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JACKSON-GOUGH, Julie J.Music events among four-year-old children in naturalistic contexts, within selected New Zealand kindergartensPhDOverseas2003162
GRENFELL, Julia MicheleThe influences of traditional Asian music on an Australian composer: A study of three works for flute and piano by Anne BoydDMAOverseas2003146
YANG, Eun-KyoungThe piano sonatas of Carl Vine: A guideline to performance and style analysisDMAOverseas200397
CYBA, Hanna DorotaA performer's guide to the piano sonatas by Carl VineDMAOverseas2002102
WILLIAMS, Ross AdrianOn Open SkyDMAOverseas200227
JOYCE, Brendan CliveThree Australian faces: An anthology (performed) of recital music for violin written by Australian composers since the federation of Australia (1901), including new scores written on the theme of reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous AustraliansDMAOverseas2002199
LINDHEIMER, Joel DavidI. The didjeridu: From 'dreamtime' to a new emblem of Pan-Australian Aboriginal identity. II. Concerto for violoncello and orchestraPhDOverseas2000137
BARKER, Bram WesleyThe Jebediah Jones Mystical Montrose Tour, 1999MMOverseas199922
RAKENA, Te Oti PaipetaThe synthesis of Polynesian and western traditions in contemporary New Zealand composersDMAOverseas1998106
BIRDWELL, John CodyThe utilization of folk song elements in selected works by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Grainger with subsequent treatment exemplified in the wind band music of David StanhopeDMAOverseas1996104
JUTSUM, Ross FrederickAn examination of musical-textual relationships in the choral music of Colin Brumby, a lecture recital, with three recitals of selected works by Bartok, Durufle-Chevalier, Duson, Mendelssohn, Poulenc, Sallinen, and SchoenbergDMAOverseas1995101
HARDIE, Richard LawrenceJenny McLeod: The emergence of a New Zealand voiceMMOverseas199468
HODGES, Glen John"Eyre," a three movement instrumental work for small chamber ensemble. (Original composition);MMOverseas1991117
GENOVA, Vincent AnthonyTorres Strait island music: A cantometric studyPhDOverseas1991379
RODGERS, Robert MarkThe "Hill-songs" of Percy Aldridge Grainger: An historical and analytic study with a new performance edition (Volumes I and II)DMAOverseas1987306
THOMPSON, Roy HaroldA Curriculum model for instrumental music education in the schools of Queensland, Australia.DMAOverseas1983263
LAURIDSEN, JanMusical scales in Australian aboriginal songs: structure and social implications (didjeridu, folksongs)PhDOverseas1983140
WALKER, Judith AnnRhythmic nonalignment in Aboriginal Australian, West African, and twentieth-century art musicsPhDOverseas1983599
SHEARER, Debra A.Emerging Voices in Australian Choral Music: Selected Choral Works of Sculthorpe, Boyd, Edwards, Hopkins, Maclean, Leek, Stanhope, Grandage, Orlovich, and Atherton.DMOverseas2003151
WILSON, Brian ScottOrchestrational archetypes in Percy Grainger's wind band musicA.Mus.D.Overseas1992237
COMTE, Martin MiltonArts Education in the State School system in Victoria, Australia: 1945 to 1980.PhDOverseas1983336
MICHALSKI, Yvonne ECurrent admission criteria for Texas graduate degree programs: piano performance, piano pegagogy, and music education with piano emphasisMMus (Mus.Ed.)Overseas200071
LICKISS ALEO, AngelaThe oboe and English horn works of Ross Edwards and his place in Australian musicDMAOverseas2016127
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