ADSETT, Rosemary

PhD University of Queensland 2012 Pages: 263

The motivations, experiences and expectations of visitors attending the Tamworth country music festival

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The Tamworth Country Music Festival is considered to be the premier event of Australia’s country music calendar and has a 40-year history. The festival has inextricably linked Tamworth to country music and has changed the cultural identity of the city, which is now referred to by many as ‘Australia’s Country Music Capital’. Despite the importance of this event to the region, little academic research has been conducted in the past with regard to the motivations, experiences and expectations of visitors who attend the festival. Perhaps more importantly, no research has been undertaken to identify the role that country music plays for those who attend the festival, and what consequences the choice of the music presented at the event may have on the individuals who attend and their experience of the festival itself. In seeking to address this research gap, a two-phase study using a mixed-method research design was undertaken during the 10-day festival in January, over a two-year period in 2008 and 2009. ...

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