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LocalEthnomusicologySpecialityGeneral Topic AreaChronologicalStatus
AuthorThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYearsort iconPages
BOURNE, WarrenThe evolution of the German church cantata MAVictoria University of Wellington1966219
WHITEHEAD, GPolynesian musical instrumentsMMusUniversity of Sydney1966 NiCunknown
ELTON, JaneMusic in secondary education in girls' schools in Victoria MMusUniversity of Melbourne19672 vol
HAIR, GrahamThe serial system in the compositional techniques of Pierre Boulez and Arnold Schoenberg : different conceptions and functions MMusUniversity of Melbourne196744
HARKNESS, Edward LAn introduction to the design of auditoria for the performance of chamber music.MBlgScUniversity of Sydney19671 vol
JENNINGS, John MThe viol music of Thomas LupoMMusUniversity of Sydney19672 vol
O'BRIEN, PaulPerspectives historical, thematic, structural and symmetrical in Bartok's string quartets MMusUniversity of Melbourne196785
ROBINSON, Frances HelenThe ritornello principle in Handel’s Concerti grossi, Opus 3 and and Opus 6MAUniversity of Auckland1967156
SOUTHGATE (MARTIN), Rosemary.An analysis of Mozart's Don Giovanni, with particular reference to characterizationMAUniversity of Otago196781
JAMESON, Jennifer A. (Cutler)Music education at the secondary level in a New Zealand urban areaMAUniversity of Canterbury1967104
HEYWARD, EGermany and the heritage of the Hebrew Psalter from Luther to the death of BachPhDUniversity of Tasmania1968310
MEYER, John ABartok and the piano concertoMAUniversity of Western Aust.1968214
RADIC, ThereseAspects of organised amateur music in Melbourne, 1836-1890 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1968749
ANNABELL, Angela RuthMusic in Auckland 1840-1855 : with reference to aspects of music in the Bay of Islands area both before and after 1840.MAUniversity of Auckland1968239
ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe motets of the thirteenth century manuscript La Clayette MMusUniversity of Adelaide19692 vol
BISHOP, DianneJean Calvin and the Genevan Psalter : a study of the Calvinist aesthetic and its application in the music of the Psalter MMusUniversity of Melbourne1969197
BROWN, Patricia AnneJohn Dowland and the emergence of the English lute songMAUniversity of Queensland1969240
CAMERON, Alexandra EThe class teaching of music in secondary schools, Victoria, 1905-1955 : an investigation into the major influences affecting the development of music as a class subject in Victorian secondary schools M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1969387
CARR-BOYD, AnnMusic in Australia, 1788-1888 : Anne WentzelMAUniversity of Sydney1969159
DUGDALE, John HaroldThe place of music in the national and public schools of New South Wales, 1848-1880 M.EdUniversity of Sydney1969135