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RICH, J.W.His thumb unto his nose: the removal of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall from the Ormond Chair of MusicPhDUniversity of Melbourne1986691
RITCHIE, Anthony DamianThe influence of folk music in three works by Bela Bartok : Sonata no.1 for violin and piano, Sonata (1926) for piano, and Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano PhDUniversity of Canterbury1986631
ROMET, CherylChildren's play songs in the Priangan, West JavaMAMonash University1986514
ROYLANCE, Philippa M.A performing edition of Domenico Dragonetti's solo in G for double bass and piano and a thematic index of his miscellaneous compositions for double bass.MMusUniversity of Queensland19862 vol
RUSAK, Helen KathrynRhetoric and the motet passionMAUniversity of Adelaide1986220
SCHULTZ, AndrewSequenze 1-VII by Luciano Berio: a compositional idea and musical actionPhDUniversity of Queensland1986252
WILLIAMS, Lynette FrancesNew directions in contemporary music theatre/operaMAUniversity of Wollongong1986214
WOODHILL, VanessaAn historical and analytical study of Renaissance music for the recorder and its influence on the later repertoire MAUniversity of Wollongong1986236
ZOCCHI, RobertBusoni and the piano MMusUniversity of Tasmania1986107
SMITH, Robyn ElizabethTexts and Music of French Double and Triple Motetsin Fascicles II, V and VII of manuscript Montepellier, Bibliotheque de l'ecole de medicine, H196: A textual edition with translation and commentaryPhDUniversity of Sydney1986669: 3 vol
BADLEY, AllanThe concertos of Leopold Hofmann (l738-l793) PhDUniversity of Auckland19863 vol
MAYO, Robert FrederickA study of the characteristics of modern Japanese musicMAUniversity of Auckland198627
BEARE, MichaelBritish clarinet playing from 1940MMusUniversity of Adelaide1987130
CUMMING, Naomi HelenAnalytical and aesthetic concepts in the work of Leonard B. Meyer PhDUniversity of Melbourne1987367
DAVIS, Bronwen PThe history of the music curriculum in the nineteenth century South Australian public education system, 1836-1910 M.EdFlinders University1987345
DAWSON, JennyOpera in colonial Brisbane: the first twenty-five years (1859-1884)MMusUniversity of Queensland1987221
DIXON, John WayneProspect and retrospect: a composer analyses thirteen of his own compositionsMA (Hons)University of Wollongong1987200 + 13 scores + 1
DONOHOE, Patricia MaryBreath of Dirima: a research project [Papua New Guinea]MMusUniversity of NSW1987340
EASTWOOD, Anthony CharlesStylistic development and melodic transmission in some secular song books published in Paris (1695-1740)PhDUniversity of Western Aust.19875 vol
ERICKSON, Frederick JThe bands and orchestras of colonial BrisbanePhDUniversity of Queensland1987540
FRANKLIN, James AshleyCircles and arrows : an outline of a concept of musical metaanalysis and its implications MMusUniversity of Sydney1987142
GAYLER, Ross WatsonDevelopment of a methodology and theoretical framework for melodic discriminationPhDUniversity of Queensland1987231
KASZTELAN, HelenLevels of Pitch Structure in Debussy's EstampesMMusUniversity of Melbourne198760
LIEBERT, David MauriceComposing for flute ensembles : some observations based on a repertory survey, and the study of selected recent compositions MMusUniversity of Tasmania1987151
McMILLAN, ClementPhilosophy, literature, and music in the making of Richard Wagner, man of the theatre, with an examination of Tristan and Isolde.M.LittUniversity of New England1987129
MITCHELL, Andrew JThe tonal and technical development of the orchestral clarinet section in the symphonic medium from Beethoven to the twentieth century MMusUniversity of Melbourne198746
MUMFORD, Monte HiltonThe development of the trombone as an ensemble instrument during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries MMusUniversity of Tasmania198788
SKARECKY, JanaDuality in the music of Peter SculthorpeMMus (Comp)University of Sydney198785
STORER, StuartThe piano music of Erik Satie and his influence on later composersMMusUniversity of Adelaide1987100
STRAHLE, GrahamFantasy and music in sixteenth and seventeenth-century EnglandPhDUniversity of Adelaide1987582
TAYLOR, Dowie GThe NSW music (K-6) syllabus and support statements (1984) : Implications for tertiary institutions MMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1987128
THOMAS, AdrianAn examination of the approaches to and teaching of contemporary music to undergraduates in tertiary music institutions in California and Great Britain during the years 1979-1980 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1987214
TODOROVIC, NickAn examination of social values and context in The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute GDip MusGriffith University198742
WATTS, Colin DavidA.M.E.B. and Suzuki piano teaching in New South Wales : an overview of pedagogical issuesMAUniversity of Sydney1987279
WEI, DengHistorical development of the pipa [Chinese Lute]MMusUniversity of Tasmania1987192
RODGERS, Robert MarkThe "Hill-songs" of Percy Aldridge Grainger: An historical and analytic study with a new performance edition (Volumes I and II)DMAOverseas1987306
BROADSTOCK, BrentonFolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Melbourne19881 score
LOGAN, ChristineSome Aspects of Australian Piano Music since 1945. DMAOverseas1988189
AMATO, NolaThe design and implementation of a keyboard scale tutoring systemMScUniversity of Western Aust.1988103
BAKER, AmandaComposing with computers: aesthetics, methods and musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988143
BAKKER-KING, Margaret R.The cantatas of Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801)PhDUniversity of Adelaide19882 vol
BINNS, Georgina MPatriotic and nationalistic song in Australia in 1919: a study of the popular sheet music genreMMusUniversity of Melbourne19882 vol
BORER, PhillippeAspects of European influences on violin playing and teaching in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1988205
BRESCIANI, DianneYamaha, Suzuki, Kodaly and traditional music education: some music and academic achievements for(N-273) students in school grades six and seven PhDUniversity of Melbourne19881 microfilm
CHEONG, Simplicius T.E.A critique of Adorno's philosophy of music : expression, creativity, formalism MAMacquarie University198888
COUGHLAN, MarkCharles-Valentin Alkan, twelve studies in all the major keys op. 35: an analysisMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1988102 + 2 tapes
COX, Catherine EmilyThe influence of prosody on musical structure : an examination of Paul Hindemith's Six chansons GradDipMusGriffith University198874
DANILLON, RegisThe solo piano works of Roger-Ducasse: an analysis of styleMMusUniversity of Queensland198881
De QUADROS, AndreDevelopments in music education with exemplification of Victorian curriculum documents, 1981-1987 : description, discussion and cultural evaluation M.EdLaTrobe University198843
DE SOUZA, Marian DorothyThe design and evaluation of a music course for year 7 students in Victoria M.EdMonash University1988177
EKKEL, GaryOckeghem's Alma Redemptoris Mater and the Renaissance duo: towards a structuralist method of analysing Renaissance polyphonyMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988147
FORGACS, RobertThe musique mesurée of Claude Le Jeune : a re-evaluation MAUniversity of Sydney1988188
GRANT, Philip MalcomA comparative analysis of the copyright protection provided to sound recordings and music videos (cinematograph films) under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) in light of the development of music videos as independently marketable products LLMUniversity of Melbourne1988125
GRANTHAM, Edward McNealHill organs in Australia, 1850-1910 : a critical survey and chronicle of developments in organs sent to Australia by William Hill and Sons, London MMusUniversity of NSW1988157
HAIR, Greta MaryTroped introits and communions from eleventh century Aquitaine manuscript Paris Bibliotheque Nationale fonds Latin 903: a study in musical reconstructionPhDUniversity of Sydney19883 vol
HILLMAN, Jenni AnneRelationship between home music environment, musical aptitude and student achievement on instruments in the first three years of secondary school M.EdUniversity of Melbourne198887
HOGG, NoelaA study of recent developments in primary school music education and their effects upon the teaching of primary classroom music M.EdDeakin University198892
HORVAT, Christopher KarlSonata forms in the keyboard music of LisztMMusUniversity of Melbourne198878
LALOR, Stephen JamesDomra, Russian plucked-string instrumentMMusUniversity of NSW1988115
LEE, ElsaSunan Chui Da : an investigation of the Role of Percussion in Traditional Chinese MusicMMusUniversity of Adelaide19881 vol
LEGG, Katherine AnnNonlinear mode coupling in vibrating mechanical systemsPhDUniversity of New England1988119
McDONALD, Jennifer LouiseEnglish masque, English opera, and Purcell : two traditions and their bearing on the major dramatic works of Henry Purcell PhDUniversity of Melbourne1988926
MITCHELL, ElizabethThe influence of neoclassicism on Ravel's Piano concerto in GMMusUniversity of Melbourne198885
NAULOV, LudmillaSight-reading at the keyboard : a study of its problems in the light of past and present research into verbal reading disabilitiesMAUniversity of Western Aust.1988152
NELSON, Beth Johanna PearceThe development of a middle school general music curriculum [microform] : a synthesis of computer-assisted instruction and music learning theory M.EdLaTrobe University1988293
NUNEZ-DURAN, CarmenThe music of Rapanui (Easter Island's music) : a research project MMusUniversity of NSW1988187
O'BRIEN HUGHES, Margaret TCognition in music: psychological structures, dimensions and differences MPsych (Ed)University of Newcastle1988381
PAYNE, HelenSinging a sister's sites: women's land rites in the Australian Musgrave Ranges.PhDUniversity of Queensland1988NS
SEELIGSON, RitaVariation technique in the third movement of Beethoven's Piano sonata, Op. 109MMusUniversity of Melbourne198849
SELIGSON, RitaVariation technique in the third movement of Beethoven's Piano sonata, Op. 109MMusUniversity of Melbourne198849
SMITH, Russell HughAlbert Lortzing, Der Wildschutz : the creative process MMusUniversity of Tasmania1988525 + cass
TERRY, John B.R.A personal account of creative processes leading to the composition of 'Ebenezer', 'The Chimes', 'Meditations 1, 2, 3 and 4', and 'Bell-birds' DCAUniversity of Wollongong1988464 + 1 vid cass + 2
THURSBY, Peter MichaelStudent teacher planning: a case study approachPhDMacquarie University1988445
VOSS, JamesScriabin in contextMMusUniversity of Tasmania198875
WATERS, MelvilleThe Lutheran orthodoxy of J.S. Bach's ClavierubungMMusUniversity of Adelaide198899
WHATELY, GregAn historic outline of operetta and the composition of seven original works illustrating present day use of the devices identified M.EdUniversity of Melbourne19881 vol + video
ZION, LawrenceThe pop music scene in Australia in the 1960sPhDMonash University1988451
MILES, ElizabethThe double choir and coro spezzati Vespers' psalms of Antonio Gardane's "Cantus di Adriano et di Jachet" of 1550MAUniversity of Auckland1988106
NADEN, Liam P.D.Sacrae cantiones : liber quartus (1606) / Agostino Agazzari: a critical editionMAUniversity of Auckland1988NS
ALTER, Andrew BurtonHindustani vocal music: a case study of oral transmissionMMusUniversity of Adelaide1989281
BARBER, BruceAn analytical survey of percussion education at the immediate pre-tertiary level MMusUniversity of Melbourne1989344
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
BURGESS, Geoffrey VictorMetric structures in the neo-classical music of Stravinsky MMusUniversity of Sydney1989142
CATRICE, AndrePortfolio of compositions and analysisMMusUniversity of Melbourne19898 vol
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert ESchubert's Mayrhofer Lieder : an examination of the relationship between accompaniment and text MMusUniversity of Melbourne1989111
COOTE, Darryl GlenThe influence of Alfred Cortot on the performance, teaching and research-editing of piano music from the Romantic era MMusUniversity of Melbourne198950
CORKERON, VeronicaA study of common themes in selected works of Australian painters and Australian composers from c.1945 to c.1985 GDipMusGriffith University1989167
DAWSON, PamA training method to improve suprasegmental production and perception by profoundly deaf children MA (Hons)Macquarie University1989179
DRAPER, DianeGroup keyboard instruction in the classroomM.EdUniversity of Melbourne19891 vol
DUNBAR, Mark'All take, take, take ....' migrant musicians, the Australia Council, multiculturalism and music-making in Australia MAMonash University1989123
DUNBAR-HALL, PeterHarmonic style as a dramaturgical device : a study of Zandonai's Francesca da RiminiMMusUniversity of NSW1989137
EDWARDS, RossFour musical compositionsDMusUniversity of Sydney19894 scores
FARMER, Isabella McLPerceptions of the purposes of assessment in a tertiary music education subjectM.EdUniversity of Melbourne19891 vol
FELIX, UschiAccelerative learning : an investigation of the effects of music, relaxation and suggestion in second language acquistion in schools PhDFlinders University1989315
GEARING, PhillipMalcolm Williamson's organ symphony: an analysis of serial techniqueMMusUniversity of Queensland198967
GOULD, Anthony JamesThe Melbourne Symphony Orchestra : factors influencing its character and identity PhDLaTrobe University1989374
KNOOP, EugeneThe development of an audio-visual training system for music examiners suitable for distance education PhDMonash University1989236
LIN, En PeiThe development of piano music in ChinaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1989133 + 5 cass
MACRAE, BarbaraCase studies examining the effects of specialist schooling on successful musicians M.EdUniversity of Sydney1989107
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