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LocalEthnomusicologySpecialityGeneral Topic AreaChronologicalStatus
AuthorThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYearsort iconPages
LONG, MartinThe music of Daniel Bachelor : A critical study.MAUniversity of Sydney19692 vol
SPANNEY, K.D.Aspects of form in electronic musicMAUniversity of Western Aust.19691 vol
TUNLEY, DavidThe eighteenth-century secular French cantataD.LittUniversity of Western Aust.19693 vol
BOURNE, Warren GeorgeA kindling fever a study of some religious, socio-ethical and literary themes in music, between 1890 and 1920; with special reference to Debussy, Stravinsky and SchoenbergPhDUniversity of Auckland1969648
NAYLOR, Bruce AllanGazetteer of organs in South Australia & Organ Building in South AustraliaMMusUniversity of Adelaide1969 + 1973320
BONDS, Marion CarolThe symphonies of Sibelius: a re-examination of their technical and formal development-through progressive excision: compresson and integrationMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970237
BRACANIN, PhilipThe function of the thematic process in dodecaphonic music : a study in analytical method PhDUniversity of Western Aust.1970345
BRIDGES, DoreenThe role of universities in the development of music education in Australia, 1885-1970 PhDUniversity of Sydney1970410
FORSYTH, James AlexanderHandel's organ concertosMMusUniversity of Melbourne197080
HOLLANDER, Emma denThe development of early keyboard fingering till 1800MMusUniversity of Adelaide1970134
LOGIE-SMITH, R.G.Market performance and inventory control system, Rose Music Pty. Ltd. MBAUniversity of Melbourne19703 vol
O'BRIEN, SallyThe symphonic thought of Gustav Mahler: a further perspectiveMAUniversity of Western Aust.1970166
WESLEY-SMITH, MartinThe orchestral score of "Interval piece" : the score of "Hansard music" : the score of "To noddy-man" for high voice and piano : and a tape of "Vietnam image".MMusUniversity of Adelaide19703 vol + tape
JENKINS, Michael William GrahamFroberger and his musical environment with special reference to his keyboard works, and a survey of the cultural influences of the early baroqueMAUniversity of Auckland1970405
DART, WilliamThe lieder of Franz LisztMMusUniversity of Auckland1970296
KUIPER, Johannes JurrianSome aspects of Britten's life and musicMAUniversity of Auckland1970276
THACKER, Eric CharlesGeorge Percy Grainger (1882-1961), professionally known as Percy Aldridge Grainger: a biographical estimatePhDUniversity of Melbourne19702 vol
BONIGHTON, IanConcerto da camera ; Sequenza ; Herod : an instrumental theatre mosaic DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BREEN, JuliaLiterary sources in the work of Debussy MMusUniversity of Melbourne1971266
BRUMBY, ColinLitanies of the sun ; Stabat Mater speciosa DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores