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SCHAEFER, RThe theology and spirituality of the Free Church tradition as expressed in their hymns : a reflection on how Evangelicals have sung their liturgy MMinMelbourne College of Divinity1994143
SCHNEIDER, CraigFolio of analyses: big band arrangementsMMus(Jazz perf)Australian National University19941 vol
SHIEFF, SarahMagpies: negotiations of centre and periphery in settings of New Zealand poems by New Zealand composers 1896-1993PhDUniversity of Auckland1994270
SIMPER, Doug AThe research and design of an original piano curriculum 'Hands on Music'M.EdUniversity of NSW1994179
STANHOPE, PaulThe music of Ross Edwards: aspects of ritualMA (Hons)University of Wollongong19942 vol + cass
STEELE, Graham KennethStimuli influencing initial musical interest : action research project M.EdUniversity of NSW199463
STIMSON, AndreaThe adolescent female changing voice: A guide to the improvement of tone production through the use of selected vocalises and the choral repertoire of Mary GoetzeMusMUniversity of Western Aust.199499
STOCKIGT, Janice BeverleyThe Vespers psalms of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) in the liturgy and life of the Dresden Catholic court church PhDUniversity of Melbourne1994704
THOMPSON, LesleighThe title Toward the shining light as an influencing factor on the basic form and structural components in [Brenton] Broadstock's first symphonyMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994129
THORPE, Patricia G.The relevance of twentieth-century analytical theories to the performer of keyboard music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuriesMAUniversity of Western Aust.1994239
TODD, Wendy G.F.Students' participation, motivation and commitment to extracurricular musicM.EdUniversity of Melbourne199462
TURNBULL, CatrionaPiano pedalling and pedagogical thought : an investigation of the elementary piano student MMus Ed.University of Sydney199482
VARNEY, JohnThe Cúmbia : a performer's perspectiveGDip MusicolGriffith University199432
VARNEY, JohnO Cavaquinho GDip MusicolGriffith University199499
VENNONEN, KimmoSubmission for the Graduate Diploma in Music (Computer Music)GradDipMusAustralian National University19941 vol + floppy disk
WALDEN, ValerieAn investigation and comparison of the French and Austro-German schools of violoncello bowing techniques: 1785-1839PhDUniversity of Auckland1994944
WALDROCK, KimA method of accomodating the musically gifted in the mixed ability primary class M.EdUniversity of NSW1994127
WALLACE, Catherine JaneAn examination of the supernatural in Scottish Gaelic folksongs and folktales MAUniversity of Sydney1994145 + cass tape
WHELAN, MichaelTrilogy : contextualizing and creating music theatre in the 1990sMCAJames Cook University1994451 + 1 videocassett
ZUMIS, SlavomirProgrammatic associations of the religious piano music of Franz LisztMMusAustralian Catholic University1994122
LIHO-BAUMGARDNER, KadriAn exploration of the behavioral characteristics and personality traits of a small group of musically gifted children M.EdMassey University1994162
HARDIE, Richard LawrenceJenny McLeod: The emergence of a New Zealand voiceMMOverseas199468
LORETZ, Robert PeterThe third piano concerto of Béla Bartók : an analysisMMusUniversity of Auckland19942 vol
ACKER, YolandaThe Castilian composer Antonio José Martínez Palacios (1902-1936) : a biographical study with a catalogue of worksMMusUniversity of Melbourne1995470
ADAMS, Zilla EmilyRecent developments in the mainstreaming of blind students into lower secondary school class musicMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1995172
ATCHISON, MaryThe structures and scribes of the chansonnier of the Oxford Bodleian MS Douce 308PhDMonash University19952 vol
AUBREY, David GrahamThe influence of music in redefining nationalism in Wales in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries MAUniversity of Sydney1995212
BANNISTER, Roland StuartAn ethnomusicological study of music makers in an Australian military bandPhDDeakin University1995370
BEAVERSTOCK, John G.The employment of the organ in three great oratorios of Edward ElgarMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1995103
BENIUK, DavidContemporary aboriginal songs and songwriters : post-colonialism, categorisation and orality MA (Hons)University of Wollongong199598
BORER, PhillippeThe twenty-four caprices of Niccolo Paganini : their significance for the history of violin playing and the music of the Romantic eraPhDUniversity of Tasmania1995290
BOUGHEN, P. MarkThe work of the Hymnbook Committee in the production of the music setting of the "Gloria in excelsis" from the 1996 common order service of the Lutheran Church of Australia: 1950-1968.MMusUniversity of Queensland199589
BRAY, Kelsey O.J.The economic impact of opera tourism : including a case study of the 1992 Ballarat Opera Festival MBusVictoria University (Vic. Australia)1995235
BROWN, PeterLove minus zero: existentialism and religious faith in Bob Dylan's lyrics MAUniversity of Newcastle1995203
BURNARD, Pamela AnnA study of the relationship between task design and the experience of composition in senior secondary music studentsM.EdUniversity of Queensland1995270
CAMERON, KevinJoseph Post: Australia's maestro?MMusUniversity of Western Aust.199575
CAMPBELL, FionaPeggy Glanville-Hicks' opera Sappho, a critical examinationMMusEdith Cowan University19952 microfiches
CHAN, June Lai-YeeThe devlopment of tonal language in the nocturnes for piano by Gabriel FaureMMusAustralian Catholic University1995113
CHONG, Min YinDigital sound sampling: electronic piracy or technological creativity?LLMUniversity of Melbourne1995109
CONNELLY, Patrice C.The Viola da Gamba: the development of its technique and pedagogy to the presentMMusUniversity of Sydney1995139
CORN, Aaron David SamuelMusical instruments in cultural heritage collections : a case study of the Queensland Museum MPhilGriffith University1995199+ 112
DALE, TomMusic video: texts and contexts, at home and abroadMAUniversity of Auckland1995144
DAVIDSON, Gary HaydenAnatomy of pop music: the work of pop performer and how their work is judgedMAUniversity of Melbourne199586
DEVERS, DeannaThe use of music for morale sustaining and propaganda purposes in Australia during World War IIMMusUniversity of Melbourne199536
DILLON, Steven CliffordThe student as maker : an examination of making in music education and the implications for contemporary curriculum developmentM.EdLaTrobe University199579
DJORDJEVIC, Sinisa DanilaStudy of the effect of mood and emotion of the spectra of sustained sung vowels and consonants PhDMonash University1995136
DOWSE, NoraAn evaluation of music as therapy for Alzheimer's dementia sufferers.MAUniversity of Otago1995147
FARBACH, KentGrotesquerie in selected works by Béla BartókMMusGriffith University1995126
FLEMING, Jenni K.Transcribing improvised music: a comparison of part of the original transcription with the recording of Keith Jarrett's Koln concert.MMusUniversity of Queensland199588
FROMYHR, Judith JReady to teach - ? : a study of influences on the readiness of general primary school teachers to teach a "specialist" subject area M.EdQueensland University of Technology1995101
GONG, Xiao-qiangThe nature and meaning of music : towards relativity and universality of musicality : a study in East-West comparative aesthetics of musicPhDUniversity of Melbourne1995267
GORA, ChristineProvision for music education in the primary school curriculum : school solutions M.EdStUniversity of Tasmania1995264
HALDEY, OlgaVoices of the Russian calendar : the design of a program of computer-assisted instruction using traditional calendric songs of West and South of Russia MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995197
HALL, Allan WarrenThemes of loss in the cello music of Peter SculthorpeMMusAustralian National University199563
HALL, AnneTeacher's expectation of parents' participation in preschool music classes, and teachers' expectation of parents' involvement in home music activities in relation to teacher's training and teachers' experience MMus Ed.University of Sydney199587
HARRISON, ScottA study of opera education in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and the development of opera education in QueenslandMAUniversity of Queensland1995281
HARVEY, JonathanCollit's Inn: The first successful all-Australian musical romanceMAMonash University1995106
HEIM, ChristianWhat the ear cannot hear : hidden structures in three works of music with programmes of a christian nature MMusUniversity of Sydney1995109
HILL, MichaelSlave to the rhythm : animation at the service of the popular music industry MAUniversity of Technology Sydney1995155
HOLCROFT, ReubenThe art of simplicity: design, sentiment, and value in non-developmental music: studies in works by Satie, Part and PoulencMAUniversity of Otago1995130
HURWORTH, Greg J.An exploratory study of the music of the Yami of Botel Tobago, TaiwanPhDMonash University19952 vol
JAYATILAKA, Basil D.Effective piano teaching: comparing the perceptions of piano teachers and intermediate level piano students in Western AustraliaPhDUniversity of Western Aust.1995235
JEANNERET, NerylDeveloping preservice primary (elementary) teachers' confidence to teach music through a music fundamentals coursePhDUniversity of Sydney1995290
JOHN, Jocelyn LucindaThe human voice : an insight into the complexities of vocal performance and pedagogy in twentieth century Western art culturePhDLaTrobe University1995149; 2 vols.
JOHNSON, DonSix improvised trumpet solos / transcribed and analysed.Mmus (Jazz Perf)Australian National University199531
KALESKI, CatherineThey think it's girl's stuff : gender issues surrounding playing the violin at lower primary and lower secondary levels M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1995331
KIRCHHUBEL, JulieThe realization of Stravinsky's aesthetics in selected piano works from his neoclassical periodMMusGriffith University19952 vol
KITLEY, YvonneMusic in the Wayang Parwa of BaliM.LittUniversity of New England1995152
KOO, C.P.Seven music compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney1995229+cass
LEE, Yoon SenMozart's Quintet for wind and piano K 452 and the question of tonal balance when performed on period instrumentsMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1995113
LEGG, SusanHandel's Belshazzar: an harmonic analysisMMusUniversity of Adelaide1995392
LEM, AlanAn integrated profile of brain-wave activity and structural variability of music in the study of music and imagery experiences in vivoMMusUniversity of Melbourne1995140
LINDSAY, Julie AnneAnalytical approaches to jazz polyphony, with special reference to the use of pitch-class set theory in the works of Toshiko Akiyoshi and Phil Woods MALaTrobe University1995314 + music cassette
LUEBKE, HaroldTranscription and analysis; CompositionsMMus(Jazz Perf)Australian National University19952 vols
LYALL, Graeme WilliamA folio of transcription and analyses of Paul Desmond and Lee Konitz: a stylistic comparison; Folio of arrangementsMMus(Jazz Perf)Australian National University1995folio + 2 cass
MACLELLAN, BeverlyWalter Bonwick and the place of music in the curriculum of the national, common and state schools, 1854-1883 PhDUniversity of Melbourne1995321
MAGILL, Jonathan MatthewCognitive models for the production of polyrhythms by a West African master drummerMALaTrobe University1995127
MASON, Gregory RonaldPatterns of musical development: a study of children's composing and compositionsM.EdUniversity of Melbourne1995204
MOORE, Robert RennickA review of recent research on adolescent changing voices, including a recent survey of Australian youthMAUniversity of Queensland1995106
MURPHY, BrianSome aspects of music education in Victoria, 1850-1988 PhDMonash University1995392
OWENS, Samantha KimThe Württemberg Hofkapelle c. 1680-1721PhDVictoria University of Wellington1995640
PALLISTER, RosemaryStudio piano teaching : an investigation into verbal interaction between teachers and students MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995115
PASCOE, Beverley J.The influence of primary school music programmes on student choice of music studies in lower secondary schoolM.EdEdith Cowan University19952 microfiches
PETRUS, PaulineEsther Rofe, theatre musician and narrative composer: A biographical and historical overview of her life and musicMAMonash University1995259
PICKERING, Judith ChristineVocal intonation:an exposition of Pal Kardos' pedagogy of acoustically pure intonation for a capella musicMMusAustralian National University1995212
PIOQUINTO, CeresDangdut: Indonesian popular music: gender and performancePhDUniversity of Sydney1995318
POND, WendyFaiva: trials of skill: the song and dance of Tongan politics, 1773-1993PhDVictoria University of Wellington19952 vol
RAE, Natalie-AnneThe effects of an outcomes and profiles approach on music educators in New South Wales MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995104
REED, Thayer ElizabethThe Englishness of Ralph Vaughan Williams: an evaluation of the Grand Old Man of English music characterisation.MMusVictoria University of Wellington1995108
ROBERTS, Gwyn L.The conductor as accompanist with reference to three romantic concertosMMusUniversity of Queensland199571
RYAN, JamesTenor saxophone transcriptions and analysisMMus (Jazz Perf)Australian National University199558
SCOTT, AliceA systematic study of English monophonic melody circa 1150-1300 found in manuscripts of English provenance and preserved in English librariesPhDUniversity of New England1995180
SCOTT, Craig BlakefieldA folio of transcriptions of famous bassists' solos and analyses thereofMMus(Jazz perf)Australian National University199560 + 1 cass.
STARR, DeirdreThe effect of a music strategy on alphabet skills in a J1/J2 classroomGradDipEdVictoria University of Wellington199546
STRYKOWSKI, MarkThe design and development of an interactive CAI program [interactive media] : an introduction to sound MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995296 + comp zip disk
SWANN, Richard A.William Boyce: The performance of his last court ode in honour of King George III in 1779MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19952 vol
TANNER, PaulContemporary percussion works by West Australian composers: An analysis of musical resources and performance practiceMusMUniversity of Western Aust.199573
VALLENCE, TimA poetry without attitudes: Music and silence in the poetry of Vincent Buckley.MAUniversity of Melbourne1995101
WANG, Zheng-TingA history of Chinese music in VictoriaMAMonash University1995127
WARD, JamesThe composer's assistantMScUniversity of Technology Sydney1995159 + 1 video casset
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