WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYearsort icon# of Pages
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JEON, Jin YongPerception and production of tonal sounds: duration studiesPhDUniversity of Sydney1993227
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KERR, Kumberley J.Madonna : the celebrated chameleon, the damned dominatrix : subverting the mainstream and upholding the conventional MAUniversity of Melbourne199369
KING, BrianAn experimental investigation of the effects of mouthpiece control on alto saxophone tone in the student playerM.EdUniversity of Canberra1993290
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LEE, ElsaThe changing role and status of the drummer in Chuanju (Sichuan opera)PhDUniversity of Adelaide19933 vol
LESLIE, WendyEvolution of a musical composition: a phenomenological studyMALaTrobe University1993164
McPHERSON, GaryFactors and abilities influencing the development of visual, aural and creative performance skills in music and their educational implicationsPhDUniversity of Sydney19932 vol
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NOEL, MielaMetacognitive styles of keyboard sight-readers at different levels of competencePhDUniversity of Western Aust.1993390
ORTUSO, JosephThe oboe reed : investigations and comparisons of the oboe reed for the development of the pedagogy of the oboe MMusUniversity of Tasmania199380
PAGE, Nicki A.Assessing affective elements in New Zealand secondary school general music education: the development of a music attitude assessment instrument based on a taxonomy of affective educational objectivesPhDUniversity of Canterbury1993246
PEARCE, TrevorThe concept of space in the work of Luigi NonoMMusUniversity of Sydney1993128
PIETSCH, HelenChoral conducting technique: a review of the literatureMAMonash University1993225
RALPHS, FionaA case study of the use of process diaries in composition by year 10 music studentsM.EdUniversity of NSW199359
RUSSELL-BOWIE, DeidrePolicy and practice in music education in New South Wales state primary schoolsPhDUniversity of Wollongong1993385
SAZDOV, RobertThe digital audio samplerMMus Ed.University of Sydney199337
SCOTT-MAXWELL, AlineThe dynamics of the Yogyakarta gamelan music tradition PhDMonash University1993366
SEGAL, Deviani SarahThe impact of feminist studies on the portrayal of women in music history : Fanny Hensel, a case studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne199342
SHAW, PatriciaImagery and music in the string concertos of Barry ConynghamMMusUniversity of Melbourne1993188
SMITH, StruanNew dimensions in percussion : 'Black snow' by Michael Smetanin MMusUniversity of NSW199374
STANLEY, MichaelPulling music out of thin air [kit] : an introduction to the Theremin (documentation of the development of a multimedia CAI program) MMus Ed.University of Sydney199344 + 5 disks
SZETO, CarolineCapturing gestures in live performances of electronic musicMMusUniversity of Sydney199367
TEMMERMAN, NitaCommonwealth policy and support for music in Australia: the case of the Australia Council's Music/Performing Arts Board 1973-1991PhDUniversity of Wollongong1993454
TREGEAR, Peter J.Fritz Bennicke Hart : an introduction to his life and music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1993246
WALKER, Rhett HIn what is constituted musical meaning, significance, value and greatness PhDUniversity of Melbourne1993231
WALSH, AndrewThe muting of organ pipesMScUniversity of Sydney199391
WHIFFEN, LawrenceMusic in the Mirabell garden: analysisMMusLaTrobe University199396
WHITEOAK, JohnAustralian approaches to improvisatory musical practice 1836-1970: a Melbourne perspectivePhDLaTrobe University1993652
WITHERS, Brent S.The effects of music on the severely intellectually disabledMScUniversity of Canterbury1993139
YU, JulianOrnamentation in traditional Chinese instrumental music and its application in original compositionsMALaTrobe University1993127
PRIEST-SMITH, MargaretA study of the music preferences of preschool children : an examination of the effects of the learning environment on the extension of listening parameters MMus Ed.University of Sydney1993113 + vid
FA'AMAUSILI, AserotaThe aesthetic theories of John Cage (d. 1992) and the extent to which they have been embodied in his own musicMMusUniversity of Auckland1993150
GLAMUZINA, Kaye LContemporary music and performance practice in LevukaMMusUniversity of Auckland1993217 + cass
ROGER, MargaretanneFilling in the gaps : melody recognition and lateralizationMAUniversity of Auckland199339
MARTELLI, LeeSolo piano music in New Zealand in the 1960s.MMusUniversity of Auckland19932 vol
ATHAN, MelissaControl I'm here.MAMonash University1994316
BACKSTROM, LynneAn investigation into the relationship between the experiences, philosophy and cello compositions of composer/performer Sarah HopkinsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
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DILKES, HelenHow do we paint those sounds? : an exploration with children visually representing musical rhythm M.EdUniversity of Melbourne199479
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DOWNES, GraemeAn axiam system of tonality applied to progressive tonaility in the works of Gustav Mahler and nineteenth-century antecedentsPhDUniversity of Otago19941994
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FARMER, Elizabeth-AnneThe organ works of Cesar Franck : the performing traditions and their influenceMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994118
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FREEMAN, Peter A.Neural networks in the analysis of music MMusUniversity of Queensland199485
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HINDSON, Matthew JohnAn investigation into correlations between the poster design Red Lighting by Ignaty Nivinsky and the eponymous string quartet by Michael Smetanin MMusUniversity of Melbourne19942 vol
JOHNS, HeatherA morphology of fusion thinkingMCAJames Cook University1994159 + 1 booklet
KELLY, JaneThe piano works of Deodat de Severac: technical and timbral concernsMMusUniversity of Queensland199471
KELLY, Mary JoThe role of the piano in the salsa, son ensembleGDip MusGriffith University199436 + cass
KELLY, RuthThe lyra viol music of Simon Ives (1600-1662)MPhilUniversity of Sydney19942 vol
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LITTLE, Jonathan DavidSources of nineteenth-century musical orientalism or from "oriental" inspiration to exotic orchestration: the extra-musical stimuli behind composers' attempts to achieve "exotic" programmatic effects in orchestral musicPhDMonash University1994565
LLOYD, RosemaryThe Cook Island imene reo metua and imene tukiMLittUniversity of New England1994238
LORD, WendyThe relationship of the profiles to the reality of the year 6 classroomM.EdUniversity of NSW199468
MARSHALL, Deidre PaulineChange and loss in Yapese musical culture: a study of the impact of colonial and Micronesian cultures on the music and musical life of Yap Islands (Micronesia) from 1903 to 1993, with special reference to the genres of tang and churu MAMonash University1994121
MARTIN, Rosemary EllenWomen, disability and rock 'n roll : a social semiological analysis MAAustralian Catholic University1994148
MATSINOS, JimThe inter-relatedness of design and performance within theatre : the inter-relationship of theatrical performance with the visual arts, design and music with specific emphasis on the creation of mood and atmosphere in the visual, aural and tactile awareness of a particular productionM.LittUniversity of New England199468
McCLEAN, George MatthewStylistic diversity and the "Zelig" principle in the orchestral works of George Dreyfus from the first to the second symphoniesMAMonash University199489
McMURTRY, Margaret AThe effects of skill specific training in the use of audiation, enactive reflections, and tonal chroma concepts, on written dictation and sight-singing skills and some emergent relationships MMus Ed.University of Sydney1994245
MEAGHER, KymUnity in the opus 59 string quartets of BeethovenMMusGriffith University19942 vol
MEHER-HOMJI, CyrusDebussian pianism and its ramifications as seen in Images - Series IMAUniversity of Western Aust.19942 vol
MICHELL, PaulTwentieth century Czechoslovakian flute musicMMusUniversity of Adelaide1994238
MIKAJLO, IbolyaThe influence of the scale of C major on violin instruction : a survey of elementary training systems for the left hand from 1650 to 1993MMusUniversity of Adelaide1994237
MONDIA, NunzioThe effect of a pop/rock music repertoire on the music achievement and preferences of lower secondary school students M.EdEdith Cowan University19942 microfiches
MURRAY, KennethAngel Barrios : Granada, the guitar and Manuel de FallaMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994103
NAPIER, John J.The introduction and use of the harmonium in North Indian classical music MMusUniversity of NSW1994174
NEUENFELDT, Karl WmSounding silences : ethnogenesis, ethno-pop music and indigenous peoples PhDCurtin University of Technology1994461
NOBLE, AlistairThe Australian pianist, Winifred Burston, 1889-1976MMusAustralian National University1994123
NOBLE, ColinLa chute de la maison de Bussy: The fall of the house of Usher as an indication of Debussy's hidden talents.MMUS (perf)Australian National University199442
O'CALLAGHAN, ClareSong writing in palliative careMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994111
PATSTON, Wendy"Das Orgelbüchlein" (BWV 599-644) [music] : a discussion NSUniversity of Newcastle1994126
POMMEREL, TomThe early nine polonaises as precursors of Chopin's mature styleMMusUniversity of Queensland199484
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