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TALMACS, Thomas The genesis of Brahms' violin concerto: an examination of Brahms' compositional relationship with Beethoven, his professional relationship with Joachim, and the manifestation of these influences in his concertoMMusUniversity of Sydney200989
TALBOT, JohnThe music of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss MAUniversity of Melbourne1966209
TAKRU, Radhika"I prefer their early stuff" : the effects of online music journalism on the authority of the popular music criticMAMonash University2013
TAIT, Malcolm JohnMusic in educationMAUniversity of Canterbury195679
TAIT, HamishAspects of instrumental music lessons : parents' role and attitudes MMusAustralian Catholic University199865
TAAFFE, BenjaminHip hop and hope : an exploration of political participation, performance and positioniong in young people's hip hop practicesPhDMurdock University2012308
SZUSTER, Julia I.The life and work of Cesario Gussago of BresciaPhDUniversity of Adelaide1983410+454
SZETO, CarolineFolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney2004426 + 2 CD
SZETO, CarolineCapturing gestures in live performances of electronic musicMMusUniversity of Sydney199367
SYMONS, David JohnTechnical aspects of the music of Hans Werner HenzeMAUniversity of Sydney1966134
SYKES, RobbieLaw Up Loud: Jurisprudence and Rock MusicPhDGriffith University2014400
SYKES, IngridNadia Boulanger and the organMMusUniversity of Melbourne199678
SWINDELLS, Rachel MaryTonality, functionality and Beethovenian form in the late instrumental works of César FranckPhDUniversity of Otago2011290
SWIFT, BenjaminThe design of a smartphone-based digital musical instrument for jammingPhDAustralian National University2012178
SWEET, PaulaOlivier Messiaen: his reaction to musical trends of the 1920s in FranceMMus (Perf)University of Adelaide1990NS
SWEENEY, Simon PaulA study of the influence of Kenny Wheeler on a cross section of Sydney jazz artists of the 1990s MMusUniversity of Sydney200076
SWANN, Richard A.William Boyce: The performance of his last court ode in honour of King George III in 1779MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19952 vol
SWALE, John DavidA thematic catalogue of the music of Giovanni Legrenzi (with an introduction and commentaries) PhDUniversity of Adelaide19841185
SVILANS, MarijaThe harmonics of Aristoxenus and its influence on the writings of Aristides Quintilianus: an investigation into correspondences between two Greek music theoristsMAUniversity of Queensland1990400
SUTTON, Mark MorganYou can always come back, but you can't come back all the way: late style and memory in Bob Dylan's recent workPhDUniversity of Sydney2015
SUTHERS, LouieMusic experiences for toddlers in daycare: an Australian studyPhDMacquarie University1997321 + 1 videocassett
SUTHERLAND, KimGlasshouses built to scale: conducting a youth choir and commissioning Australian choral music for young peopleMCAUniversity of Newcastle2001118
SUTHERLAND, BridgetFar off town : Dunedin to NashvillePhDUniversity of Auckland2007121 + 1CD
SUTHERLAND, Andrew ThomasPrinciples for designing an effective, post-compulsory music curriculum suitable for Western AustraliaM.EdEdith Cowan University2012
SUTCLIFFE, SarahAn Investigation into the most significant influences on the way beginning teachers incorporate music into their primary classrooms M.EdUniversity of Canberra1992232
SUSINO, MarcoWhich emotions are communicated by music cross-culturally?MMusUniversity of NSW2015113
SUSILO, JokoThe solo style of Javanese all-night shadow puppet performance: a comparison of traditional and contemporary formsMAUniversity of Otago1996179
SURI, EllisonIndigenizing Christian forms in worship: a perspective from the Lau region of Malaita, Solomon IslandsMTheol.University of Otago1991158
SUNMAN, Peter RSpohr, Hermstedt and the clarinet : an historical study and critical analysis of selected works Mus.MUniversity of Western Aust.198578
SUNG, Huei-Chuan (Christina)Evaluation of the implementation of a preferred music intervention for reducing agitation and anxiety in institutionalised elders with dementiaPhDQueensland University of Technology2006192+
SUNDSTRUP, LiefThe virtual orchestra [manuscript] : a systematic method of realising music composition through sample-based orchestral simulationDCAUniversity of Wollongong20091 v. + CD
SUN, YananShared cognitive resources for music and language : evidence from congenital amusiaPHDMacquarie University2016144
SUN, LushaExporing the "soul intervals": a portfolio of original compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington2005134
SULLIVAN, YvetteThe influence of individual differences on the planning processes of musicians learning traditionally and non-traditionally notated scores M.EdUniversity of Newcastle1997133
SULLIVAN, KathrynFrench Baroque vocal music: a performer's guideMCAUniversity of Newcastle2007167 + 3 CDs
SULLIVAN, CatherineFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne201485
SUJOKO, AnangA model of civil society empowerment through community radioPhDUniversity of South Australia2013346
SUITER, WendyText Manipulation: Voice with Audio or Acoustic AugmentationMCAUniversity of Wollongong20072 vol + data disk +
SUGG, Andrew N.Tracking the trane: comparing selected improvisations of John Coltrane, Jerry Bergonzi and David Liebman PhDUniversity of Adelaide2001359
SUDMALIS, D.R.Gesture in composition : a model of composition involving gesture, gestural and parametric development, and hybridisation as examined in six original compositions PhDUniversity of Sydney20012 vol + CD
SUCHER, Catherine MaryMusic perception of children who use cochlear implants M.Aud.University of Melbourne2007183
STURM, MarinaThe impact of player/composer relationships in the development of the clarinet repertoireMMusVictoria University of Wellington200088
STUBINGTON, JillYolngu Manikay : modern performances of Australian aboriginal clan songs PhDMonash University19783 vol
STRYKOWSKI, MarkThe design and development of an interactive CAI program [interactive media] : an introduction to sound MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995296 + comp zip disk
STRONG, Catherine"As a friend, as a trend, as an old memory": Popular music, memory and powerPhDAustralian National University2008323 (not yet in lib.
STREVENS, LukeManifesto 87M.F.AUniversity of Sydney2012
STREHLOW, Theodor George HenrySongs of Central AustraliaD.LittUniversity of Adelaide1971775
STREET, TimothyNobody can stop the music: a critique of the responses of the American music industry to the onset of digital distribution in the late 1990sMAUniversity of Canterbury2004165
STREATER, Evan JamesOut of practice : an investigation of historical performance practices and their relevance todayMMusUniversity of Sydney201153
STRAZZULLO, GuyAn intercultural approach to composition and improvisationMA (Hons)University of Western Sydney200378
STRAZZULLO, GuyAn inquiry into improvisation: reconciling the differences between performance and compositionPhDMacquarie University2014125
STRAVIDIS, KatherineCharles E. Ives: an American composer: a study of his musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1981123
STRANGER, SarahCapturing the Spirit of the French Clavecin School: Interpreting Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin, vingt-cinquième ordre and Ravel’s Le Tombeau de CouperinMPhilUniversity of Queensland201660
STRAND, JoachimThe cinesthetic montage of music-video: hearing the image and seeing the sound MCACurtin University of Technology2006102
STRAHLE, GrahamFantasy and music in sixteenth and seventeenth-century EnglandPhDUniversity of Adelaide1987582
STOWASSER, HelenThe development of the music curriculum in Queensland Secondary SchoolsPhDUniversity of Queensland1983369
STORER, StuartThe piano music of Erik Satie and his influence on later composersMMusUniversity of Adelaide1987100
STONESTREET, RJHistorical developments in writing for low hornPhDUniversity of Tasmania2014
STONE, IlmaStudies on Australia musicPhDUniversity of Melbourne19902 vol
STONE, HelenSpecialist teachers and curriculum reform in a Western Australian primary school in 2002 : a comparative study of specialist music, health and physical education, and languages-other-than-English teaching professionals M.EdMurdock University2006183
STOKES, DavidLocalising Rock: Music, Media and Culture in Late Twentieth Century ChinaPhDUniversity of Melbourne2002224
STOJISAVLJEVIC, MiroslavThe gusle - the sound of Serbian epic poetry: an examination of contemporary gusle performance practices and gusle instrument-making in Serbia and the Serbian-Australian diaspora communityPhDRMIT University2013154
STOESSEL, JasonThe captive scribe: the context and culture of scribal notational process in the music of the ars subtiliorPhDUniversity of New England2002>372 2 vol
STOCKIGT, Janice BeverleyThe Vespers psalms of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) in the liturgy and life of the Dresden Catholic court church PhDUniversity of Melbourne1994704
STOCKIGT, Janice BeverleyThe problems of editing and performing Baroque music with special reference to Telemann's Oboe Works in Der getreue Music-Meister MMusUniversity of Melbourne19804 vol
STOCKER, Melinda Suat-LeeThe Evolution of the Caprice for Solo Violin with Reference to the Caprices by Locatelli, Paganini and ReitzMPhil (perf)University of Queensland200541
STOCKBRIDGE, SallyThe Australian video music clip industryPhDAustralian Catholic University1991266
STINSON, John AlexanderEssay of musical ayre/ an edition from the autograph with introduction and commentary. [North, Roger, 1653-1734]MAAustralian National University19771 vol
STIMSON, AndreaThe adolescent female changing voice: A guide to the improvement of tone production through the use of selected vocalises and the choral repertoire of Mary GoetzeMusMUniversity of Western Aust.199499
STILLER, Derek N.Hans Pfitzner: inspiration and intellectualismMMusUniversity of Queensland1997145
STILES, Roy AllanA survey of the music of Alfred Hill: including a thematic cataloguePhDMacquarie University2007276 + CD + DVD
STGEORGE, Jennifer MThe role of the instrumental teacher in the learning processMMusUniversity of South Queensland2003158
STEWART, Robert AndrewsoundNode: a user interface for sound design in performance environmentsM.SD (Sound Design)University of Melbourne201072
STEWART, Heather MaryIncorporating improvisation and game play into beginner string pedagogy : a primary school string programme case studyM.A.Monash University2009181
STEVENSON, Mike & KESMINAS, DamiusSlave pianos (of the art cult): investigating and re-contextualising selected Australian and international artists' music projects since the 1950s through the process of transcription, re-enactment and creative appropriationMARMIT University1999var
STEVENSON, AlanAnalysis of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Klavierstuck V ; Analysis of Luciano Berio's Circles MMusUniversity of Melbourne198224
STEVENS, TimThe Origins, Development and Significance of the Red Onion Jazz Band, 1960-1996PhDUniversity of Melbourne20002 vol
STEVENS, Susan MonicaA consideration of music curricula for year 7 : a discussion of the objectives of compulsory music courses for year seven students with respect to the musically ungifted majority and the average or below average school ; accordingly some proposals for the design of such courses MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984180
STEVENS, Susan MonicaTowards a pragmatist theory of music educationPhDUniversity of Melbourne1997338
STEVENS, Robin SMusic in state-supported education in New South Wales and Victoria, 1848-1920 PhDUniversity of Melbourne1978505
STEVENS, CatherineDerivation and investigation of features mediating musical pattern recognitionPhDUniversity of Sydney1992441+disk
STERN, JoelTracing the influence of non-narrative film and expanded cinema sound on experimental musicM.AQueensland University of Technology201338
STEPHENSEN, PaulDesigning ePortfolios for music postgraduate study : a practice-led inquiryM.A.Queensland University of Technology2010140 +3 videodiscs
STEPHENS, AnnetteEducation for an Australian choral tradition: Evaluating the philosophies of Stephen Leek MMusAustralian Catholic University200076
STEPHENS, AnnetteEducation for an Australian Choral Tradition: Evaluating the Philosophies of Stephen LeekMMusAustralian Catholic University2004156
STENDER, Alexandra D'EliaBows made before 1800 in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum : a background, history and description MMus PerfUniversity of Sydney199121
STEFFEN, Darren WilliamSimple subtle sustained waveforms and the notion of comfort in a new approach to creating an immersive, interactive sound installationMA(Sound Design)University of Melbourne201259p + 1CD
STEFANAKIS, MandyContemporary knowledge of what music is and does and the implications for music education MEdUniversity of Melbourne2003296
STEER, CatherineMotion through time: Kujawy village mazurkas as a key to understanding rubato within the time frame of a bar in Chopin's mazurkasPhDUniversity of Adelaide2004325
STEELE, John H.The origins and development of organ music in 17th century Germany MAUniversity of Otago195284
STEELE, Graham KennethStimuli influencing initial musical interest : action research project M.EdUniversity of NSW199463
STEEDMAN, SamChange and growth of Australian music value chainsMARMIT University2008107
STEDMAN, Nikki JoannaThe role of the bass in pianoless jazz ensembles: 1952-2014PHDUniversity of Adelaide2016619
STEAD, MichelleLearning to listen : the construction of listening in electroacoustic music discoursePHDUniversity of Western Sydney2016267
STAVRIDIS, KatherineCharles E. Ives : an American composer : a study of his musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1981123
STARR, DeirdreThe effect of a music strategy on alphabet skills in a J1/J2 classroomGradDipEdVictoria University of Wellington199546
STARR, Adam DanielPortfolio of compositions : 2008-2011PhDUniversity of Melbourne20112 Vol + 2CD
STARR, Adam DanielIssues of indeterminacy, metric modulation and “interference” in an individual compositional practicePhDUniversity of Melbourne2011
STARR, AdamFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20066 vol + CD
STAR, Ahana SofiaVisions: a portfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Sydney20042 vol+CD+CDR
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