WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversitysort iconYear# of Pages
DIOR, DaliaSephardic song [manuscript] : a bridge between culturesMAMacquarie University2009155 + Map + CD
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GIUFFRE, ElizabethDouble crossed: an Australian study of the relationship between media and music during periods of industrial and cultural crisisPhDMacquarie University2011275
SHEPERD, RebeccaRetro vertigo: the art of record production and representations of space and timbre in retro rock musicPhDMacquarie University2009238 + CD
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QUINTO, Lena RachelThe communication of emotion in music : understanding the contributions of composition and performancePhDMacquarie University20121 vol
LEONARD, James MitchellLukthung and 'the Isan question" : the history and development of Thai country song PhDMacquarie University2012289
RADHARKRISHNAN, MaheshIrish traditional singing and South Indian Carnatic singing : performance, language choice and language ideologies, and musicolinguistic artistryPhDMacquarie University2012355
SEGUIN, Pierre-EmmanuelModal jazz in Australia in the 1960's [manuscript] : challenging the jazz canonPhDMacquarie University2011339 + CD
RINCÓN, Juan Carlos Valencia'We obviously know who's listening' : commercial radio programming, subjectivation and coloniality in Bogotá, ColombiPhDMacquarie University2011340
PETER, VargheseNeural processing of stress and phrase boundaries in speech and musicPhDMacquarie University2011214
YALCINKAYA, Can Turhan 'Wounds of difference' : melancholy in Turkish film and popular musicPhDMacquarie University2013313
GEEVES, Andrew MalcolmSeeing yellow a grounded theory of the experience of music performance for the professional musicianPhDMacquarie University2012477
RADHAKRISHNAN, MaheshIrish traditional singing and South Indian Carnatic singing : performance, language choice and language ideologies, and musicolinguistic artistryPhDMacquarie University2012355p + 1CD
LI, FangjunChina's music industries: evolution, development and convergencePhDMacquarie University2015398
FURDUJ, BorisAcoustic instrument simulation in film music contextsMResMacquarie University2014135
SPORT, KathyWomen's music in Australia: space, place, bodies, performancePhDMacquarie University2015243
BAUDER, AmyAuthenticity in Australian country musicPhDMacquarie University2016329
O'GRADY, PatrickStudio-based songwriting: music production and shaping the pop songPhDMacquarie University2016202
KEOGH, BrentAnalyzing world music discourse in AustraliaPhDMacquarie University2014298
EVANS, Sandra JanetteMeetings at the table of time: a creative practice enquiry into Carnatic jazz intercultural musicPhDMacquarie University2014367
DELAVERE, SaraChallenging the drumkit: musical identities and habitusMResMacquarie University201588
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THRONTON, DanielExploring the contemporary congregational song genre: texts, practice, and industryPhDMacquarie University2015321
JONES, MiriamAdults' constructions of an early childhood music class: lived experience and cultural reproductionMResMacquarie University2015131
PELTZ, PhilippArtist-entrepreneuship in the digital recording industry : emergence, practices and implications PhDMacquarie University2014278
HALLS, Naomi CarolynDevelopment and evaluation of two brief, group treatments for music performance anxiety in community musicians: a preliminary studyDPsychMacquarie University2015146
WALKER, AlisonLiving narrative(s): cinematic corporeality, sonicity and negotiating the cinesomatic experienceMResMacquarie University201590
LEWANDOWSKI, NatalieBehind the sounds: the evolution of film soundtrack roles in Australia and New ZealandPhDMacquarie University2014335
DEAN, Jasmine Sofia JannifSentimental songs, melodrama and the nature of filmic narrative in Hindi cinema (1951-1963)PhDMacquarie University2015308
DAY, Robina AnneThe relationship between personality, individual differences and the experience of emotions evoked by music that elicits visual mental imagery: project thesisMResMacquarie University201470
MORRISON, GlennSonglines and fault lines : six walks that shaped a nationPhDMacquarie University2015331
ROSEMAN, HilarieGenerating forgiveness and constructing peace through truthful dialogue : Abrahamic perspectivesPhDMacquarie University2014
LO, Chi YhunMelodic contour training and its effect on speech perception for cochlear implant recipientsMResMacquarie University2014108
CROSS, RodneyThis blows : social and cultural perceptions of ancient Roman brass instruments and musiciansMResMacquarie University201564
THORTON, DanielExploring the contemporary congregational song genre : texts, practice, and industryPHDMacquarie University2016401
SUN, YananShared cognitive resources for music and language : evidence from congenital amusiaPHDMacquarie University2016144
THORNTON, DanielExploring the Contemporary Congregational Song Genre: Texts, Practice, and IndustryPHDMacquarie University2015401
GIBSON, LorenaVersioning for the love of it: Hip-Hop culture in AotearoaMAMassey University2000116
JACKSON-TRETCHIKOFF, JulieThe operas of Michael Tippett : the inner values of Tippett as portrayed by selected female characters MPhilMassey University2006107
JONES, Barry AlfredIdentifying and developing the gifts and talents of students with musical ability in New Zealand primary schools M.EdMassey University2006243
TARRANT, Ruth AnnetteAnguish and accolades : a psychological therapy for music performance anxietyPhDMassey University20051 vol
LOK, Lay HongThe erhu and its role as a vehicle for syncretic music performance in Singapore M.PhilMassey University2004130
ARCHER, Christine AWhat changes in relationship with their children do primary caregivers perceive as having occured since being involved in a centre-based early intervention music therapy programme?MMus TherapyMassey University2004179
TWEEDIE, ShannonHandel opera presentation, past and presentMMusMassey University200476
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KIPNIS, BorisLudwig van Beethoven quartets, op. 18MMusMassey University200266
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SHAW, Fiona RobynMeaningful moments in music therapy improvisationMMusTherMassey University2006122
TRAVAGLIA, Rebecca Anne.The 'exclusion' of autism: how does music therapy aid the psychological, social and educational difficulties confronted by children with autism in the special education setting?MMusTherMassey University200690
JACKSON, LeighElements of jazzMMusMassey University2001144
NEILL, KarenHook, line & singer! : essential criteria for maximising the playlist potential of New Zealand music on commercial radio : a programme directors' perspective MAMassey University2000111
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ANDERSON, LaurenThe glue of the world : popular music in film soundtracks MAMassey University1999160
CROXSON, MorvaThe effect of music therapy on motor control of cerebral palsied children M.Phil.EdMassey University1998166
PEGLER, PhilipAn investigation of groups composing music in a computer learning culture using micro-processor based midi systemM.EdMassey University19912 microfiches 161 fr
KAIFA, Alana SiuliaThrowin' words at U : a lyrical analysis of MC Lyte's rap textsMAMassey University2001224
BLACK, TaiarahiaKāore te aroha-- : te hua o te wānanga PhDMassey University2000484 + 3 CDs
IBELL, JonathanThe Helfgott phenomenon : a study in critical discourseMAMassey University1999123
REDHEAD, Grant On the acoustical theory of the trumpet : is it sound? M.Sc.Massey University1997266
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WARDS, Allan RossMusical interest, church attendance and personality MAMassey University198086
MILLS, Bryce AndrewThe perception of melodic closure : a study of the factors influencing final note choice to achieve melodic closure MAMassey University197969
COOPER, Judith RuthFrom random and fragmented playing to more organised, meaningful forms : an inquiry into rhythm's unique qualities in facilitating such changes in music therapy and their therapeutic significance for clients with complex needs MMusTherapyMassey University2006185
HILL, AnnaCharacteristics of staff interaction with music therapy in a forensic psychiatric setting MMus TherapyMassey University2006233
KARINI, AngelaThe status of contemporary Māori musicMPhilMassey University200998
DAVENPORT, Andrew RussellPaganini's 24 caprices, opus 1: a transcription for electric guitar, and analysis and development of the techniques to perform themPhDMassey University20082 v. : col. ill., mu
BROADHURST, Philip DouglasAgainst all odds : the life and music of Michel PetruccianiMPhilMassey University2007157 + 3CDs
KIRCHNER, Astrid SusanMore Kiwi music : upgrading New Zealand's music industry through successful music exportMBAMassey University2007137
JACKSON-TRETCHIKOFF, JulieThe operas of Michael Tippett : the inner values of Tippett as portrayed by selected female charactersMPhilMassey University2006107
TAYLOR, Claude BrechinThe repertoire of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 1951-2000 : analysis and comparison with four leading overseas orchestras MPhilMassey University200683
SAYERS, EmmaScarlatti and Kurtág : a case study in creative programmingMMusMassey University200479
BOYACK, Jennifer ElizabethSinging a joyful song : an exploratory study of primary school music leaders in Aotearoa New Zealand : a thesisPhDMassey University2011295
BOLITHO, Wendy AnneSilent invocations : music, sublimation, and social transformationPhDMassey University2011252
SIVARAJ, SargunamoorthyHearing in various age groups of orchestral musicians and progression of hearing loss with increased number of years of music exposure PhDMassey University20111 v.
BOULLE, MellanyChanging perceptions : interpretation of songs versus lyrics with a domestic violence themeMAMassey University2011116
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
NIKOROWITSCH, JohannesThe influence of music sharing at work on social relationships between colleaguesMMCMMassey University2009131
THORNE, Robert L(Re)constructing the kōauau : traditional and modern methods in the making of kōauau rākauMAMassey University2012231
SEDCOLE, AnnaThe future of chamber music audiences in New ZealandM MgtMassey University201169
GARRICK, JamieThe Intimate Virtuoso : The Guitar, the Rhetoric of Transformation, and Issues of Spectacle in Music by Fernando Sor, Johann K. Mertz, and Giulio RegondiMMusMassey University201484p +2CD
JOHNSON, Bridget DoughertyDiffusion evolved : new musical interfaces applied to diffusion performanceM.M.AMassey University201376
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
CLARKE, Justin R.Synchresis : Exploring gestural relationships between musical-sound and visual-gesture on film : Synchresis as a unifying concept for exploring and creating effective multimedia relationshipsM.M.AMassey University201280p + 1 CD
JOO, Hyun ShinMartin Luther's view of the use of music in worship: its implications for the Korean Presbyterian Church MTheolMelbourne College of Divinity2002108
KUMAR, Santhosh SathyaTowards the development of an inculturated eucharistic liturgy for the Church of South India: a liturgical experiment using the ragas of Indian classical music.DTheolMelbourne College of Divinity2006345
LERIKO, PaulSupervised research project on church music--hymns in tomorrow's church : towards a reconciliation of stylesM.MinMelbourne College of Divinity200176
SCHAEFER, RThe theology and spirituality of the Free Church tradition as expressed in their hymns : a reflection on how Evangelicals have sung their liturgy MMinMelbourne College of Divinity1994143
JURD, PatrickEncountering the justice of God's reign through music: the use of contemporary music in the Christian religious education of young adults MTheolMelbourne College of Divinity2009173 +CDRom
ADDISON-SMITH, Dorothy JaneCollections of Australian music recordings in Melbourne public libraries MAMonash University199385
ALLAN, John McDonaldDie tote Stadt: An Opera by Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957)MAMonash University2000348
ALTER, AndrewDancing with the Gods: power and meaning in the music of Garhwal, North IndiaPhDMonash University2000423 + CD
ANCELL, NoelChristopher Wilcock: Australian liturgical composerMAMonash University199264
ARTINGSTALL, Elizabeth M.Dufay, a man of the world: An investigation into Dufay's ceremonial motetsMAMonash University1996110
ATCHISON, MaryThe structures and scribes of the chansonnier of the Oxford Bodleian MS Douce 308PhDMonash University19952 vol
ATHAN, MelissaControl I'm here.MAMonash University1994316
BANDT, RosalieChance operations and indeterminate procedures in the work of John Cage, 1950-1970MAMonash University1974129
BANDT, RosalieModels and processes in repetitive music, 1960-1983PhDMonash University1983433
BARNES, JulieWhitsunday: a bicentennial operaMAMonash University1991121
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