThe Castilian composer Antonio José Martínez Palacios (1902-1936) : a biographical study with a catalogue of worksMMusUniversity of Melbourne1995470
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ALLAN, David AnthonyA dual study of English lute repertoire of the renaissance period and English guitar repertoire of the twentieth centuryMMusUniversity of Adelaide1980205
ALLISON, Diane JoyThe use of programmed music versus non-programmed and no music during childbirthMMusUniversity of Melbourne1993158
ALTER, Andrew BurtonHindustani vocal music: a case study of oral transmissionMMusUniversity of Adelaide1989281
AMPT, Robert MiltonMusic iconography and performance practice in the time of Heinrich SchutzMMusUniversity of Adelaide1973192
ANDERSON, ElizabethA study of fingering in selected sources of English virginal music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984174
ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe motets of the thirteenth century manuscript La Clayette MMusUniversity of Adelaide19692 vol
ANDERSON, Peter JamesThe innovative music of Percy Grainger : an examination of the origins and development of free musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1979114 + cass
ANGUS, Andrew S.A critical examination and a transcription of the six published oboe sonatas of Giuseppe SammartiniMMusUniversity of Western Aust.20031 vol
ASPDEN, Suzanne ElizabethPsyche's borrowed plumesMMusVictoria University of Wellington1992332
BACKSTROM, LynneAn investigation into the relationship between the experiences, philosophy and cello compositions of composer/performer Sarah HopkinsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
BAKER, AmandaComposing with computers: aesthetics, methods and musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988143
BAKER, FelicityThe effects of live and taped music on the agitation and orientation levels of people experiencing posttraumatic amnesiaMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999150
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BEILHARZ, KristyContemporary violin techniquesMMusUniversity of Sydney1994105
BENNETT, Jane L.An examination of five serial compositions by Don Banks MMusUniversity of Queensland1998155
BESENSKI, HelenaFranz Tunder (1614-1667) as an organist in seventeenth century North Germany : an examination of his life and selected works having reference to his social, musical and historical backgroundMMusUniversity of Auckland1997136
BEVAN, AndrewFrom conception to realisation : instrumentation and recording quality in creative music making for the jazz multi-instrumentalist MMusUniversity of Adelaide200644+3cds
BHANA, UshaTales "like softest music to attending ears": a study of narrative procedure across musical genres in works by Gounod, Prokofief, Berlioz and TchaikovskyMMusVictoria University of Wellington2002150
BIEZAITIS, MaraVolfgangs Darzins (1906-1962) : a response to Latvian music traditions in emigrationMMusUniversity of Adelaide1984179
BINNS, Georgina MPatriotic and nationalistic song in Australia in 1919: a study of the popular sheet music genreMMusUniversity of Melbourne19882 vol
BISHOP, DianneJean Calvin and the Genevan Psalter : a study of the Calvinist aesthetic and its application in the music of the Psalter MMusUniversity of Melbourne1969197
BLACKBURN, Andrew StewartStyles in the church music of Henry PurcellMMusUniversity of Melbourne1980140
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BLOM, DianaAn analysis of Music for Japan by Peter SculthorpeMMusUniversity of Sydney1978119
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
BONSEY, JoanGerman Romanticism and its impact on Schubert, Schumann and Brahms : a study of the relationships between historical, ideological and musical developments in nineteenth century Germany with specific reference to Lieder and chamber works of Schubert, Schumann and BrahmsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1972147
BORER, PhillippeAspects of European influences on violin playing and teaching in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1988205
BORTHWICK, JeremyHal Crook : an analysis of his improvisational style from the period 1994-1996, by the examination of core material common to three representative recordings and their related transcriptions MMusUniversity of Sydney200088
BORTOLUSSI, AnnePossible influences of Bach on the harmonic and contrapuntal language of Brahms's Klavierstucke opp. 116-119 MMusUniversity of Melbourne199175
BOTH, LindsayStrange attractions? : rock music, minimalism and modernism in the chamber music of Michael Smetanin MMusUniversity of NSW1996115
BOUGHEN, P. MarkThe work of the Hymnbook Committee in the production of the music setting of the "Gloria in excelsis" from the 1996 common order service of the Lutheran Church of Australia: 1950-1968.MMusUniversity of Queensland199589
BRADLEY, MargaretKacapi siter and kacapi perahu : two major contributors to the development of Sundanese musical styles in West Java, Indonesia MMusUniversity of NSW1993157
BRASIER, AngelinePauline Viardot: her music and the Spanish influenceMMusUniversity of Melbourne200088
BREEN, JuliaLiterary sources in the work of Debussy MMusUniversity of Melbourne1971266
BROWN, JamesIntellect and intuition: reflections on the role of improvisation in contemporary jazz composition and performance MMusUniversity of Adelaide200762 + 2CDR
BROWN, Kevin GA brass instrumental teaching program for high school hearing impaired students: an exploratory study.MMusUniversity of Queensland1986290
BRUNSDON, LindsayFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2001403
BRUNTON, MarylouiseThe usage of musical patterns by primary school childrenMMusUniversity of Adelaide19762 vol
BUNTING, SueThe protection of music as intellectual property : the historical framework and its effects upon contemporary Australian legislation.MMusAustralian National University1996129
BURGESS, Geoffrey VictorMetric structures in the neo-classical music of Stravinsky MMusUniversity of Sydney1989142
BURK, IanThe influence of Dr. A.E. Floyd as music critic and broadcaster on musical culture in Australia 1915-1974MMusUniversity of Melbourne2001150
BURTENSHAW, Leonard JohnThe stylistic influences on the principal basso ostinato organ works of Dietrich BuxtehudeMMusUniversity of Sydney197775
BURTON, RussellThe effect of non-visual conductor activities on the quality of an instrumental ensemble as judged by Eisteddfod scoresMMusUniversity of Adelaide1998111
BYRNE, John H.Sacred or Profane: The influence of Vatican legislation upon music in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. MMusAustralian Catholic University2005238
CAFOOT, Gavin StevenDeleuze and music: a creative approach to the study of musicMMusUniversity of Queensland2004110
CALEY, Margaret AnneRe-contextualising the early French solo violin sonata (c.1692-1723)MMusJames Cook University2005265 + 1 sound CD
CALLAGHAN, MervynA comparison of music in certain selected independent schools in England and Australia MMusUniversity of Melbourne19832 vol
CAMERON, KevinJoseph Post: Australia's maestro?MMusUniversity of Western Aust.199575
CAMPBELL, FionaPeggy Glanville-Hicks' opera Sappho, a critical examinationMMusEdith Cowan University19952 microfiches
CAMPBELL, Glenn D.The use of the piano as an accompanying instrument in the songs of Debussy, Ravel and Poulenc MMusUniversity of Melbourne1974126
CAMPBELL, Peter JohnLimestone Plains-song: an historical survey of choral music in Canberra, 1913-1993MMusAustralian National University1996432
CANDY, PhillipaMotivic/thematic development in the piano works of Alexander ScriabinMMusUniversity of Tasmania1984165
CARBONE, GwenAustralian ragtime music 1946 to 1996: an historical and analytical survey of selected scoresMMusAustralian Catholic University1997119
CAREY, GemmaThe development of a master's degree in keyboard performance pedagogy for implementation in Australian tertiary institutionsMMusGriffith University1997108
CARRIGAN, Jeanell K.Towards an Australian style: on the relationship between the Australian landscape and natural environment and the music of Peter Sculthorpe and Ross EdwardsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
CATRICE, AndrePortfolio of compositions and analysisMMusUniversity of Melbourne19898 vol
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseKeyboard instruction in early eighteenth century Italy : editions of keyboard treatises by Alessandro Scarlatti and Bernardo Pasquini MMusUniversity of New England1998123
CECIL, AnnJohn Amadio : virtuoso flautistMMusUniversity of Melbourne199852
CHALMERS, BrianA study of musical preferences among first year university students MMusUniversity of Melbourne1973303
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert ESchubert's Mayrhofer Lieder : an examination of the relationship between accompaniment and text MMusUniversity of Melbourne1989111
CHAMBERS, Allison MargaretConcert organ recital programming: an investigation and critical account of the contemporary resurrection of the English symphonic organ ethos with particular emphasis on the programming styles of W.T. Best, E.H. Lemare, A. Hollins and W. Wolstenholme.MMusUniversity of Queensland1993110
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