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DAVY, Ruby CAn exercise for the degree of Mus. Doc. Libretto compiled and music composed by Ruby Claudia E. DavyDMusUniversity of Adelaide1917278
CANNON, HerbertMusic in the English drama up to 1600MAUniversity of Queensland1927151
PHILLIPS, Irene Margaret ConstanceMaori music, a historical surveyMAUniversity of Auckland1929NS
FIELDHOUSE, Acrobat A.E.The development of musical taste and judgement : an investigation of the standard of musical taste and judgement in an unselected group of New Zealand school children MA (Hons)University of New Zealand193369
DAWSON, Hazel CopelandThe psychological bases of musical appreciation : being an investigation of the psychological factors involved in the appreciation of consonance and dissonance in musicMAUniversity of Sydney1939162
PEARSON, E.History of music in OtagoMAUniversity of Otago1941 NiCunknown
TAYLOR, Joan ElizabethAn investigation of some factors relating to the instrumental music at the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical CollegeMAVictoria University of Wellington194876
STEELE, John H.The origins and development of organ music in 17th century Germany MAUniversity of Otago195284
MARINOVICH, Vinka MillicentSome features of the rise of tonality in instrumental music up to the end of the seventeenth centuryMAUniversity of Auckland1954315
GALE, Annas ThelmaStudies in the history and development of solo song and its accompaniment. MAUniversity of Canterbury1954152
PRICE, Desmond CharlesThe assessment of musical abilityMAUniversity of Auckland195455
WAUGH, Donald FordThe English virginal schoolMAUniversity of Otago195581
TAIT, Malcolm JohnMusic in educationMAUniversity of Canterbury195679
CHYNOWETH, Neville JamesThe influence of the Oxford movement on the music of the church [Communion in F].MAUniversity of Sydney19572 vol
DOUGLAS, CliveSymphonyDMusUniversity of Melbourne19571 score
MOYLE, Alice MThe intervallic structure of Australian Aboriginal singing MAUniversity of Sydney195794
REID, Dorothy MargaretThe Beethoven quartetsMAUniversity of Canterbury195756
MOORE, V.The lute in consort music during the 17th centuryMAUniversity of Sydney1958NiC
McLEAN, MervynField work in Maori music (a preliminary study)MA (Hons)University of Otago1958184
HOSKING, John SSamuel Sebastian Wesley, reformer in church musicMAUniversity of Auckland1959172
HEAGNEY, RogerHistory of keyboard instruments and techniqueMMusUniversity of Melbourne196-?64
HOLIBAR, BernardBerlioz as music criticMAUniversity of Auckland1960190
CARTER, John EdwardSchumann the criticMAUniversity of Canterbury1961108
HOLLAND, R. J. T.The madrigals of Peter PhilipsMAUniversity of Sydney1962NiLc
WATERS, Edgar PembertonSome aspects of the popular arts in Australia, 1880-1915PhDAustralian National University19621 vol
DRAKE, George Warren JamesDramatic irony in WagnerMAUniversity of Auckland196295
RIMMER, JohnGiovanni Gabrieli and the development of instrumental musicMAUniversity of Auckland19622 vol
RIVE, Thomas N.An investigation into harmonic and cadential procedure in the works of Tomas Luis de Victoria, 1548-1611MAUniversity of Auckland19632 vol
CHAPPELL, William FielderThe late nineteenth century renaissance of music in England (with special reference to the work of Parry and Stanford)MAUniversity of Melbourne1963317
GARRETTY, J.D. (Joyce Dulcie)Three Australian composers [Sutherland, Hughes, LeGallienne]MAUniversity of Melbourne19632 vol
HARDIE, JaneFrench song in the nineteenth century: aspects of the relationship of music and poetryMMusUniversity of Melbourne1963209
WENTZEL, Ann KirstenThe first hundred years of music in Australia, 1788-1888 MAUniversity of Sydney1963276
LUKEY, Lesley HelenDramatic and pictorial elements in SchützMAUniversity of Auckland1963148
MACONIE, RobinAnalysis and criticism of music since 1950MAVictoria University of Wellington1963137
SAMSON, Patricia WoraineMusic and criticism : a study of some trends during the twentieth century MAUniversity of Melbourne1964240
SHEEHAN, JanetThe purpose of music in education : an investigation based on the philosophy of Aristotle MMusUniversity of Melbourne1964124
CHILDS, David ChristopherLandmarks in twentieth century organ music, with particular reference to MessiaenMAVictoria University of Wellington1964132
SIMPSON, Adrienne MarieTwo Georgian songwriters: Ivor Gurney and Peter WarlockMAVictoria University of Wellington1964114
ROSENBERG, R. M.The motets of Pierre de la Rue (c.1460-1518)MAUniversity of Sydney19652 vol
GARDEN, GreerTonal and modal resource in the Latin motets of William Byrd MAUniversity of Otago196576
ELLINGWORTH, SusanAn investigation into the early music written for the harpsichord in Italy up to the time of Frescobaldi : with special consideration for the Venetian school of harpsichord composers, 1550-1650.MMusUniversity of Sydney19653 vol
McLEAN, MervynMaori chant : a study in ethnomusicology PhDUniversity of Otago1965477 + 450
ROSENBERG, Ruth MarianneThe motets of Pierre de la Rue, c.1460-1518 /MAUniversity of Sydney19652 vol
RUSHTON, Jeffrey MiltonThe contribution of radio and television to the teaching of music in the New South Wales state primary schools M.EdUniversity of Sydney1965373
THORNTON, Donald WA survey of the music of William Walton MMusUniversity of Melbourne1965184
PRITCHARD, Brian W.Societies in society: a case in historical sociology of musicMAUniversity of Canterbury1965367
HYATT, John BamfordOtello and OthelloMAUniversity of Canberra1965116
THACKER, Eric CharlesCatalogue Raisonné of the material relevant to Percy Grainger as an artist and as a man, contained in the Percy Grainger Museum, University of MelbourneMAUniversity of Melbourne1965 NiLunknown
BRACANIN, PhilipMatyas Seiber: his three string quartetsMAUniversity of Western Aust.1966152
DREYFUS [LUCAS], KayHector Berlioz and the dramatic symphony DMusUniversity of Melbourne1966258
HARDIE, GrahamThe chamber music and piano music of Aaron Copland and Elliott Carter MMusUniversity of Melbourne1966165
KIDD, CarolynIssues and solutions for the guitarist in the performance of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's The divan of Moses-Ibn-Ezra : a cycle of songs for voice and guitar : op. 207 : (1966)MMusAustralian National University196659
MacKERRAS, JoanThe art of bowing : an enquiry into the history of bowing technique in violin playing from c1675-c.1842 MAUniversity of Sydney1966224
McCOLL, FairlieA study of the musical abilities of four year old children attending a sample of Melbourne kindergartens DipAdvStEdUniversity of Melbourne196678
QUONG, JudithSome studies in nineteenth-century lieder : an investigation of the developments of the lied in the nineteenth century and the relationship between poem and setting in the lieder of Schubert, Schumann and Wolff MMusUniversity of Melbourne1966285
SYMONS, David JohnTechnical aspects of the music of Hans Werner HenzeMAUniversity of Sydney1966134
TALBOT, JohnThe music of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss MAUniversity of Melbourne1966209
WILD, StephenE.J. Moeran - an assessmentMAUniversity of Western Aust.19662 vol
LINDSAY, Ian McNeilThe comparative effectiveness of different methods of classroom preparation for orchestral concertsM.EdUniversity of Western Aust.1966237
BOURNE, WarrenThe evolution of the German church cantata MAVictoria University of Wellington1966219
WHITEHEAD, GPolynesian musical instrumentsMMusUniversity of Sydney1966 NiCunknown
ELTON, JaneMusic in secondary education in girls' schools in Victoria MMusUniversity of Melbourne19672 vol
HAIR, GrahamThe serial system in the compositional techniques of Pierre Boulez and Arnold Schoenberg : different conceptions and functions MMusUniversity of Melbourne196744
HARKNESS, Edward LAn introduction to the design of auditoria for the performance of chamber music.MBlgScUniversity of Sydney19671 vol
JENNINGS, John MThe viol music of Thomas LupoMMusUniversity of Sydney19672 vol
O'BRIEN, PaulPerspectives historical, thematic, structural and symmetrical in Bartok's string quartets MMusUniversity of Melbourne196785
ROBINSON, Frances HelenThe ritornello principle in Handel’s Concerti grossi, Opus 3 and and Opus 6MAUniversity of Auckland1967156
SOUTHGATE (MARTIN), Rosemary.An analysis of Mozart's Don Giovanni, with particular reference to characterizationMAUniversity of Otago196781
JAMESON, Jennifer A. (Cutler)Music education at the secondary level in a New Zealand urban areaMAUniversity of Canterbury1967104
HEYWARD, EGermany and the heritage of the Hebrew Psalter from Luther to the death of BachPhDUniversity of Tasmania1968310
MEYER, John ABartok and the piano concertoMAUniversity of Western Aust.1968214
RADIC, ThereseAspects of organised amateur music in Melbourne, 1836-1890 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1968749
ANNABELL, Angela RuthMusic in Auckland 1840-1855 : with reference to aspects of music in the Bay of Islands area both before and after 1840.MAUniversity of Auckland1968239
ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe motets of the thirteenth century manuscript La Clayette MMusUniversity of Adelaide19692 vol
BISHOP, DianneJean Calvin and the Genevan Psalter : a study of the Calvinist aesthetic and its application in the music of the Psalter MMusUniversity of Melbourne1969197
BROWN, Patricia AnneJohn Dowland and the emergence of the English lute songMAUniversity of Queensland1969240
CAMERON, Alexandra EThe class teaching of music in secondary schools, Victoria, 1905-1955 : an investigation into the major influences affecting the development of music as a class subject in Victorian secondary schools M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1969387
CARR-BOYD, AnnMusic in Australia, 1788-1888 : Anne WentzelMAUniversity of Sydney1969159
DUGDALE, John HaroldThe place of music in the national and public schools of New South Wales, 1848-1880 M.EdUniversity of Sydney1969135
LONG, MartinThe music of Daniel Bachelor : A critical study.MAUniversity of Sydney19692 vol
SPANNEY, K.D.Aspects of form in electronic musicMAUniversity of Western Aust.19691 vol
TUNLEY, DavidThe eighteenth-century secular French cantataD.LittUniversity of Western Aust.19693 vol
BOURNE, Warren GeorgeA kindling fever a study of some religious, socio-ethical and literary themes in music, between 1890 and 1920; with special reference to Debussy, Stravinsky and SchoenbergPhDUniversity of Auckland1969648
NAYLOR, Bruce AllanGazetteer of organs in South Australia & Organ Building in South AustraliaMMusUniversity of Adelaide1969 + 1973320
BONDS, Marion CarolThe symphonies of Sibelius: a re-examination of their technical and formal development-through progressive excision: compresson and integrationMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970237
BRACANIN, PhilipThe function of the thematic process in dodecaphonic music : a study in analytical method PhDUniversity of Western Aust.1970345
BRIDGES, DoreenThe role of universities in the development of music education in Australia, 1885-1970 PhDUniversity of Sydney1970410
FORSYTH, James AlexanderHandel's organ concertosMMusUniversity of Melbourne197080
HOLLANDER, Emma denThe development of early keyboard fingering till 1800MMusUniversity of Adelaide1970134
LOGIE-SMITH, R.G.Market performance and inventory control system, Rose Music Pty. Ltd. MBAUniversity of Melbourne19703 vol
O'BRIEN, SallyThe symphonic thought of Gustav Mahler: a further perspectiveMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970166
WESLEY-SMITH, MartinThe orchestral score of "Interval piece" : the score of "Hansard music" : the score of "To noddy-man" for high voice and piano : and a tape of "Vietnam image".MMusUniversity of Adelaide19703 vol + tape
JENKINS, Michael William GrahamFroberger and his musical environment with special reference to his keyboard works, and a survey of the cultural influences of the early baroqueMAUniversity of Auckland1970405
DART, WilliamThe lieder of Franz LisztMMusUniversity of Auckland1970296
KUIPER, Johannes JurrianSome aspects of Britten's life and musicMAUniversity of Auckland1970276
THACKER, Eric CharlesGeorge Percy Grainger (1882-1961), professionally known as Percy Aldridge Grainger: a biographical estimatePhDUniversity of Melbourne19702 vol
BONIGHTON, IanConcerto da camera ; Sequenza ; Herod : an instrumental theatre mosaic DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BREEN, JuliaLiterary sources in the work of Debussy MMusUniversity of Melbourne1971266
BRUMBY, ColinLitanies of the sun ; Stabat Mater speciosa DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
CUBBIN, David RThe flute in the eighteenth centuryMAFlinders University1971513
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