WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
HALL, Stephen MarshallDesign issues in low-cost interactive multimedia show systemsMARMIT University1998vid
NG, Nicholas FrancisCelestial roots : the music of Sydney's Chinese, 1954-2004PhDAustralian National University2008various + DVD + 2 CD
HILL, GarethAn application of the musical style of jazz saxaphone to the double bassMPhil MusicAustralian National University2008various
HABERFIELD, DavidExplorations in contemporary electronic dance music, style and soundMARMIT University1996var
KESMINAS, Damius & Mike STEVENSONSlave pianos (of the art cult): investigating and re-contextualising selected Australian and international artists' music projects since the 1950s through the process of transcription, re-enactment and creative appropriationMARMIT University1999var
SAMARTZIS, PhilipContemporary narrative film sound stylistsMARMIT University1997var
STEVENSON, Mike & KESMINAS, DamiusSlave pianos (of the art cult): investigating and re-contextualising selected Australian and international artists' music projects since the 1950s through the process of transcription, re-enactment and creative appropriationMARMIT University1999var
THACKER, Eric CharlesCatalogue Raisonné of the material relevant to Percy Grainger as an artist and as a man, contained in the Percy Grainger Museum, University of MelbourneMAUniversity of Melbourne1965 NiLunknown
WHITEHEAD, GPolynesian musical instrumentsMMusUniversity of Sydney1966 NiCunknown
PEARSON, E.History of music in OtagoMAUniversity of Otago1941 NiCunknown
HOOPER, Michael J.The compositional approaches of Liza LimMMusUniversity of Sydney2002 NiCtba
WATERS, Julie Anne“Against the stream”: intersections of music and politics in the conception, composition and reception of Alan Bush’s first three symphoniesPhDMonash University2012TBA
WARD, JillAndrea Zani (1696-1757) - life and works - through a study of the documents together with a collected edition and thematic cataloguePhDUniversity of Canterbury2010TBA
BUCHANAN, Heather JoanBody mapping : self-reflective views of student musiciansPhDUniversity of New England2010TBA
WESTON, DianaBeyond the figures : a search for styles in harpsichord accompaniment 1600-1750MMus (Hons)University of New England2009TBA
BUCK, MaryMusic, geometry, and the listener : space in the history of Western philosophy and Western classical musicPhDUniversity of New England2008TBA
WHITELEY, Christina JenniferReading the past through colonial piano music of New South WalesPhDUniversity of New England2007TBA
SHILL, GeneDigital Sampling and Appropriation as Approaches to Electronic Music Composition and ProductionPHDGriffith University2016TBA
ETE, IgeleseMalae : music portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2005score + cd
WOLLMANN, ThorstenDoctoral portfolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Auckland2004score + cd
BENNETT, Jacqueline AnnA creative approach to school music for Form I pupils in a New South Wales state schoolM.EdUniversity of NSW1974NS
CALDWELL, MargaretA preliminary survey of the information needs of practical music teachers in New South WalesMLibUniversity of NSW1980ns
CONNELL, RobertBrigands on the virtual sea: online music piracy and copyright under Australian law in the digital age? [Law]University of Western Aust.1999NS
CUSKELLY, JamesThe Search for Meaning in Music Education: Reflections on Difference and Practice.PhDUniversity of Queensland2007NS
HOLLOWAY, DanielAustralian compositions for elementary string orchestra: pedagogy, aesthetics and enjoyment MMusJames Cook University2000NS
JOHNSON, Robert LloydElectronic music and the synthesiserMARMIT University2000?NS
LEPHERD, LaurenceTowards a secondary school curriculum in music.M.EdUniversity of New England1981ns
LYNCH, John JamesA study of the methods of composition and transcription developed in Bartok's First Rhapsody for violin and piano (1928) with regard to its recent transcription for viola and piano MMusUniversity of Queensland2002NS
NELSON, Kathleen EdnaMedieval liturgical music of ZamoraPhDUniversity of Adelaide1993ns
PAVLYSHYN, MarkoMusic in E.T.A. Hoffmann's Kater Murr MAMonash University1978NS
PAYNE, HelenSinging a sister's sites: women's land rites in the Australian Musgrave Ranges.PhDUniversity of Queensland1988NS
ROSIER, Veronica A.C.SMusic instrument collections in museums: basic principles and contemporary practices MAMonash University1979NS
SANDARS, DianaWhat a feeling!: The evolution of the Hollywood musical 1983-2000 PhDUniversity of Melbourne2006ns
SIMPER, Doug AVenus in Eritrea : an original work for music theatre PhDSouthern Cross University1999NS
SWEET, PaulaOlivier Messiaen: his reaction to musical trends of the 1920s in FranceMMus (Perf)University of Adelaide1990NS
TERRY, John Buchanan Rouse.An opera for secondary schools : 'Ebenezer' based on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles DickensMMusUniversity of Adelaide1979NS
WILLIAMS, AndrewThe functions of Walkman musicPhDUniversity of Adelaide2004NS
NADEN, Liam P.D.Sacrae cantiones : liber quartus (1606) / Agostino Agazzari: a critical editionMAUniversity of Auckland1988NS
KING, AletaAustralians at the Kodály Institute : reflections on the journeyMPhilUniversity of Queensland2007ns
St GEORGE, Jennifer MThe role of the instrumental teacher in the learning processMMusUniversity of South Queensland2003ns
HENRY, MatthewThe effect of a three-week exercise program on the right arm technique and posture of cellistsMMusUniversity of South Queensland2002ns
THONELL, ShirleyEffects of music style on exertion toleranceMPsychUniversity of South Queensland2001ns
PINGEL, Kathy Michelle The intermediate and advanced piano music of Dmitry Kabalevsky: pedagogical implicationsMMusUniversity of South Queensland1997ns
PHILLIPS, Irene Margaret ConstanceMaori music, a historical surveyMAUniversity of Auckland1929NS
HOLLAND, R. J. T.The madrigals of Peter PhilipsMAUniversity of Sydney1962NiLc
MOORE, V.The lute in consort music during the 17th centuryMAUniversity of Sydney1958NiC
DUANCE, KarynCompositional and performance techniques of women rock musiciansMMusUniversity of Sydney1999NiC
FIGLIANO, SuanWorking with young choristers: maximizing individual and ensemble outcomesMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland2007NiC
MASON, Richard An exploration of the literary and musical elements of Gyorgy Kurtag's Hommage R. Sch. Op.15d: a performer's perspective [NOT IN LIBRARY CATALOGUE]MMusUniversity of Melbourne2005NiC
McGARRY, SarahSo who is a good musician? The development of musicianship skills within an aural approach in the secondary school [NOT YET IN CATALOGUE]MMus StudsUniversity of Queensland2007NiC
PATRICK, Ann M.The Young Kabbarli: Daisy Bates as operatic heroine. NOT IN LIBRARY CATALOGUEMPhilUniversity of Western Aust.1996NiC
CHEN, AngieFactors affecting the self-fulfilment of secondary school teachers in Western Australia: implications for pre- and in-service teacher education NOT FOUND IN CATALOGUEMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1997nf
LINDNER, BerniceKoleda's philosophy in practice: a comparative study [Not found in Library Catalogue]PhD UNSW?Australian Catholic University1992nf
SHIBAKI, NorikoJohann Baptist Cramer (1771-1858) and his Instructions for the Piano Forte (1812) NOT FOUND IN CATALOGUEMMusAustralian Catholic University1996NF
ROSE, AdamCompositions : Haiku, Three pieces for alto saxophone and piano, Incantations,Three Mansfield poems, Mercury, ...this quintessence of dust?, Quartet for four horns, Jinn, String quartet MMusVictoria University of Wellington1997multiple volumes
JOHNSON, Janet LynneMusic therapy with handicapped childrenMAUniversity of Auckland1981MA
THOMSON, Gavin BTwentieth century minstrelsy : towards a sociological definition of the socio-aesthetic meaning of contemporary musicMAUniversity of Auckland1976MA
DANIEL, RyanChallenging the orthodoxy : an alternative strategy for the tertiary teaching of pianoPhDJames Cook University2005IN PROCESS
LYALL, Graeme WilliamA folio of transcription and analyses of Paul Desmond and Lee Konitz: a stylistic comparison; Folio of arrangementsMMus(Jazz Perf)Australian National University1995folio + 2 cass
LEM, AlanThe flow of imagery elicited by G.I.M. music programs during unguided music imagingPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2004CDRom + 3 CDs
MARSHALL, AnneNgapartji-ngapartji :ecologies of performance in Central Australia : comparative studies in the ecologies of Aboriginal-Australian and European-Australian performances with specific focus on the relationship of context, place, physical environment, and personal experience.PhDUniversity of Western Sydney2001CD Rom
BEN-SALAMON, Nissana folio of original music compositions that explores the integration and development of derived materials, including a painting, African rhythms, synesthesia, poetry and pre-recorded audio filesMAMonash University2003c.50 + 4 scores + CD
DILLON, Harvey AThe perception of musical transientsPhDUniversity of NSW1979?
PURSELL, Finn ContrastPhDUniversity of NSW2010?
HODSON, JamesComposition folio: 2010 - 2012MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012?
HAYES, MichelePrimary school children and the perceived benefits of choir participationM.EdMonash University2013?
STOESSEL, JasonThe captive scribe: the context and culture of scribal notational process in the music of the ars subtiliorPhDUniversity of New England2002>372 2 vol
RAWLINGS, Katherine RPortfolio of compositions, and analytical notesMMusUniversity of Sydney200899 + 4 CD + 2 DVD
STIMSON, AndreaThe adolescent female changing voice: A guide to the improvement of tone production through the use of selected vocalises and the choral repertoire of Mary GoetzeMusMUniversity of Western Aust.199499
VARNEY, JohnO Cavaquinho GDip MusicolGriffith University199499
WATERS, MelvilleThe Lutheran orthodoxy of J.S. Bach's ClavierubungMMusUniversity of Adelaide198899
WIRJAPRANATA, JosephineBibliography of New Zealand composers and composition: selected newspapers and periodicals, 1984-1989, monographs and theses 1984-1997MLISVictoria University of Wellington199899
SIGG, NicolaAn investigation into the relationship between music preference, personality and psychological wellbeingMHScAuckland University of Technology200999
LAWRENCE, AlanThe place at one remove: locating an operaPhDUniversity of Queensland201199
HAMEL, AlistairArtefactualism as an Ontology of ArtM.AVictoria University of Wellington201099
LUKEY, KatherineDemon or philosopher: the artist and teacher Tibor VargaMMusUniversity of Sydney201699
CHENG, Lancini Jen-Hao Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal musical instruments PhDUniversity of Otago2014989
NEWTON, RonaldOrgan building in New Zealand 1895-1930: a documentation of cultural contextPhDUniversity of Canterbury1996983
FILIPI, KarinaThe process of creating a collaborative tuba composition: an investigation into the relationship between a composer and performerMMus(Perf)University of Sydney201398 + 6 CDs
BENIUK, DavidContemporary aboriginal songs and songwriters : post-colonialism, categorisation and orality MA (Hons)University of Wollongong199598
EXCELL, RichardRichard de Fournival (1201-1260) : his life, the Biblionomia, and his other works MAMonash University198698
GREET, Martin T.Tonal ambiguity in the late works of Britten MMusUniversity of Melbourne199498
THOMAS, RhiannonJohann Sebastian Bach's unaccompanied cello suites (BWV 1007-1012): sources, editions and interpretationsMMusVictoria University of Wellington199698
BONIFACE, Emma JanePromoting sociability : staff perceptions of music therapy as a way to enhance social skillsMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200998
KARINI, AngelaThe status of contemporary Māori musicMPhilMassey University200998
O'NEILL, Luke JeromeCreating new music compositions based on the number systems of composer Greg SheehanMCAUniversity of Wollongong201398
MAYALL, KylieStage Challenge : New Zealand secondary school teachers' perspectivesMArts University of Auckland201398
KIM, Ga-WonAn analytical study of the three 1841 variation sets for piano solo by Felix MendelssohnMMusUniversity of Western Aust.200697
YANG, Eun-KyoungThe piano sonatas of Carl Vine: A guideline to performance and style analysisDMAOverseas200397
WETT, JordanPedalling piano music [manuscript] : the performers educated ear is the ultimate guideMCAUniversity of Newcastle200897
ELIOTT, MarkWater, music, glass, life : improvisation in and around my arts practiceMVAUniversity of Sydney201197
CAMPBELL, Peter J."Semper sint in flore:" historical, organisational, individual and musical aspects of the Intervarsity choral movement in AustraliaPhDUniversity of Melbourne2003968
JAQUES, MichelleBuxtehude as rhetorician: the use of the rhetorical disposition and rhetorical figures in some of Buxtehude's free organ worksMMusGriffith University199896 + 190
CHEN-MERRETT, ShaohuaBeethoven and the Violoncello: The Influence of Jean-Louis Duport (1749-1819)Mphil (perf)University of Queensland200696
DE HAAN, SimoneThe relationship between the composer, performer and listener in twentieth century musical practice: "a plea for reform" MusMUniversity of Western Aust.199496
HAWLEY, Richard J. P.The impact of Debussy on Stravinsky's early works, 1908-1914MMusUniversity of Melbourne200096
KAZIMIERCZAK, BogdanThe percursors of the violin family : emergent technology and technique from late classical antiquity to the early RenaissanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide198096
WHIFFEN, LawrenceMusic in the Mirabell garden: analysisMMusLaTrobe University199396
YANG, Yuan-ChunThe effectiveness of specified music as a nursing intervention for Alzheimer's disease with agitated behaviour MNursUniversity of Sydney199696
PASS, BruceThe Sechs Goethe-Lieder von Beethoven by Franz Liszt : aspects of transcription and their place in his oeuvre MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200596
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