Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
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DAVIES, RyanUncovering the unpublished chamber music of George Frederick Boyle Volume I: DissertationMArtsEdith Cowan University2016111
DAVIES, StephenA discussion of the theories of musical unity proposed by Rudolph Reti, Hans Keller and Alan Walker MAMonash University1973497
DAVIES, Timothy AndrewFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1997152 + CD + cass
DAVIES-SPLITTER, SusieMore than music : "freely painting in glorious sound"M.Ed.University of Melbourne200975 + 2 CD Rom
DAVIS, AngharadResponding to referentiality: perspectives on listener interaction with musical quotationMMusUniversity of Sydney2009198
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DAVISON, AlanStudies in the iconography of Franz LisztMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002276
DAVISON, MichaelDidjeridu journeyMCAUniversity of Newcastle200554
DAVY, Ruby CAn exercise for the degree of Mus. Doc. Libretto compiled and music composed by Ruby Claudia E. DavyDMusUniversity of Adelaide1917278
DAWSON, Hazel CopelandThe psychological bases of musical appreciation : being an investigation of the psychological factors involved in the appreciation of consonance and dissonance in musicMAUniversity of Sydney1939162
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DAWSON, PamA training method to improve suprasegmental production and perception by profoundly deaf children MA (Hons)Macquarie University1989179
DAY, Robina AnneThe relationship between personality, individual differences and the experience of emotions evoked by music that elicits visual mental imagery: project thesisMResMacquarie University201470
DE CARVALHO LEAN, Flavia Lucia RubiniBrazilian national identity in the lyrics of Chico BuarqueMAUniversity of Otago2012139
DE CASTRO-ROBINSON, EveFive responses; Peregrinations; A resonance of emerald; DMusUniversity of Auckland19891 score
DE FERRANTI, HughText and music in biwa narrative : the zatô biwa tradition of Kyushu PhDUniversity of Sydney1996359 + 215 + tape
De FIGUEIREDO, Sergio Luiz FerreiraThe music preparation of generalist teachers in BrazilPhDRMIT University2003340
De GRAAFF, DeborahPractice strategies of an elite instrumental performer: A case study under test conditions, comparing quantitative data to coded Think Aloud and interviewPhDUniversity of NSW2014373
DE HAAN, SimoneThe relationship between the composer, performer and listener in twentieth century musical practice: "a plea for reform" MusMUniversity of Western Aust.199496
de JONG, HollyContinuity and change : some aspects of Ethiopian music in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Melbourne2011126
De La FUENTE, EduardoSocial theory, music and modernityPhDGriffith University1998275
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De QUADROS, AndreDevelopments in music education with exemplification of Victorian curriculum documents, 1981-1987 : description, discussion and cultural evaluation M.EdLaTrobe University198843
DE QUADROS, AndreWhy do you weep? : conceptualising the potential of the arts and health.D.Ed.LaTrobe University2013219
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De ZUBICARAY, HelenCircumscribing space : exploring the structure and function of the cell and enclosed space in twelfth-century architecture and music PhDUniversity of Queensland19961 vol
DEAN, J. T.Sonata - Jean Marie Leclair, Op 9 No. 4, transcribed and realised for viola and keyboard.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19781 vol
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DEARN, Patricia MAn investigation of premature infant response to recorded music with maternal involvement versus no maternal involvement : a randomised control trialMMusUniversity of Melbourne2011182
DeBONO, John AHeavy metal and archetypeM.EdLaTrobe University199151
DELANEY, MarieanneA study of music education and music therapy for children with special needs in schools for specific purposes in New South Wales MMus Ed.University of Sydney2000108 + vid
DELAVERE, SaraChallenging the drumkit: musical identities and habitusMResMacquarie University201588
DELBRIDGE, Lerida AnneA biomechanical analysis of a violinist's right shoulder during a performance of J.S.Bach's Chaconne DMusUniversity of Melbourne200446 +
DELBRIDGE, NadineThe viola concerto, Opus posthumous by Bela Bartok : the concerto's history and a systematic comparison of the solo viola part, as interpreted from the original manuscript, by Tibor Serly & William Primrose; Peter Bartok & Nelson Dellamaggiore and Csaba Erdelyi PhDUniversity of Queensland2003551
DELEFLIE, EtienneMusic and Spatial VerisimilitudePhDUniversity of Wollongong2013210
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DELLA-BOSCA, RoxanneA model of generative, interpretative, regulatory and supportive cognitive conditions utilized by a mature composer undertaking free and prescribed composition assignments whilst thinking aloudPhDUniversity of Western Aust.201090
DELVES, Benjamin DavidMartin Jackson and The Melbourne Jazz Cooperative; how they influenced the Melbourne modern jazz scene.MMusMonash University2016
DENCH, ChrisTowards an ethics of musical compositionMMusUniversity of Melbourne199873
DENCH, ChrisPhD score folioPhDUniversity of Melbourne20073 vol _ 3 CDs
DENG, LiangPerformance techniques in modern piano musicDMAUniversity of Auckland2011149
DENG, Melody ZhengPiano pedagogy research : an ethnographic study of strategies and processes used to foster expressiveness in piano playing in children and youthMMusUniversity of Auckland2014111
DENG, WeiHistorical and stylistic development in the Chinese four-stringed lute pipa and in pipa music from 1800 to 1995 : with particular reference to "Spring River" PhDQueensland University of Technology1996519
DENNETT, Jacinta IreneEssential gestureMResUniversity of Melbourne2015114
DENNIS, PatriceInvolving family members of people with dementia in the music therapy process at a residential care facilityMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201264
DENNIS, SimoneSensual extensions: joy, pain and music-making in a police bandPhDUniversity of Adelaide2002226
DENNISON, Jannah MarieThe integrity of melody and meaning: music as worship in the Taize communityMAUniversity of Otago2005188
DENSEM, Robert GeoffreyThe musician in the classroom : a study of the effects of teacher release on the quality of music programmesMAUniversity of Auckland1978123
DENSON, LouiseCreative Practice as research - jazz composition and arrangingDMAGriffith University200842
DENSON, Marjorie LouiseMusic from the Margins: An Autoethnographic Study of the Development of a Jazz Composer’s VoiceDMAGriffith University2014190
DENT, Lachlan JamesThe application of the pedagogy of Evangeline Benedetti and Christopher Bunting to the performance of Grieg’s Sonata in A minor for cello and piano, and Carl Vine’s Inner World for cello and pre-recorded CDPhDMonash University2015
DERRICK, Reuben GeorgeAcoustic illuminations: recorded space as soundscape compositionPhDUniversity of Canterbury2014
DERRY, Bob & Craig ALEXANDERAn analysis of the wholesaling operations of Allans Music Australia LimitedMBAUniversity of Melbourne197545
DESHON-HEALY, Janet ChristineFame, Fortune, Failure: Musicians Surviving Revolutionary France (1789–1875) examined through a Theoretical Model Construct from Max Weber’s Socio-Political Economic TheoriesPhDMonash University2019333
DEVERS, DeannaThe use of music for morale sustaining and propaganda purposes in Australia during World War IIMMusUniversity of Melbourne199536
DeVILDER, YantraIn search of contemporary trance musicMAMacquarie University2005340 + 1 CD
DEVLIN, Desmond TEarly Sydney punk : methods in visual ethnographyPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
DEWSNIP, Michael JEvaluating melody retrieval algorithmsMCMSUniversity of Waikato2002131
Di RENZO, MarkThe dark side of music and the light side of law? [Law]University of Western Aust.2000
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DIAZ-GASCA, Juan SebastianMusic Beyond Gameplay: Motivators in the Consumption of Videogame SoundtracksPhDGriffith University2015
DIAZ-GOMEZ, Justo JLa Peña : the politics of early world musicPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2010195
DICKINS, Glynis J.Sex roles in music education in Victorian schools M.EdMonash University1981120
DIECKMANN, SamanthaExploring musical acculturation: The musical lives of South Sudanese Australians, Filipino Australians and White Australians in BlacktownPhDUniversity of Sydney2016379
DIKMANS, Gregory P.The performance practice of early 18th-century French flute music : a critical translation of Jacques Hotteterre's Principes de la flute traversiere : commentary and recording of selected works MALaTrobe University1991229 + audiocassette
DILKES, HelenHow do we paint those sounds? : an exploration with children visually representing musical rhythm M.EdUniversity of Melbourne199479
DILLON, Harvey AThe perception of musical transientsPhDUniversity of NSW1979?
DILLON, HowardVolker Heyn's tem : an analysis MALaTrobe University1999172 + 1 audio CD
DILLON, StevenThe student as maker: an examination of the meaning of music to students in a school and the ways in which we give access to meaningful music educationPhDLaTrobe University2001305
DILLON, Steven CliffordThe student as maker : an examination of making in music education and the implications for contemporary curriculum developmentM.EdLaTrobe University199579
DILLON, TeressaCanons, airs sérieux and airs à boire : a study of the contribution of the eighteenth century French composer and copyist C. de La SerreMMusVictoria University of Wellington2010121; 99
DIOR, DaliaSephardic song [manuscript] : a bridge between culturesMAMacquarie University2009155 + Map + CD
DIPNALL, Mark FairlieIntroducing instrumental students to improvisationM.EdUniversity of Melbourne201274
DISTABANJONG, SupatcharaImplementing copyright collective management in Asia : a case study of ThailandPhDUniversity of South Australia2010196
DIVALL, RichardThe Complete Sacred Music of Nicolò Isouard (1773-1818) and Maltese Sacred Music for The Order of Malta in the Late Eighteenth CenturyPhD University of Divinity2013380 + ~800
DIXON, John WayneProspect and retrospect: a composer analyses thirteen of his own compositionsMA (Hons)University of Wollongong1987200 + 13 scores + 1
DIXON, Michael HughJust intonation: a study through its notationMMusGriffith University2000111 + 1 audio CD
DIXON, WendySelection procedures relating to Australian vocal repertoire for mid-adolescent HSC performers MMus Ed.University of Sydney2006118
DIXON-LAWRENCE, RuthThe performance practice of the tourte bow within the French violin school of the early nineteenth centuryMAUniversity of Melbourne1998108
DJACHENKO, YuriA short history of English bowmakersMMusUniversity of Queensland199865
DJORDJEVIC, Sinisa DanilaStudy of the effect of mood and emotion of the spectra of sustained sung vowels and consonants PhDMonash University1995136
DJURIC, DeannaMessiaen’s musical language for the jazz pianist - an exploration through performanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide20092 Discs + exegesis
DO ROZARIO, Rebecca-Anne CharlotteDiscovering festive tragic musicals: communal crisis in contemporary stage and screen musicalsMAUniversity of Queensland1999158
DOAR, Bruce Gordon"We will create a music for the following empire" : developments in Chinese dramatic criticism, 1898-1918 PhDUniversity of Sydney1982280
DOBBIN, Lydia AliceMusic criticism in mid-century Manhattan : a study of the critical writings of Peggy Glanvelle-Hicks, 1947-1955MMusUniversity of Melbourne2014139
DOBSON, ElaineThe music of Gyorgy Ligeti from 1958 to 1968: form, notation and the concept of illusionMMusUniversity of Queensland1973199
DOBSON, Elizabeth JaneA Portfolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Waikato2010
DOBSON, PhilipMaster of music portfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Otago2011219
DODD, SueGossip pop: A performative investigation of the role of pop in contemporary art practicePhDVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2013181
DODSWORTH, JudithSome observations on the vocal implications of singing to guitar accompaniment, with particular reference to the lieder of SchubertMMusUniversity of Melbourne199831
DOGGETT, Anne'And for harmony most ardently we long', Musical Life in Ballarat, 1851-1871PhDUniversity of Ballarat20062 vol
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