WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYearsort icon# of Pages
MALCOLM, JoanThe manuscript London, British Museum, Additional 41667(I) : an historical and musical study MMusUniversity of NSW198991
MICHELL, BrianDalcroze and piano playingMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.19892 vol
MYERS, Peter JosephGyorgy Ligeti's Melodien fur Orchester : an analysisMALaTrobe University1989106
NEWTON, Patrick Gerald Michael FrederickTwo studies in British symphonic writing: Vaughan Williams and TippettMMusUniversity of Melbourne1989153
OSYPENKO, Rick JAn experimental evaluation of Velten versus music mood induction proceduresMAUniversity of Sydney198971
PIZZAIA, Alberto MariaMusic and politics in the Italy of the late Middle Ages : the music of the Guelphs and the Ghibellines MAMonash University198981
PURVIS, KateAustralian choirs and their access to performance materialsMAMonash University1989127
READ, VirginiaGlass games by David Worrall : an analysis of the integration of the instrument and tape parts, with particular reference to the compositional processes employed GradDipMusAustralian National University198946 + folio + cass +
RIDDELL, AlistairA perspective on the acoustic piano as a performance medium under machine control MALaTrobe University19892 vol + cassette
RIDDELL, Glenn Allan KeithThe pianism of Percy Grainger : a study of his score annotations MMusUniversity of Melbourne198960
RUDOLPH, AnneThe Gaikyoku repertoire of the Shakuhachi MAMonash University1989162
RYAN, Michael JosephBrazilian music in Sydney, 1971-1984: an emic-etic approach to the structure of folk modelsPhDUniversity of Sydney1989335 + 1 cass
SEARES, MargaretThe keyboard suites of Johann Mattheson, 1714, in relation to contemporary European harpsichord styles PhDUniversity of Western Aust.19893 vols
SHEA, Catherine MLouise : a verismo operaMAMonash University1989115
TAN, Sooi BengA social and stylistic history of bangsawan, c.1880-1980: correspondences between social-historical and musical-theatrical change [Maly Opera]PhDMonash University1989425
TARKA, MiladaThe organ music of Bohuslav Matej Czernohorsky : problems of provenance and attribution MusMUniversity of Melbourne198965
TOKITA, AlisonThe narrative tradition in Japanese music: kiyomoto-bushi as an accompaniment of kabuki dance PhDMonash University1989375
VANN, Kerry V.Wagner's Siegfried: a study of compositional process based on selected sketches for Acts 1 and 2MMusUniversity of Queensland1989321
WELLS, Elizabeth AnnInfluences of the Englische Komodianten on Baroque Opera in Hamburg : Dramaturgy and PerspectivesMMusUniversity of Adelaide19891 vol
WILKIN, Phyllis E.The response of the foetus and the newborn, to music and other sound stimuliMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1989125
YOUNG, JohnSource recognition of environmental sounds in the composition of sonic art with field-recordings : a New Zealand viewpointPhDUniversity of Canterbury1989677
WALDEN, ValerieBernhard Romberg : a survey of his life, work and contribution to the art of violoncello performance MMusUniversity of Auckland1989231
SHEWARD, David Benjamin ChandraEdward Elgar, EnglandMMusUniversity of Auckland198970
DE CASTRO-ROBINSON, EveFive responses; Peregrinations; A resonance of emerald; DMusUniversity of Auckland19891 score
LIGGETT, Wallace"Music for every child, ever child for music" : a report on research into high school instrumentalists’ backgrounds and characteristics and a proposed general music and instrumental course at this level MAUniversity of Auckland1989170
BYRNES, Lasallian AA self-help programme for parents of children aged 0-5 utilizing music as a basis [Not found in Catalogue]NSUniversity of Sydney198?103
RAKAUSKAS, Jennifer AnneThe sound of change: music-making by Lithuanians living in Australia : a case study in cultural assimilation MAFlinders University199239
REINER, Thomas W.Folio of original compositions and analytic dissertations [music] M.MusUniversity of Melbourne19901 folio
BELSHAM-REVELL, GeoffreyA biography of Dom Stephen Moreno, O.S.B., with a complete catalogue of his worksMAUniversity of Western Aust.1990145
BOLTE, AlisonAustralian popular music [kit] : its role in developing an appreciation of musical concepts. Presented through a resource kit suitable for junior secondary music students MMus Ed.University of Sydney1990350
BOUGHEN, Roxanne ElizabethOrff, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Suzuki : a comparative and developmental study in relation to the Australian context M.EdLaTrobe University199065
BOWERING, Philip GrahamA study of the relationship between synergy in the group dynamic of contemporary music making and the use of midi/personal computer based music systems in an OSI/ISDN environmentMAVictoria University of Wellington1990101
COSTELLO, ChristopherThe timpaniMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990167
CULLEN, Patricia MaryStudents' music preferences in three schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne, 1989 M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1990165
FONG, Francis Kam-YuenA musical analysis of the Cantonese language and some implications in the classroom MMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1990173
FRASER, John WilliamA programme of research into pianoforte sight-reading and its implications for pedagogyPhDUniversity of New England1990350
HILL, Kathryn R.Idea and style in the pluralist works of Bernd Alois ZimmermannMMusUniversity of Sydney1990381 + 191
HOSSAIN, AmzadReligion of songs: the religious beliefs and practices of the Bauls of BangladeshMADeakin University1990253
HULIN, KirstenArtistic guidelines for the instruction of Mozart's Concerto in G major K.216, 1st movement GradDipMusGriffith University199037
JOHNSTON, Robert BruceThe influence of vocal tract resonances on the operation of reed wind instruments MScMonash University19901 vol
KEOGH, RayNurlu songs of the west KimberleysPhDUniversity of Sydney1990287
Lê Túân HùngMusic and socio-political change: a study of đàn tranh music in central and south Vietnam between 1890 and 1990 PhDMonash University1990393
LIGHTBOURNE, Ruth ElizabethHildegard of Bingen, Ordo virtutumMAUniversity of Otago1990258
LIM, ElizabethThe evolution of the post-Romantic clarinetMMusUniversity of Sydney199082
LITTLE, JeniThe music of Nga pu Toru (Southern Cook Islands)MMusUniversity of Auckland1990161
MACLELLAN, BeverlyWalter Bonwick (1824-1883) : Walter Bonwick and the establishment of music teaching in the national schools of Victoria, 1855-1856 M.EdUniversity of Melbourne19901 vol
McGEE, M. RuthWilliam Byrd and the heavenlie banquett in captivitieMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990303
MORA, ManoleteInterpreting utom: an ethnographic account of the musical instrumental practice of the T'boli of Mindanao, Philippines PhDMonash University1990330
PAPESCH, Te Rita Bernadette"Pupuritia ngā purapura i mahue mai rā: : te waiata-ā-ringa, 1960-1990MAMaoriUniversity of Waikato1990139
POOLE, Kim M.A stylistic analysis of the guitar accompaniments of the British folk revival 1961-1988MMusUniversity of NSW1990214
POWER, AnneVerdi and the milieu of the Paris operaMMusUniversity of NSW1990184
ROBINSON, SuzanneThe pattern from the palimpsest : the influence of T.S. Eliot on Michael Tippett PhDUniversity of Melbourne1990338
SHERWOOD, RupertThe effectiveness of mental rehearsal in the accurate reproduction of a musical phrase: a pilot study comparing computer measurements with the subjective evaluation of experienced teachersMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1990106
SMITH, GraemeThe social meaning of Irish button accordian playing styles from 1900-1975PhDMonash University1990505
STONE, IlmaStudies on Australia musicPhDUniversity of Melbourne19902 vol
SVILANS, MarijaThe harmonics of Aristoxenus and its influence on the writings of Aristides Quintilianus: an investigation into correspondences between two Greek music theoristsMAUniversity of Queensland1990400
SWEET, PaulaOlivier Messiaen: his reaction to musical trends of the 1920s in FranceMMus (Perf)University of Adelaide1990NS
THOMSON, NigelAn approach to the orchestral song with particular reference to Frederick Delius and the influence of Art Nouveau and JugendstilMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990277
TSOU, Nan ChienMusical life in Bendigo 1856-1918MMusUniversity of Melbourne1990156
WALKER, AllanSchoenberg's Prelude to the Genesis suite : a study of its ideasMALaTrobe University199070
WOODS, Sally"We just want to play African music": the objectives, approaches to creativity and results of musicians recreating African popular music in Melbourne MAMonash University1990158
WOOLOCK, Pamela KAn empirical study of training in developing pitch discrimination and rhythm performance skills in five and six-year-old children M.EdUniversity of Canberra1990228
YANG, MuFolk music of Hainan Island: with particular emphasis on Danzian CountyPhDUniversity of Queensland1990591
RUSSELL, Peter HughLight in battle with darkness: Mahler's KinderttenliederPhDVictoria University of Wellington1990126
HODGSON, RobinThe songmen [manuscript] : a comparative study of the relations between song style, society and the social role of performers in Aboriginal Australia unknownCharles Darwin University1990101 + maps
BARRETT, B. E.An errorless versus a traditional procedure for teaching reading of music notationM.Ed.James Cook University1990
BARNES, JulieWhitsunday: a bicentennial operaMAMonash University1991121
BASILE, ChristopherAn ethnomusicological study of the Macedonian Women's Choir of Melbourne MAMonash University1991124
BORTOLUSSI, AnnePossible influences of Bach on the harmonic and contrapuntal language of Brahms's Klavierstucke opp. 116-119 MMusUniversity of Melbourne199175
BOTTOMLEY, John AJazz/culture : styles, formations, politics MAAustralian Catholic University199194
BOURCHIER, RandallAustralian multicultural policies, the arts and traditional music and dance within the Cambodian community of Melbourne MAMonash University1991102
COMINOS, Margaret C. PatrikeosThe rhetorical bias of Romanos' thought-world: musico-textual implications for his kontakiaPhDUniversity of Adelaide1991301
CREWE, Peter JohnRock music in San Francisco in the 1960's : its impact on American popular music MALaTrobe University1991205
DeBONO, John AHeavy metal and archetypeM.EdLaTrobe University199151
DIKMANS, Gregory P.The performance practice of early 18th-century French flute music : a critical translation of Jacques Hotteterre's Principes de la flute traversiere : commentary and recording of selected works MALaTrobe University1991229 + audiocassette
ELLIOTT, Douglas JamesA comparison of music and muscle relaxation as nursing interventions in reducing the anxiety of patients admitted to a coronary care unit MApScUniversity of Sydney1991178
FUNG, AnnabellaThe relevance of Piagetian theories to research in music and music education: a pilot study of metre task (FMCT) on children of various agesMAMonash University19912 vol
GREEN, AndrewEdgard Varese: Ionisation. Some analytical viewpoints MAMonash University199171
HASTIE, KelvinMusic-making in the Wesleyan Churches of New South Wales, 1855-1902 : origins, attitudes and practices M.PhilUniversity of Sydney1991431
HODGE, Glenda MBurnout, distress and work stressors: a comparison of secondary school music and mathematics teachers MA(School Counselling)Macquarie University1991106
HOROWICZ, DavidFive original compositions ; Folio of analysis : Paroles tissees and concerto for cello and orchestra of Witold LutoslawskiMMusUniversity of Melbourne19912 vol
KILDEA, Paul FrancisWorld War I and the British music industryMMusUniversity of Melbourne1991158
KINGSBURY, Justine Margaret JoyThe expression of emotion in musicMAVictoria University of Wellington199179
KNUDSON, KarenMeditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinite, by Olivieer Messiaen: a study of its thematic and tonal structuresMAUniversity of Otago1991259
KOUVARAS, Linda IoannaAspects of the postmodern condition in Southern cross, double concerto : a work by Barry Conyngham MMusUniversity of Melbourne199192
KREECK, Ian StuartThe touch of voyagers: Polynesian and Western influences on the music of southern Papua, 1871-1958MADeakin University1991186
Le, Thi KimVietnamese women composers and their emergence in Vietnamese music MAMonash University199178
LEE, Helen OrielListening to music : the development of a technique to evaluate the quality of responses to music using the SOLO taxonomy M.EdUniversity of Tasmania1991252
LEIGHTON JONES, MichaelThe madrigal style of John Wilbye: a comparison, through paired settings, with his contemporaries John Bennet, George Kirbye and Henry LichfildMMusUniversity of Queensland199180
LIGHTFOOT, EleanorThe development of a therapy programme for childrenPhDUniversity of Canterbury1991325
MacGREGOR, Robert ColinThe design of computer-based composition software based on the intuitive symbolic representations of music by young children M.Ed (Hons)University of Wollongong1991130
MacNEIL, Johanna LHarmonising music education in the University of Melbourne : management issues pertaining to the affiliation between the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of Arts with particular attention to the delivery of music education MBAUniversity of Melbourne199171
McLAUGHLIN, Heather MayA study of preschool general music groups in Victoria, 1990 : eclectic methodology and parent involvementM.EdLaTrobe University199189
McLAUGHLIN, Heather MayA study of preschool general music groups in Victoria, 1990 : eclectic methodology and parent involvement M.EdLaTrobe University199189
McLEAY, Colin RossThe unforgettable fire: towards a geographic analysis of U2's political popMSocSciUniversity of Waikato1991190
McMILLAN, RosalindMusical composition in junior secondary school students M.EdLaTrobe University1991363 + 1 cassette
MILLS, RichardBamaga diptych ; Concerto for cello and orchestra ; Seaside dancers after couplets by E. E. Cummings D.MusUniversity of Queensland19913 scores
MOULTON, Bruce DavidThe role of stress and muscle tension in RSI amongst musiciansMAUniversity of Sydney199167
NIEHOFF, Pamela MaryThe Pinschofs : patrons of art and music in Melbourne 1883-1920 MAUniversity of Melbourne1991215
NUNN, PhilipThe organ works of Ian Bonighton (1942-1975): a description with analytical observationsMMusUniversity of Melbourne199190 + cass + foliol.
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