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HART, Amy JoanOn rough ground : New Zealand art and music, 1930-1990, and the problematics of landscape and national identityMAUniversity of Auckland2005103
HERRIMAN, NinaThe air down here : global and local interpretations of New Zealand popular music, 1955-1977MAUniversity of Auckland2004154 + CD
CODDINGTON, Anna PinengaSinging as we speak? : an exploratory investigation of singing pronunciation in New Zealand popular music MAUniversity of Auckland2004135
KAIWAI, Hector MoanaPūkana rawatia! : Mickey Mouse does the hakaMAUniversity of Auckland2003152
VANDERLAAN, RobertAural devices in cinemaMAUniversity of Auckland200291 + 2CD-roms
LANGABEER, CatherineCarefully stealing pieces of me : issues of technology and authenticity in the music of Matthew HerbertMAUniversity of Auckland200285 + CD
PRITCHETT, SarahLiving to perform, playing for passion : a "girls" guide to rockMAUniversity of Auckland2002103
KELLY, Emma JeanMaking a scene : location, identity and dance musicMAUniversity of Auckland2002181 + CD
JEWELL, StephenNumber eight wired : a history of New Zealand dance music and club culture from 1970 to 2001 MAUniversity of Auckland2001146
GRIFFITHS, Richard DPunkturing the scab : a sociological investigation of anarcho-punk subcultureMAUniversity of Auckland2000114
COOMBES, Alison OdineSchubert, interpreter of romantic love through song MAUniversity of Auckland2000156
FORSBERG, AndrewMalory : music with repetitive structruresMAUniversity of Auckland199970
KANIA, AndrewNot just for the record : a philosophical analysis of classical music recordingsMAUniversity of Auckland1998105
McTAGGART, Stephen MThe use of nostalgic music in television advertisingMAUniversity of Auckland1998149
KEMP, JohannaContradictory representations of women in female performer music videosMAUniversity of Auckland1996125
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ROGER, MargaretanneFilling in the gaps : melody recognition and lateralizationMAUniversity of Auckland199339
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NEIGHBOUR, Raewyn JoyMusic in the medicinal practices of some pre-literate and ancient culturesMAUniversity of Auckland1983286
SALISBURY, Kevin BrucePukapukan people and their musicMAUniversity of Auckland1983289 + cass
OSWIN, Richard HanburyFlorence, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, manuscript Magliabechiano XIX 178 a late fifteenth-century source of secular music MAUniversity of Auckland1982182
JOHNSON, Janet LynneMusic therapy with handicapped childrenMAUniversity of Auckland1981MA
MILLER, James DavidThe colour of preference brown, white or l/f? : the application of time series techniques to experimental aestheticsMAUniversity of Auckland1980135
WATTS, PeterA critical edition of the works of William Cranford, c1590-c1660MAUniversity of Auckland1980373
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MANINS, StuartRelationships between teachers college music education and subsequent school music teachingMAUniversity of Auckland1977302
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NEUTZE, Christine DorothySome aspects of Elizabethan lutesongsMAUniversity of Auckland1972151
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KUIPER, Johannes JurrianSome aspects of Britten's life and musicMAUniversity of Auckland1970276
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LUKEY, Lesley HelenDramatic and pictorial elements in SchützMAUniversity of Auckland1963148
DRAKE, George Warren JamesDramatic irony in WagnerMAUniversity of Auckland196295
RIMMER, JohnGiovanni Gabrieli and the development of instrumental musicMAUniversity of Auckland19622 vol
HOLIBAR, BernardBerlioz as music criticMAUniversity of Auckland1960190
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HOWE, KarlAnimation in e minor : the real in animated music videos MAAuckland University of Technology200425
CHARLES, RobinThe performerless performanceMAAuckland University of Technology200524
Johnston, Emma Healing Maori through song and dance?: three case studies of recent New Zealand music theatreMAUniversity of Canterbury200784
FORSTER, JasonCommodified evil's wayward children: black metal and death metal as purveyors of an alternative form of modern escapismMAUniversity of Canterbury2006147
MAJEED, RaamyThe culprits of musical expressiveness MAUniversity of Otago2007113
LAM, Yuen ChingAn analytical study of Alfred Hill’s String Quartet no. 2 in G minor MAUniversity of Otago20062 vol
MILNER, Luke’All shook up’ : Elvis encounters Orpheus--constructions of a pop culture mythology in Salman Rushdie’s The ground beneath her feet MAUniversity of Otago2004121
PRITCHARD, Brian W.Societies in society: a case in historical sociology of musicMAUniversity of Canterbury1965367
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CHILDS, David ChristopherLandmarks in twentieth century organ music, with particular reference to MessiaenMAVictoria University of Wellington1964132
SIMPSON, Adrienne MarieTwo Georgian songwriters: Ivor Gurney and Peter WarlockMAVictoria University of Wellington1964114
PHILLIPS, Irene Margaret ConstanceMaori music, a historical surveyMAUniversity of Auckland1929NS
PRICE, Desmond CharlesThe assessment of musical abilityMAUniversity of Auckland195455
THACKER, Eric CharlesCatalogue Raisonné of the material relevant to Percy Grainger as an artist and as a man, contained in the Percy Grainger Museum, University of MelbourneMAUniversity of Melbourne1965 NiLunknown
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DOWLING, Katrina LouiseStylistic correspondence in the music for solo recorder and piano or harpsichord composed 1939-1989 by Gordon Jacob, Edmund Rubbra, Lennox Berkeley, Arnold Cooke, Malcolm Arnold and Alan Ridout.MAMonash University20111 v
GRAVES, Randin ChristopherCultural foundation of the Yidaki in Northeast Arnhem LandMACharles Darwin University2006130
BRENNAN, ReneeNew Zealand music videos : whose voices are being heard in the New Zealand music industry?MAAuckland University of Technology1999144
HAMMOND, JaneAn exploration of the possibilities of generating music from text MAMonash University200671 + 2 CDs + 6 score
FREEMAN, LliamDeveloping an improviser's "tool-kit" : exploring methodologies towards the development of improvisational skill and fluency in the performance of original work in jazz ensemble MAMonash University200656 + CD
PATERAS, AnthonyA folio of original compositions exploring contemporary practices in notation, improvisation, live electronic performance and music for film MAMonash University200350 + 2 scores + vide
BEN-SALAMON, Nissana folio of original music compositions that explores the integration and development of derived materials, including a painting, African rhythms, synesthesia, poetry and pre-recorded audio filesMAMonash University2003c.50 + 4 scores + CD
McGANN, JeffreyAchieving an historically informed performance of William Lovelock's Rhapsody for horn and pianoforte : the quest for an English sound MAMonash University200864 + CD
WALLACE, MichaelUnifying composition and improvisation : applying Bob Brookmeyer's pitch module concept to composition and improvisation MAMonash University200776 + cd
KENNEDY, AnneKicking round home : atonality in The Bone PeopleMAVictoria University of Wellington2007
McEWING, Keith LyndonIs the dance still in the music? : Chaconne compositions from the seventeenth to the twentieth century MAVictoria University of Wellington2008330 +DVD
LLOYD, AaronThe black mill, Sinew, Asteroid mesaMAVictoria University of Wellington20023 scores
TAYLOR, Joan ElizabethAn investigation of some factors relating to the instrumental music at the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical CollegeMAVictoria University of Wellington194876
WILBY, G. I.An experience in aesthetic education : a qualitative description, analysis, and evaluation MAUniversity of Canterbury1977272
BOURNE, WarrenThe evolution of the German church cantata MAVictoria University of Wellington1966219
Wright, RebeccaNZ Idol performance, talent and authenticity in a song contest: MAAuckland University of Technology2008188
BLANCH, Faye RosasNunga rappin [manuscript] : talkin the talk, walkin the walk ; young Nunga males and educationMAFlinders University2008168
NOEL, Robin Koreena AyolaGlobal hip-hop : race, place and authenticityMAGriffith University200973
PALAJE, Jane MarieThe distinctive features of musical drones [manuscript] MAMacquarie University2009168
DIOR, DaliaSephardic song [manuscript] : a bridge between culturesMAMacquarie University2009155 + Map + CD
DUNCAN, Andrew OliphantNoah Greenberg's presentation of Medieval liturgical music-drama : a study in expediency over scholarship MAMonash University2010116
ROCKELL, Kim Forrester'Fiesta’, Affirming Cultural Identity in a Changing Society: A Study of Filipino Music in Christchurch, 2008MAUniversity of Canterbury2009344 + DVD
SMITH, JudyBjörk, buskers and songbirds : realism and the revision in the musical genreMAUniversity of Auckland200886
TALO, Ruth ReneFestival of fusion : the celebration, representation and identification of Pacific cultures at Auckland’s Pasifika festivalMAUniversity of Auckland2008148
BOUNDS, Carolyn ZPerforming flute music of the French Baroque : an approach for modern flautists [manuscript]MAUniversity of Newcastle2010126
HOLLAND, Michael EdwardProduction, Identity and Inherited Aesthetics: Digital Technology, Authenticity and Location in Independent Music PracticeMAUniversity of Otago2011
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ENCARNACAO, JohnPunk aesthetics in independent "new folk", 1990-2008MAUniversity of Technology Sydney2009129
LU, Amanda (Meng-Hsuan)The Exploration of Static Typography for Expressing The Emotive Qualities of MusicMAUniversity of Waikato2009148
NG, Shaun Kam FookLe Sieur de Machy and the French solo viol traditionMAUniversity of Western Aust.2008246
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