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ZWAR, NatalieThe perspective of the composer and performer [sound recording] : the interpretation and performance of selected flute works by Lowell Liebermann and Robert BeaserM.MusUniversity of Adelaide200939 +3CDs
ZUMIS, SlavomirProgrammatic associations of the religious piano music of Franz LisztMMusAustralian Catholic University1994122
ZUMERIS, BroniusKicking against the pricks: Melbourne alternative music, 1978-1985MAUniversity of Melbourne1997100
ZOCCHI, RobertBusoni and the piano MMusUniversity of Tasmania1986107
ZIPMAN, EllinaThe musical portrait in Western music: a survey of theory and practiceMAMonash University1995199
ZION, LawrenceThe pop music scene in Australia in the 1960sPhDMonash University1988451
ZHUKOV, KatieTeaching Styles and Student Behaviour in Instrumental Music Lessons in Australian ConservatoriumsPhDUniversity of NSW2004291
ZHU, Julie Jingzhi The Effect of Musical Aptitude : Perceiving and Producing Mandarin Lexical Tones By Non-Native Speakers of ChinesePhD Applied Chinese LinguisticsUniversity of Auckland2016162
ZHAO, QiaoyueThe influence of Bartok's approach to keyboard compositions on contemporary Chinese solo piano music: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.M.MusUniversity of Adelaide201378
ZHAO, MingmingAutomatic multi-modal tuning of idiophone barsM.PhilCurtin University of Technology2011156
ZHANG, YunjieFinding freedom in classical music : a study of incorporating improvisation in individual piano lessons MMusUniversity of Auckland2003104
ZHANG, ShaojingOrnamentation in C.P.E. Bach’s keyboard compositions and its relationship to motivic and harmonic structureMMusUniversity of Sydney2016163
ZHANG, HongxiaThe evolution of national vocal music in the People's Republic of ChinaMMusUniversity of Auckland2013109
ZEMKE-WHITE, KirstenRap music in Aotearoa: a sociological and musicological analysis.PhDUniversity of Auckland2000395
ZAVOD, AllanFolio of compositions [music]D.Mus.University of Melbourne20085 scores
ZAREEI, Mo.H.Channelisation of Noise through a Rhythmic Gird : Brutalist Mechatronic Sound-sculpturePhDVictoria University of Wellington2016307
ZANGARI, GiuseppeMauro Giuliani (1781 - 1829): Instrumental and Vocal Style in Le Sei RossinianeMMusUniversity of Sydney2013112
ZAGORIA, IlanCodeswitching and the performance of identity in African music groups in Western AustraliaM.EdUniversity of Western Aust.2011310
ZADRO, MarkA voice in print: a portfolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney20052 vol + 2CDs
ZABORAC, PaulThe saxophone as accompaniment in improvised music : an exploration through extended techniquesMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2012100 + CD
YUYAN, WangChaozhou Daluogu: Performance, Repertoire, Instruments, Technique, Transmission and Sustainability in an Ancient Chinese Percussion GenrePhDGriffith University2011345
YUE, BoComposition portfolioMMusUniversity of Waikato2011
YU, JulianOrnamentation in traditional Chinese instrumental music and its application in original compositionsMALaTrobe University1993127
YU, Catherine Chin-YenAspects of nationalism in nineteenth-century Spanish piano music : a critical commentary on selected works by Granados, Falla and Albeniz MMus StudUniversity of Queensland200152
YOUNG, Stuart BartonMusic in nineteenth-century Russian literature : aspects of the place of music and musicians in wroks by Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and ChekhovMA(Hons)Victoria University of Wellington1982242
YOUNG, Paul MichaelExploring Perspectivism in Music: Site- Specific Minimalist Inspired CompositionsMaster of MusicGriffith University2016192
YOUNG, Lisa (Elissa M.)The Eternal Pulse: creating with konnakkol and its adaptation into contemporary vocal performancePhDMonash University2015170
YOUNG, John-PaulPerspectives on developing a music therapy programme within an educational setting for adolescents with mental health issuesMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010133
YOUNG, JohnSource recognition of environmental sounds in the composition of sonic art with field-recordings : a New Zealand viewpointPhDUniversity of Canterbury1989677
YORK, Frank A.Ngai lag Iama : music and musical practices of Yam Island, Torres Strait PhDJames Cook University19983 vol
YIP, Lai Chi RitaInformation technology in music teacher educationPhDRMIT University2005411
YIM, DeniseThe Chinnery family papers (1793-1843)PhDUniversity of Sydney2000812
YI, JinThe development of Chinese new operaPhDUniversity of Melbourne2005415
YI, Dae-AmMusical analogy in Gothic & Renaissance architecture : a study of rational proportion in architecture PhDUniversity of Sydney1991319
YI, Chen ChungFactors affecting the self-fulfilment of secondary class music teachers in Western Australia: implications for pre-service and in-service music teacher educationMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1996195
YEOLAND, Rosemary HamiltonRomain Rolland et l'heroisme : une perspective musicale = Romain Rolland and heroism : a musical perspective MAUniversity of Tasmania2001147
YEOLAND, Rosemary<cite>La contribution littéraire de Camille Mauclair au domaine musical Parisien à la fin du dix-neuvième siècle.</cite> The literary contribution of Camille Mauclair to the late nineteenth century musical world of Paris PhDUniversity of Tasmania2006272
YEO, Hui-LingThe development of the classical pianoforte sonata between 1770 and 1825, citing the Keyboard sonata in A major, Op. 17 no. 5 (c.1773) by J.C. Bach and the Piano sonata in A minor D.845 (1825) by F. Schubert as examples of the early and late classical pianoforte sonatas respectively MAMonash University200230
YEDID, YitzhakMethods of integrating elements of classical Arabic music and Arabic-influenced Jewish music with contemporary western classical music. Original compositions and critical commentaryPhDMonash University2012256
YEARSLEY, SharonStriking a balance : improving practice as a student doing group music therapy with adults with substance abuse and dependence MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201080
YEADON, Daniel EdwardThe Sydney Conservatorium Early Music Ensemble: An activity-theoretical study of the impact of period instruments, historically-informed performance and a unique pedagogy on tertiary group-learning experiencePhDUniversity of Sydney2016232
YASUMOTO, ElinaEdward Goll : Melbourne pianist and teacher : the war years 1914-1918MMusUniversity of Melbourne2007118
YAPP, FrancisLes prétentions du violoncelle [electronic resource] : the cello as a solo instrument in France in the pre-Duport era (1700-1760).PhDUniversity of Canterbury2012
YAP, Tsok WeeThe composer as bricoleur : notions of contemporary opera in the genesis of a short filmMAEdith Cowan University2016
YANG, Yuan-ChunThe effectiveness of specified music as a nursing intervention for Alzheimer's disease with agitated behaviour MNursUniversity of Sydney199696
YANG, Vicky (Chia-Yi)La belle au bois dormant (The sleeping beauty) Tchaikovsky-Pletnev and Stravinsky's Petrouchka : a study of piano transcriptions comprising performances and analyses MAQueensland University of Technology200575
YANG, VC-YPiano transcription as translation in music : cross-genre adaptationsPhDUniversity of Tasmania2014
YANG, MuFolk music of Hainan Island: with particular emphasis on Danzian CountyPhDUniversity of Queensland1990591
YANG, MengThe occupational identity development of early-career music teachers: a two-case study of Chinese music teachersMPhilUniversity of Queensland2015126
YANG, Eun-KyoungThe piano sonatas of Carl Vine: A guideline to performance and style analysisDMAOverseas200397
YAMAMOTO, MasumiPerformance analysis of three selected works from Claude Debussy's Préludes Book 1 MMusGriffith University200164
YAMAMOTO, MakikoWhat's wrong with your voice?MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
YALCINKAYA, Can Turhan 'Wounds of difference' : melancholy in Turkish film and popular musicPhDMacquarie University2013313
WYVILL, JanetAustralian Choral Conductors and Current Choral Practice: A Longitudinal Study of Australian Choral ExpertsPhDGriffith University2012
WYNANDS, PaulIndividual differences in response to a musical mood induction procedureMAVictoria University of Wellington199145
WU, Po-Yi (Nelson)An analytical study of Johannes Brahms’s three violin sonatas MMusUniversity of Auckland20002 vol
WU, Janice Pei-YinRichard Strauss: heroism, auto-heroism and the musical selfPhDUniversity of Queensland1999284
WU, Dawn Chuang-MaeMusic education in a major kindergarten sector in Singapore : teachers' background, functions and issuesDEdUniversity of Western Aust.2010253
WU, Che-Rong CarolynThe neural dynamics of action representation for sound : an investigation of musical training effects on mu suppressionPhDUniversity of Auckland2014107
WU, Chao-KueiMusic education and ICT integration : a case study of pedagogy in TaiwanDEdUniversity of Melbourne2010246
WRIGLEY, William JosephImproving music performance assessmentPhDGriffith University2005301
WRIGHT, SusanThe effect of Kodaly music training on the development of meter discrimination in young children PhDUniversity of Newcastle1985187
WRIGHT, Rev Stephen JohnDogmatic Aesthetics: A theology of beauty in dialogue with Robert W. JensonPhDCharles Sturt University2014236
Wright, RebeccaNZ Idol performance, talent and authenticity in a song contest: MAAuckland University of Technology2008188
WRIGHT, NoeleenBass lines for bowed bass or keyboard within string ensemble repertoire from Italian presses; 1660-1700DMAUniversity of Western Aust.2012252 + 3 CDs
WRIGHT, Melisande DalePortfolio of compositions and exegesis [electronic resource]: a personal interpretation of the klezmer traditionPhDUniversity of Adelaide20102 v. + CD
WRIGHT, Jason ChristopherThe Loudspeaker: Transformative and Tactile Aspects of the ObjectMMus(Comp)Victoria University of Wellington2013127 + DVD
WRIGHT, Esther Sze HuiBlind perfectionism : the musically impoverishing implications of executory narrowmindednessMMus.University of Melbourne201031
WRIGHT, Elizabeth AnneThe piano solo compositions of Percy Aldridge Grainger : the first 25 years (1893-1918) MAUniversity of Melbourne1981268
WREN, Toby ChristopherImprovising Culture: Discursive Interculturality as a Critical Tool, Aesthetic, and Methodology for Intercultural MusicPhDGriffith University2015256
WREN, TobyThe carnatic jazz experiment : the influence of carnatic music on my composition and improvisational practiceMMusPerfGriffith University2010105 + CD Rom
WRAGG, Jeffrey StephenPortfolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Waikato2012246
WORTLEY, Sarah RThe measurement of loudness and pitch in the vocal productions of normally hearing and hearing inpaired toddlers during a music programM.EdUniversity of Melbourne1999157
WORLEY, KimThe Singing Cellist: An Exploration of the Relationship between the Cello and the Human VoiceMMusGriffith University2015
WOOLOCK, Pamela KAn empirical study of training in developing pitch discrimination and rhythm performance skills in five and six-year-old children M.EdUniversity of Canberra1990228
WOOLLEY, NolanEnglish language development in remote indigenous Australian children : song making, music software, text production and communityM.Ed.University of Melbourne201259
WOOLLER, Rene WilliamTechniques for automated and interactive note sequence morphing of mainstream electronic musicPh.D.Queensland University of Technology2007318 + 1 computer opt
WOOLF, HaydenAnalysis of two works : Red liquid triangular conditon and Next minute paints Kate's collapseM.MusUniversity of Sydney2010
WOODWARD, RogerThe performance of contemporary piano musicDMus (perf)University of Sydney19975pp+2Cas+3CD
WOODS, Sally"We just want to play African music": the objectives, approaches to creativity and results of musicians recreating African popular music in Melbourne MAMonash University1990158
WOODS, Belinda JaneRitual perspectives : an investigation into the epistemology of performanceM.Mus.University of Melbourne201040
WOODS, Belinda JaneArtistic identity: music and the mirrorPhDUniversity of Melbourne2016197
WOODLEY, Kathleen FrancesVoice science and vocal pedagogy : joining the dotsMMusUniversity of Auckland2014277
WOODHILL, VanessaAn historical and analytical study of Renaissance music for the recorder and its influence on the later repertoire MAUniversity of Wollongong1986236
WOODCOCK, Timothy PThe compositional application of musical acoustics GDip MusGriffith University1992182
WOOD, Katrina"I didn't like it, I prefer Musicals": The lived experience of the drama teacher in the contemporary secondary suburban schoolMEduMurdock University2015106
WOOD, Graham ColinPrevalence, factors, and effects of performance related medical disorders (PRMD) among tertiary-trained jazz pianists in Australia and the United StatesPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2011497
WOOD, ElizabethAustralian opera, 1842-1970 : a history of Australian opera with descriptive cataloguesPhDUniversity of Adelaide19793 vol
WOOD, CalliePortfolio of compositions and exegesis: composing for a choral spectrum MMusUniversity of Adelaide2008285 2 vol
WOOD, CallieCreating both text and music for oratorios: portfolio of compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2013503
WONG, MariaPercy Grainger's promotion of early music to Australian audiences in 1934: a critical evaluationMMusUniversity of Melbourne2003136
WONG, KaEast meets west : technical solutions to cross-cultural performance practice issues in violin concertos by Larry Sitsky and Tan DunPhDUniversity of Tasmania2008212 + 4 CDs
WONG, Chit YuHow can a music therapy student facilitate contributions by adolescent clients who have psychiatric disorders in group music therapy?MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200992
WONG, Chi Lui FloraThe solo violin works of Bach and Telemann: a comparison of formal and stylistic models and fugal writing for solo violinMPhilUniversity of Queensland201540
WONG, Chi Keung MarkOperatic gesture in Mozart: constructions of meaning in Mozart's operas and instrumental musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2000366
WOLLMANN, ThorstenDoctoral portfolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Auckland2004score + cd
WOLFFRAMLangoron : music and dance performance realities among the Lak people of Southern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea PhDVictoria University of Wellington2007530 + DVD
WOLFE, Jocelyn KayHow Far Can You Stretch a Note?: Developing an Approach to the Study of Metaphor in the Language of Music InstructionPhDGriffith University2014329
WOLF, Robert PawelDeclarative computer music programming: using Prolog to generate rule-based musical counterpoints.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014252
WITT, PenelopeNational dance and folk elements in Argentine cello compositionsPhDUniversity of Tasmania2008185
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