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HARVEY, JonathanCollit's Inn: The first successful all-Australian musical romanceMAMonash University1995106
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HILL, MichaelSlave to the rhythm : animation at the service of the popular music industry MAUniversity of Technology Sydney1995155
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HOLCROFT, ReubenThe art of simplicity: design, sentiment, and value in non-developmental music: studies in works by Satie, Part and PoulencMAUniversity of Otago1995130
HOSSAIN, AmzadReligion of songs: the religious beliefs and practices of the Bauls of BangladeshMADeakin University1990253
HOWARD, DarrenAn examination and analysis of two Australian new music theatre works: Liza Lim's The Oresteia and David Chesworth's The Two ExecutionersMAMonash University199988
HOWARD, LeslieFerenc Liszt as precursor of Wagner, Debussy, Schoenberg and Bartok MAMonash University19722 vol
HOWLETT, May CatherineThe production of a contemporary chamber opera (The boy who wasn't there)MAMacquarie University2005141
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IOLINI, Robert JohnSimultaneity in musicMAMacquarie University1998228: 2 vols + 2 CDs
JACK, David ArthurIntroducing non-western music into primary and intermediate schools MAVictoria University of Wellington1976238
JEFFS, NickCounting the Beatz : hip hop culture, commercialisation and the state in Aotearoa New ZealandMAAuckland University of Technology2005113
JOHNSON, Robert LloydElectronic music and the synthesiserMARMIT University2000?NS
JONES, Amanda LRevisiting the early format of the big band : "So you want to be a band leader?" MAEdith Cowan University20032 microfiche
JOYCE, ZitaHearing ourselves: globalisation, the state, local content and New Zealand radioMAUniversity of Canterbury2002163
KELLY, JoanThe electronics of science fiction: The relationship between science fiction sound and the development of electronic music technologyMARMIT University20051 vol
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KERR, Kumberley J.Madonna : the celebrated chameleon, the damned dominatrix : subverting the mainstream and upholding the conventional MAUniversity of Melbourne199369
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KINGSBURY, Justine Margaret JoyThe expression of emotion in musicMAVictoria University of Wellington199179
KNOWLES, Christopher JExtending creative practice: the practical possibilities of designing unique software tools for the independent audio artistMARMIT University20041 vol
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KREECK, Ian StuartThe touch of voyagers: Polynesian and Western influences on the music of southern Papua, 1871-1958MADeakin University1991186
LAUER, HelenaThe role of the first five Elder professors in the development of music in the Elder Conservatorium, 1885-1985MAUniversity of Adelaide1998192
LE HEUX, BenjaminAn investigative and documentary study of music and change within a Buddhist community in Christchurch, New ZealandMAUniversity of Canterbury2002115
Le, Thi KimVietnamese women composers and their emergence in Vietnamese music MAMonash University199178
LESLIE, WendyEvolution of a musical composition: a phenomenological studyMALaTrobe University1993164
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LIM, FarinaThe ROC and role of the constructions of meaning in contemporary Taiwandes popular musicMAUniversity of Otago2000117
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LONG, MartinThe music of Daniel Bachelor : A critical study.MAUniversity of Sydney19692 vol
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LYNCH, PeterGertrude Healy: the Australian violinist.MAMonash University1996100
MacKERRAS, JoanThe art of bowing : an enquiry into the history of bowing technique in violin playing from c1675-c.1842 MAUniversity of Sydney1966224
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MADDOX, Richard PeterThe place of Thomas Augustine Arne in eighteenth-century English theatre music.MAUniversity of Sydney1977179
MAGILL, Jonathan MatthewCognitive models for the production of polyrhythms by a West African master drummerMALaTrobe University1995127
MALONEY, M. PaulThe art of dancing in 1600 : the balletti of Fabrizio Caroso, a project for a film, with commentary on the text and music of his book, Nobilta` di Dame MAMonash University19863 vol
MARASCO, MaryJohannes Ciconia: speculating or relating?MAMonash University1999149
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MARTIN, Rosemary EllenWomen, disability and rock 'n roll : a social semiological analysis MAAustralian Catholic University1994148
MASTERS, Bernadette ALa chanson de croisade : essai de definition d'un genre lyrique en langue occitaneMAUniversity of Sydney1979234
MAYDWELL, AnthonyA translation and comparative study of two methods for harp by Philippe-Jacques Meyer from 1763-1773MAUniversity of Western Aust.1982233
McCARTHY, Mairead RitaSymbols and creative transformation in George Crumb's Black angels: an interdisciplinary explorationMAUniversity of Western Aust.1983127
McCLEAN, George MatthewStylistic diversity and the "Zelig" principle in the orchestral works of George Dreyfus from the first to the second symphoniesMAMonash University199489
McCOLL, Sandra FlorenceLarge-scale Marian antiphon settings by English and Scottish composers, 1460-1558 MAUniversity of Melbourne19822 vol
McKINLEY, Ian WilliamThe place of music in language programming for culturally disadvantaged children in the lower primary grades MAUniversity of Queensland197155
McNAMARA, BernadetteThe internationalisation of Musica Viva in schools : an analysis of the implementation of an Australian music education program in SingaporeMARMIT University2000115
MEERE, Clare KuolgaAnalysing the music of the Palga people of Highlands Papua New Guinea via the process of recording MAMacquarie University2005172 + 1 CD
MEHER-HOMJI, CyrusDebussian pianism and its ramifications as seen in Images - Series IMAUniversity of Western Aust.19942 vol
MEYER, John ABartok and the piano concertoMAUniversity of Western Aust.1968214
MICIC, PeterPop stars as unofficial role models and their influence on pop urban culture in China in the 80sMAMonash University1992126
MILLER, Mandi M.The emotional effects of music on religious experience: a study of the Pentecostal-Charismatic style of music and worshipMAUniversity of Canterbury2000116
MILLS, JonathanSound design: essays with micro-tonal tunings, musical instruments & sound spacesMARMIT University199746
MITCHELL, Donald H.Analysis of 14th-century Italian secular music : with particular reference to the music of Francesco Landini and Don PaoloMALaTrobe University1997167
MITCHELL, Linda JaneStravinsky and his sources : Pulcinella and Le baiser de la fée MAUniversity of Melbourne1984214
MOORE, Robert RennickA review of recent research on adolescent changing voices, including a recent survey of Australian youthMAUniversity of Queensland1995106
MORTON, Belinda C.Exploring interpretive aspects in the text and in recorded performances of Mozart's Piano Sonata K. 322: a pedagogical perspectiveMAUniversity of Newcastle2001318
MOULTON, Bruce DavidThe role of stress and muscle tension in RSI amongst musiciansMAUniversity of Sydney199167
MOYLE, Alice MThe intervallic structure of Australian Aboriginal singing MAUniversity of Sydney195794
MUDDLE, PeterExtending the solo bassoon repertoire through arrangement and transitionMAUniversity of Newcastle200571
MURPHY, Francis Richard JamesThe place of ethnomusicology in the theory and practice of music education MAUniversity of Sydney1971106
MURPHY, Francis Richard JamesThe place of Jazz in music educationMAUniversity of Sydney19742 vol
MURPHY, KerryAn analysis of the role and function of music criticismMAUniversity of Melbourne1979202
MURRAY, CamillaDifferent Trains by Steve Reich: the Holocaust rememberedMAMonash University199973
MURUGIAH, SeravanenThe debate of music downloadingMAGriffith University20061 vol
MYERS, Peter JosephGyorgy Ligeti's Melodien fur Orchester : an analysisMALaTrobe University1989106
NAULOV, LudmillaSight-reading at the keyboard : a study of its problems in the light of past and present research into verbal reading disabilitiesMAUniversity of Western Aust.1988152
NELSON, JasonQuantum music : a multi-media musical improvisation projectMADeakin University200561
NICHOL, Elizabeth FrancesThe organ concerto in the twentieth century: with special references to works by Jongen, Hindemith, Poulenc, and Fricker.MAUniversity of Western Aust.19822 vol
NICHOLLS, MikeSubmission for Master of Arts (Electronic Arts) [Electronic and Computer Music compositions]MAAustralian National University199654 + video
NIEHOFF, Pamela MaryThe Pinschofs : patrons of art and music in Melbourne 1883-1920 MAUniversity of Melbourne1991215
NYCE, DouglasLanger and the Educators: Suzanne Langer's theory of music meaning and its relation to music educational philosophyMAUniversity of Auckland199968
O'BRIEN, SallyThe symphonic thought of Gustav Mahler: a further perspectiveMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970166
OEHM, Gregory"William Turner - the fourth man": Critical editions of verse anthems by William Turner (1651-1740)MAUniversity of Newcastle20022 vol
OLEARY, PaulA magpie process: a documentaryMARMIT University20001 vid
ONG, Siew YuanThe piano prelude in the early twentieth century : genre and formMAUniversity of Western Aust.2005236
OPIE, Timothy TristramCreation of a real-time granular synthesis instrument for live performanceMAQueensland University of Technology2003183
O'SHANNASSY, TimothyLiminal icons : Australian Indie A&R and crossover subcultures MAUniversity of Melbourne199883
OSYPENKO, Rick JAn experimental evaluation of Velten versus music mood induction proceduresMAUniversity of Sydney198971
PALLANT, KathrynSubjective sound in art cinema: Narration, articulation, and auditionMAUniversity of Queensland1997138
PANAGAKIS, ConnieThe influence of vocal tract configurations on the resonance balance of the singing voiceMAMonash University1999193
PANGENG, ShenThe traditional Japanese vocal music - Kouta MASwinburne University of Technology199854
PARISH, Brian MaxwellA graphics based scoring system for computer music synthesisMALaTrobe University19843 vol
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