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LocalEthnomusicologySpecialityGeneral Topic AreaChronologicalStatus
AuthorThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYearsort iconPages
DAVY, Ruby CAn exercise for the degree of Mus. Doc. Libretto compiled and music composed by Ruby Claudia E. DavyDMusUniversity of Adelaide1917278
CANNON, HerbertMusic in the English drama up to 1600MAUniversity of Queensland1927151
PHILLIPS, Irene Margaret ConstanceMaori music, a historical surveyMAUniversity of Auckland1929NS
FIELDHOUSE, Acrobat A.E.The development of musical taste and judgement : an investigation of the standard of musical taste and judgement in an unselected group of New Zealand school children MA (Hons)University of New Zealand193369
DAWSON, Hazel CopelandThe psychological bases of musical appreciation : being an investigation of the psychological factors involved in the appreciation of consonance and dissonance in musicMAUniversity of Sydney1939162
PEARSON, E.History of music in OtagoMAUniversity of Otago1941 NiCunknown
TAYLOR, Joan ElizabethAn investigation of some factors relating to the instrumental music at the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical CollegeMAVictoria University of Wellington194876
STEELE, John H.The origins and development of organ music in 17th century Germany MAUniversity of Otago195284
MARINOVICH, Vinka MillicentSome features of the rise of tonality in instrumental music up to the end of the seventeenth centuryMAUniversity of Auckland1954315
GALE, Annas ThelmaStudies in the history and development of solo song and its accompaniment. MAUniversity of Canterbury1954152
PRICE, Desmond CharlesThe assessment of musical abilityMAUniversity of Auckland195455
WAUGH, Donald FordThe English virginal schoolMAUniversity of Otago195581
TAIT, Malcolm JohnMusic in educationMAUniversity of Canterbury195679
CHYNOWETH, Neville JamesThe influence of the Oxford movement on the music of the church [Communion in F].MAUniversity of Sydney19572 vol
DOUGLAS, CliveSymphonyDMusUniversity of Melbourne19571 score
MOYLE, Alice MThe intervallic structure of Australian Aboriginal singing MAUniversity of Sydney195794
REID, Dorothy MargaretThe Beethoven quartetsMAUniversity of Canterbury195756
MOORE, V.The lute in consort music during the 17th centuryMAUniversity of Sydney1958NiC
McLEAN, MervynField work in Maori music (a preliminary study)MA (Hons)University of Otago1958184
JONES, T.A.Arnhem Land musicMAUniversity of Sydney1958 NiCUnknown